Angel’s Revenge Episode 76 Recap

There isn’t much to say as this episode centered on mainly one thing – finding Sarang. Yep, that’s it. One or two other key scenes, but everything focuses on the Heos learning the truth about Jin Yu’s baby being born before she died. Ah, and every time Ji Hui opens her mouth, I want to tell her to shut her yap. We should be sympathizing, but her ‘woe is me’ and ‘what did I do wrong to deserve this unfairness’ gets old quick and if we are honest, the suffering she has spent for the past few months is nothing compared to the suffering Ji Seok has spent his entire life. Yes, it was a devastating blow to a woman who wants a child…but quite honestly…Ji Seok suffered his entire life being ripped apart from his mother and verbally and emotionally abused by his stepmother. It’s Ji Seok who really has the right to be complaining about the unfairness of the world as his pains were not self inflicted. Ji Hui’s are since she ultimately chose Tae Jeong while knowing the truth about him and deciding not to believe it. So whose fault is it really?

Seon Yu and Bong Hwang believe the nephew Tae Mi was talking about could possibly be Sarang, but Pung Ho is quick to shelve that idea. There is no way it is possible, so don’t bring up something so painful and hurtful to him. Despite her uncle’s protests, Seon Yu believes it’s just too strange. Thus she sneaks into Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s room when they go downstairs to visit with the adults. A memo would be helpful, but there is no way Tae Jeong would have such a thing around his wife and her family. His phone then dings and Seon Yu takes it out of his bag and sees a text about checking into CCTV footage around Love Orphanage on January 15. Seon Yu quickly copies down the number and goes into her own room. January 15th. That’s the day after Jin Yu went missing. No matter what, this missing baby has to have something to do with her sister’s death.

While the Heos were learning Tae Mi is looking for a nephew, Wu Hyeon surprises Bangtong at school, embarrassing the little boy. Bong Chang returns with cotton candy in time to hear her sun deny knowing Wu Hyeon and to see him push the older man who is wounded by Bangtong’s actions. Bong Chang tells Wu Hyeon to go back to the parlor without her while he cries and says he was wrong to come visit the little boy at school. Chang then takes a switch to her son’s legs and he bawls. Does he know what he did wrong? He talked back to his mother. And? He was rude to Wu Hyeon. Chang then explains Wu Hyeon’s differences is really akin to that of Bangtong’s saturi. It’s not the common way people talk or are, but you should not discriminate against people who are different. Hitting her son wounds Bong Chang, but she must have him learn. She leaves the room and Bangtong says he understands what his mother means, but he can’t stop the way he feels.

Seon Yu checks into the orphanage and finds a branch near where her sister lived. Suspicious, suspicious. Meanwhile, Bong Hwang is eating breakfast when she has an epiphany. Dal Nyeo had said months ago that her grandson was alive, but then amended the statement to “alive in her heart.” This has the whole Heo family in an uproar. Seon Yu meets with her aunt who relays what she overheard. Seon Yu then tells Hwang what she has discovered so far and Pung Ho is soon called in and the three rush to the orphanage where they overhear Dal Nyeo talking to the director. The three storm in and Dal Nyeo rushes out. She is caught by Pung Ho and she goes down on her knees bawling out the whole story.

Yoon So Yi

Seon Yu rushes off to see Tae Jeong who is looking for Sarang. Unfortunately, the detective he hired has hit a dead end with no leads. Tae Jeong is really upset that his son might be missing for life. He then gets a text from Hyeonsu to remind him about stealing the Nami Food audit from Ji Seok so that his company doesn’t go down in flames. Tae Jeong is livid. Gi Jin who has been following this whole mess is happy as a melt down is coming fast. Tae Jeong rushes to Ji Seok’s office followed by Seon Yu. She doesn’t see him steal the failure report and just demands to know where Sarang is. End episode.

Also in this episode, Ji Seok had a lunch date with his sister. He told Ji Hui that while he cannot completely understand her pain as a woman, he has an idea as he had quite a bit of pain when thinking of his mother and why he couldn’t see her all of his life. Ji Hui says his description is fairly accurate and Ji Seok promises time will heal the wound slowly. Ji Hui asks about his happiness and Ji Seok says he doesn’t want to rub it in her face. He is happy she’s trying to get along with Seon Yu who is a truly wonderful person. Ji Hui cryptically hints that Seon Yu probably isn’t the saint he thinks and he doesn’t know anything about her – just like she didn’t know everything about Tae Jeong. Eyeroll. Ji Seok may not know everything, but he knows enough. Really, Seon Yu only has one black record on her past…Tae Jeong has way too many. Ah…and Mrs. Gong is all for adoption if it will help out her granddaughter since Aran confessed what she caught Dal Nyeo doing.

Tae Jeong revealing he knows who his father is and how he doesn’t want to be the same as him is just disgusting. When he was seven, his birth father told him he doesn’t want him as he doesn’t want to give up the life he had. How is what Tae Jeong did with Jin Yu and Sarang any different? He threw Sarang away before the child was even born as he didn’t want to give up the life he had his eyes set on. Now that Jin Yu can’t threaten him does he think of bringing his child back. Sorry. That does NOT make you a good person or good dad material at all, Tae Jeong. It’s a double standard. You profess this only when you think your son’s existence can’t hurt you. Tsk, tsk.


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