Rocking April 2014

This past month saw rock songs topping my list of favorites, thus the title of this post. I’m getting sick of saying Asian music recommendations every month, so trying something a lil different as with March Music Madness last month. I won’t be covering every song on this playlist, just my top faves that I absolutely must mention. Other songs that fell into the good category, but not outstanding in some way will not be covered and are at the bottom of  the list. I highly recommend listening to each song at least once, though as they are all good.

  1. 하루만 [Haruman; Just One Day] Skool Luv Affair – BTS
    Yes, this song was released in February, but this was BTS’s follow up to “Boy in Luv” which they released an MV and started to promote 2 months after the album’s official release. I have been listening to less and less idol music, but BTS…yeah. I remember liking this song when I first listened to it and I’m loving it even more now.
  2. 言葉にできないけど [Kotoba ni Dekinai Kedo] – EDEN
    Korean trio EDEN seems to be promoting more in Japan than Korea. How sad. More and more Korean artists seem to be moving to Japanese promotions than local. But…it’s still great music, ne? This is their second Japanese single and I just LOVE this song to death. Enjoy the BTS before getting to the short version of the MV.
  3. “Good Time” Sing Sing Sing – ベリーグッドマン [Berry Goodman]
    This trio’s music makes me happy. That’s all there is to say 😀
  4. “Wolf” Into the Wild – Hologram Film
    From indie rock band Hologram Film’s first full length album. It’s I guess a genre called electro rock as it marries rock and dance music. I’m in love with this band. I’m not always a huge fan of dance infused rock, but their music, I really do enjoy.
  5. “Find the Way” Imperative 2: Everything Changes – Bii
    I think “Everything Changes” was my top pick for March. I’m too lazy to check, but I do believe I’m right. On this mini album, this song is my next favorite and is a solo song by Bii featuring English, Chinese, and Korean lyrics. While the rap part is a bit awkward and disrupts the flow of the song, I still love this song. Bii has an appealing voice.
  6. “1414287356” 1414287356 – The Kiddie
    It’s hard to describe exactly why, but this song is addictive. The chorus is awesome, the beat is great, love the guitar solos. This song marries some traditional Japanese sounds with rock. It works well.
  7. 야생화 [Yasaenghwa; Wild Flower] – Park Hyo Shin
    I vaguely remember his name and that he has a great voice. His comeback after a long while with a new company has brought him back to my attention once more. This song…his voice and a piano…it’s just awesome. And the emotion he puts into the lyrics makes the song so much better. I can’t wait for a full length album from him now that he’s back.
  8. 我的世界沒有你的音準 [My World Without You] – 蕭閎仁 [Hsiao Hung Jen]
    This is not a Taiwanese artist I am familiar with. This is Hsiao Hung Jen’s comeback after three years and it’s a very powerful and heartfelt song to come back with. Now that I know about this artist, I will definitely be seeking out more music by him.
  9. 얼음들 [Melted] Play – Akdong Musicians
    While “200%” is a cute and fun song with a great MV, I really felt the ballad “Melted” more. Plus, the MV of this song is definitely a mini movie and helps make the ballad even more touching. The talented sibling duo did make a great official debut.
  10. ให้ฉันได้เป็นผู้ชายที่จะรักเธอ – Mike D. Angelo
    I don’t know why I feel that Mike’s being very active of late as I really haven’t followed his career enough to say that. But fresh off of the Thai version of Full House, plus the single I featured earlier, it does seem like he’s keeping himself busy. This song is a very beautiful and heartfelt ballad. Ah…I told missed that he and his brother Golf put out a best album last summer. This album contains hits from them as a duo as well as several of their solo songs.
  11. 이런나 [It’s Like Me!] It’s Truth! – Analog
    There’s just something about this band and this song. I can’t put my finger on it, but I instantly fell in love with this song on first lesson. It has an strange charm that just draws me in. This is Analog’s first single which was released in November of last year and then included in a mini-album released this month. They even have a Japanese version of t his song.
  12. “theme of us” Drums,Bass,2(to)Guitars – cinema staff
    It’s an addictive song with an odd and offbeat video. Unfortunately, only a few of cinema staff’s releases are available in the US iTunes store and this latest release isn’t. Sad. It’s a great song.
