Total Randomness #16 – All About Me

Not because I’m narcissistic or anything like that, because I’m not, I swear. This is just mainly because of late I’ve realized people kind of have misconceptions of me. Not that it really matters I suppose, but just thought I’d clear a bit of them up today.

  1. I am NOT Asian. I have half-Asian siblings, but I, myself, am not Asian. I am an amalgamation of German, English, French, a teensy drop of Canadian Native American, and Polish. And these are just what I’m aware of. But, it’s safe to say that there’s fairly more German in me than anything else.
  2. I’ve said this before, but I’m saying it again. I live in the US. The Midwest. The mitten state. Wasn’t born here, but have lived here for 27 of my soon-to-be 29 years, so I claim this as my home state and not California where I was born.
  3. I am not fluent in any language besides my native tongue. My Korean is very basic, nowhere near fluency. My Japanese and Chinese are even worse. On my Bucket List…if I ever were ambitious enough to create one…I would love to be fluent in another language, but Spanish and German never stuck with me, so I have no idea if any other language could. My older sister, on the other hand, is fluent in Spanish. Go her. She even uses it with her job as she deals with a lot of Spanish speaking people.
  4. Never been to Asia. Never lived there. My dad was stationed in both South Korea and Japan, but my sister and I were sadly never able to go and visit him. We did get tons of cool gifts from those countries, though. The only country I’ve ever been to is Germany. Seriously. How sad when Canada is in spitting distance.
  5. You probably can’t tell given the quality of some of these posts on AAA, but I majored in English with an emphasis in writing. I minored in Computer Information Systems (which sounds fancy, but I basically learned nor retained anything from my minor). I’m the managing editor of an online literary portal, so it brings together my major and minor. Kind of cool.

And that’s it. I’ve had people think I’m Asian. It doesn’t insult me or anything. I’m just not. I’ve had people think I live in Southeast Asia. Not sure why that is, but I don’t. I think it would be a cool place to visit someday if I ever bother renewing my passport, which I should just to visit Canada if nothing else since I live so close to there. Thanks to me recapping dramas, people think I’m fluent in like Japanese or Korean. Unfortunately not. Would love to be. I recap series that have subtitles. Someday, I would like to be fluent enough in a language to recap a series with no subtitles.

If you have any questions about me…I might possibly answer them, but I doubt too many people are interested in the woman behind the screen name and are more interested in the dramas 😉

I will leave you with the fact I love taking photographs. I suck at it though. You can see my mediocre photography at my not very frequently updated blog An Ever Changing Sky.


The view outside my house is gorgeous at sunset.


  • Glad to know more about you.

  • I think it’s hard to tell where people are writing from unless they say it explicitly or if there are some clues by the way they talk. (like certain terms they might use, might be from a certain region)

    • Like ‘soda’ vs. ‘pop’ vs. ‘coke’. Of course, that’s more of a US thing, isn’t it? There was a map that broke down the US regions and certain words that all mean the same thing and which place uses which. It was fascinating. Pop will always be pop to me, lol.

      I have said a few times where I’m from and a few other things, but unless you’ve read like every single post on this site, you’d probably miss it and I don’t put that info on the ‘About’ page.

      • Yup exactly! And I didn’t know that people often call soda ‘pop’ where you are. O:

        • Yup! It’s a regional thing. We always use the term ‘pop’ vs. soda vs. soda pop.

          Michigan is also the birthplace of Faygo (got to love that brand of pop, but I think that’s regional, too) and Kellogs. We are also a top sugar producing state as our farmers grow a lot of sugar beets. I’m used to beet sugar vs. cane sugar.

          • I have only heard ‘soda pop’ but here it sounds more like an old-fashioned term. I have never heard it as only ‘pop’ before. Very interesting!

            • As someone from the west coast who went to the east coast for uni….soda vs pop was a very popular debate. It’s not even just a US thing (I go to school in North America’s freezer) :P.

              • North America’s freezer? Are we talking about Canada? It’s always interesting to get into debates on what different regions/countries all call the same thing. Like pop vs. soda, boot vs. trunk, etc. I find it fascinating.
                I moved from West to East, too! Only I can’t remember it since I was only a year and a half when we moved thanks to the Big D 😛

                • Bingo! Haha I grew up west coast but to the east coast of Canada for school every fall/winter (or what I like to call it, winter year round).

                  A lot of the vocab differences I noticed were soda x pop, bathroom x washroom, traffic cone x pylon, beanie x toque, snowmobile x skiddoo, smarties x rockets.

  • I go by spelling. “Favourite” is Australian and British. “Favorite” is American, and everyone who learned English as a second language, lol. I find that funny, actually. Everyone learns American English, what’s with that?

    • It’s weird isn’t? And to think American English & Aussie English both originated from British English… So why is American English a standard now?

      Given the fact I worked in schools with native & non native speakers, it’s actually sometimes hard to pinpoint ESL vs poor writing, spelling & grammar. But you are right that spelling is a giveaway with some words as is the usage of some words. What Brits call Jelly is not how I use the word.

      • I always thought that what Americans called ‘jelly’ was just Jam, until i went to America and realised jam is jam (or like, preserves), and jelly is actually a weird in-between of jam and jello, lol. I actually always have fun when I travel because I’ll meet Americans and we’ll have these long conversations about all the things and words we have different, ha ha. It’s like, “What did you just say? Fairy floss? You call cotton candy ‘fairy floss’? That’s so funny!”, lol. I never get sick of having those conversations.

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