Angel’s Revenge Episodes 74-75 Recap

Gag me flashbacks, triteness, cheesiness, hokiness. All present and accounted for. Seriously. It’s not that the episodes themselves are bad and there were some good moments in both, but at the same time, they just fall flat in general with me. We have Seon Yu being the epitome of a perfect daughter-in-law. There is nothing wrong with that…but all those scenes showing her absolute perfection are a bit…too much, don’t you think? Of course it does help to compare her to the epitome of a bad daughter-in-law Ji Hui. And the great thing about it is that Seon Yu isn’t acting, she is being genuine. But, again. Too much praise and showing that. And what the what with Dal Nyeo’s bajillion flashbacks to Sarang. Guess what? They did not aid the plot progression and it makes you sick how she’s regretting and mourning still over that little boy since she was the monster who abandoned him on a cold street in front of an orphanage the day after his mother died.

Ji Hui is infertile. She’s devastated, her mother’s devastated, her grandmother’s devastated, Seon Yu and Ji Seok hurt for her, too. Of course Dal Nyeo is devastated as she was hoping for a child to replace the one she abandoned. Tae Jeong keeps asserting he’s fine with just Ji Hui, but he seems kind of bitter that he grew up fatherless and now has no chance himself of becoming a father. As if the arse deserves one. You might not believe it, but I have a potty mouth, so just imagine what I’m thinking in contexts of Tae Jeong’s slightly bitter display. Ah, oddly enough, Ji Hui does place blame onto Tae Jeong because everything went wrong with her life essentially because of him, but that also means she can’t leave out Seon Yu either. Seriously, if we look at cause and effect…it’s really all Tae Jeong’s doing. His actions are what caused this whole messy chain of events. You could say Seon Yu started it by sending him Jin Yu’s picture, but it really does go back to him and not her as he was the one to throw away Jin Yu and the baby from the very beginning. Sure, Seon Yu isn’t blameless in the entire mess…but again…Tae Jeong is at it’s roots far deeper than she.

Seriously. All we have is Seon Yu being the perfect daughter-in-law and the whole Ji Hui infertility thing going on in 74. There really is nothing worth mentioning as nothing really happened beyond what I’ve already said. There is one cute moment where Ji Seok gets upset that Seon Yu goes grocery shopping without taking a car and driver or a taxi. Thus Ji Seok stubbornly buys her a car. These two. Ah, and then Seon Yu takes him out to dinner where she feels guilty and worried about what happens when Ji Seok learns his beloved dongsaeng changed because of her and Tae Jeong. But…if we look at this…while Ji Hui was never completely evil and did show affection to her brother…she is st ill very childish and she’s never once done anything to stop what her mother was doing. Some affection. And who is to say that if it wasn’t Tae Jeong, she wouldn’t have done the same thing and choose her lover over her family? Ji Seok, if push comes to shove, would choose love over family, but ultimately his choice is love and family…not the case with Ji Hui. And it’s not even love, but pride motivating her. She can’t be all that good from the beginning and we have Eun Su’s comments and Ji Hui’s own prideful actions to back it up. Tae Jeong was the enabler of her badness coming out in full force, but it was there all along. To be sure, Ji Seok will be hurt to learn Seon Yu’s involvement with the entire mess, but I think he’ll stand by her as she has proven time and again her love.

When Ji Hui confronted Seon Yu about the miscarriage being Seon Yu’s revenge, etc., etc. it was just ridiculous. Seon Yu would never want things to go to that extreme. Even though she hates Tae Jeong, she didn’t want him to die in that accident either. Seon Yu is genuinely a good person and even her revenge scheme can’t stop her true nature from shining through. Seon Yu points out to Ji Hui again and again Tae Jeong’s wrongdoings, but Ji Hui really can’t believe that he’d fake a coma when their child had died. But why is that? What has Tae Jeong done to prove he wouldn’t do anything like that when she has recently learned he was the cause behind Ji Seok’s accident? Has he really ever shown any warmth? He is very cold…or rather very rational. He keeps his emotions well in check and the only thing you really see from him is that calm side which shows no love or affection. She should also recall both his reactions when he found out she was pregnant and that the child was a girl. Was there enthusiasm or excitement? Aniyo.

So, learning Ji Hui is barren, Dal Nyeo goes to the orphanage to get Sarang, but Sarang was never admitted. She tries to track down the CCTV footage from January, but it’s been erased. Tae Jeong over hears her yelling about her grandson, his son and he’s in a state of shock. So is Tae Mi when she learns nearly everything, but why Tae Mi isn’t more horrified and just calmly looks up orphanages to start searching for the missing baby is beyond me. I thought she would be alarmed and unhappy in learning the extent of her family’s evilness…but she just takes it in stride. With all the hints being dropped about Sarang, I am amazed that Bong Hwang hasn’t put it together yet, but she hasn’t. Ah…and Gi Jin hasn’t put it together that his cute Miss Skewer is really the enemy’s sister, but that should be coming pretty soon.

Ji Hui finally agrees to move back home partly in thanks to Ji Seok’s earnest pleas about how she is his one and only sister and eve though it is awkward and uncomfortable and the bad feelings haven’t been buried, they need to stick it out. She should feel guilty as she never even tried and basically abandoned her brother to the wolves, but here he is, disappointed and angry, but still trying. More than Ji Hui will ever be capable of. Arang and Seon Yu go to back up the stuff at the Jang household and Seon Yu spies the orphanage lists and Aran is smarting even more. Looking into adoption the day after Ji Hui is diagnosed as barren? Dal Nyeo can only lie that is what she is doing which enrages Aran. Seon Yu isn’t totally suspicious until after she overhears Tae Jeong’s midnight conversation about finding a missing baby coupled with Bong Hwang talking about Tae Mi looking for a missing nephew. We end with her figuring out that it’s quite possible Jin Yu’s baby has survived.

Now the race is on to see who finds Sarang first. Truthfully, Tae Jeong still sees Sarang as a barrier and not a gift that any child is. His main worry is that Ji Hui will find out about the child and all hell will break loose. I have no confidence in him doing the right thing. He’s also worried about what should happen if Seon Yu finds the truth. There is no way she will let her eonni’s baby go once learning Sarang is still alive.

Ah, and I almost forgot. Wu Hyeon texts Bong Chang to say he is coming over with Seon Yu the next day and gets a text from Bangtong replying not to come. Wu Hyeon finds the text strange since Bangtong writes in saturi and calls Bong Chang only to have the little boy answer. Bong Chang takes the phone away and happily tells Wu Hyeon to come. She then scolds the pouting Bangtong and tells him it is very cruel and hurtful for him to say such things (don’t come, I hate you, etc.) to Wu Hyeon. It was also priceless how when Wu Hyeon got his pneumonia shot, he was yelling for Bangtong’s ohmma instead of his own, lol.

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