  13. “Tell Me Why” The 1st Mini Album– Toheart
    Okay, the EP was released in March. I didn’t give the album any attention despite liking both Woohyun and Key and that’s pretty much thanks to “Delicious.” Not a bad song…but the lyrics. Sure, English that makes sense…I guess…but it made me burst out laughing every time they talked about love being nutritious and delicious. I like the follow up song “Tell Me Why’ much better…but it reminds me of a different song and I just can’t put my finger on what song that is. Still, enjoyed it this month.
  14. “misery” Circle – SWANKY DANK
    What a name! What a song! Yes, it’s completely in English. Good pronunciation and it makes sense. I really do like this band. You can find like their first album from 2009 in the US iTunes store. Not this mini album as it is set to be released in June.
  15. もう一度・・・– moto
    She has such a pretty voice! I have no idea where you can get her latest album, which is too bad as I think it would be an awesome album overall.
  16. “With Me” – HAN-KUN
    I think the first time I’d ever listened to HAN-KUN, he was featured on someone else’s album. Love this song. It seems to bring a breath of summer into the chilly spring air.
  17. 君色デイズ – Honey L Days
    I’ve been in love with this duo since I first heard them…I think that was when they did a song for a drama OST. This is another excellent song by them.
  18. โจทย์รัก 18+ – เล้าโลม [Laolom]
    You know when you have that disconnect between a person’s appearance and their voice? Like when you have these macho looking men and when they sing they have this soft, sweet, or higher voice than expected? I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting the voice that comes from the vocalist of this band. That aside, totally awesome song which was originally released in 2008. I wasn’t into Thai music yet, though, in my defense.
  19. “SWEET LOVE” – Matsushita Yuya
    Ok. This is from last summer. I should probably feature the single he released this month, but I don’t have a good song snippet from that. But, you should definitely check that single out as it’s pretty sweet, too. In fact…just check out all his albums. Matsushita is a great artist.
  20. “Return” Into the Wild – Hologram Film
    A much heavier rock beat in this song. While the MV for “Wolf” was BTS of the band and the making of the MV for this song, I much prefer “Wolf’s” MV as this one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Good song, though.
  21. 僕らのミュージック [Bokura no Music] – それでも世界が続くなら [Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzukunara]
    This band has one of the longest names, I swear. It’s a great rock song. I kept singing along with “bokura no music” which is repeated throughout. 😀
  22. Go! Go! Go! – 장미여관 [Changmi Yeogwan; Rose Motel]
    Rose Motel is as awesome as ever. A fun song, a fun MV. Don’t know if we’ll be able to get this campaign song in the US digital music stores, which would be a bummer if we can’t.
  23. “Walking Shadow” Shadows & Hope – T.C SPEAKER
    Another Japanese band singing in English! While not as good as the previous song with pronunciation (the vocalist as more of a noticeable accent is all really), it is still really good. I’m not sure how and where you can get this song, so I have to settle with watching the video over and over.
  24. “Hero” 셔틀콕 OST – Zitten
    A song of the easy listening genre, but it strangely tugs at you, even more so when you watch the accompanying MV with scenes from the movie. It makes me want to watch it. It really does. A good song to go with an interesting looking movie. You can find this song from the OST on their EP released in March.
  25. Rain Man Rain Story – AKIHIDE
    AKIHIDE is BREAKERZ’s guitarist. I  guess I also didn’t realize he could sing as well, as I’m used to the vocalist, lol. AKIHIDE’s guitar playing married to the piano melody works very well together. His singing…not bad. Not amazing. But…it works.
  26. 無盡 – Supper Moment
    I know nothing of Cantonese music. It’s still very new to me, much like Thai music. This band has been around on the indie scene of Hong Kong for several years now. They are awesome and this video…really makes you wish to see them live since this shows concert footage of the band. I can’t find this single released last September in the US. That makes me sad. I really love this song.
  27. 這不是我 [That’s Not Me] – Aaron Yan
    The baby of Fahrenheit is all grown up (has been for awhile…plus he’s only a year younger than I am, so he’ll be 30 before you know it, lol). I don’t know why, but this surprised me as being Aaron singing. It seems a bit different than his recent songs, and it is a far cry from his duet with G.NA. This song is off of the Fall in Love with Me OST. Have only watched one episode. It’s Taiwanese drama cheesiness at it’s finest.
  28. 견딜만해 [Gyeondilmanhae; Without You] 표독 [Pyodok] – Mad Clown feat. Hyorin
    JYP is famous for telling just as many people that the need to sing as if talking as he is for griping about half sound half air. Mad Clown’s “Without You” is definitely a rapping style that seems as if he’s just comfortably talking. It works with Hyorin’s explosive vocals.
  29. “1/2” 愛上兩個我 OST – Aaron Yan, G.NA
    This is a surprising duet. Korean artist G.NA doing a duet with Taiwanese artist Aaron Yan. It is the theme song of Aaron’s drama and is quite good. G.NA, as you can imagine sings more in English than Mandarin.
  30. Who Are You – LED Apple (Japanese Version)
  31. Who Are You – LED Apple (Korean Version)
    Both versions are good. It’s a fun song and the BTS of the boys walking around having fun and doing concerts adds to the funness of the song.
  32. “Superhero – UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ
    A Japanese rock band covering original Pinoy music. They are gearing to release their first album in the Philippines. They have also done relief work/fundraising for Yolanda victims. This is part 2 of their trilogy series. I haven’t listened to the first part yet, just this song and the final one.
  33. “Pinoy Ako” – UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ
  34. การเริ่มใหม่ Try – เล้าโลม [Laolom]
    Another song from 2008. This time from Laolom’s EP Try. I am loving this Thai band. Yep, definitely. They had a release earlier this year. Will definitely be checking it out.
  35. “Sweeter” Purity – Joy O’Clock
    Still loving this duo. I don’t know why, I get a slightly country vibe with this song. I don’t mind, though, I like country music as I grew up on a steady diet of that growing up.
  36. พจนานุกรม Anybody Hungry? – Black Vanilla
    This song is from 2009. Yes, more older Thai music goodness. I do love how most Thai MVs are ones that tell a story which is more than you get with a lot of Kpop (or Jpop) MVs.
  37. またいつか [Someday] – KO-JI ZERO THREE
    I haven’t been a huge fan of Japanese hip hop, but I love this song! The rap isn’t awkward and flows well and the chorus, while repetitive is good and fits with the rap well.
  38. 언제라도 [Eonjerado; Anytime] – 전우성 [Jeon Woo Seong from Noel]
    I love his husky voice. This a very beautiful ballad. His high notes/falsetto, whatever, is awesome.
  39. “Everything” 5 Years Best -BALLAD- – 超新星 [Choshinsei/Supernova]
    I actually have this album 😛 It was released on April 30th. It was one of my birthday presents to myself. A good song. I believe that this is a new song and is being featured on their 5 year best albums. The MV that accompanies the song really makes you want more as it ends on a cliffhanger with a “To Be Continued” note.
  40. 서울이 싫어졌어 2000Won 1st Mini Album – 이천원 [2000Won]
    I didn’t know they released a single earlier this year. Yay for their official debut! I did like them during Kpop Star and am happy they have finally debuted and kept their style in tact.
  41. รถไฟขบวนแห่งความฝัน – PARADOX
    I think this made March’s playlist, but didn’t make the final cut. After some more listens, the song grew on me. Plus, I heart the actual MV more so than the lyric video.
  42. 아직 하지 못한 말 [What I Wanted to Say] 백년의 신부 OST [Bride of the Century OST] – 이홍기 [Lee Hong Gi]
    This drama had a dull start. The acting was less than stellar on certain people’s parts. But…it had its charms…mainly the interactions of Doo Rim with Kang Ju. The OST? Awesome like usual.
  43. ฉันดีไม่พอ (ใช่ไหม) – C-Quint
    A Thai song from 2009. Also, one of my first experience with a Thai boy group. Not my first, but one of them. I haven’t listened to more idol music in the Thai music world. This song is charming and the MV…interesting. You’ll have to check it out for yourself.
  44. 70億分の2人 –  馬場雄一 [Baba Yuichi]
    It’s such a beautiful song. I can’t describe it. It’s just simple and gorgeous. I want this song.
  45. 봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고 [Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms] – High4, IU
    For this being High4’s debut song…I feel it could have featured more of them and a little less of IU. That being said, it’s a good debut. They have talent and have proven that with a chart all-kill.
  46. 幸せをみつけられるように Song for You – クリス・ハート[Chris Hart]
    From his album released in March. Chris Hart just has an amazing and beautiful voice that I love. He’s also great in getting the emotions and feel of a song across.

And that’s it for this edition. Don’t forget to check out the other 40 songs that didn’t make my favorite cuts.

Ah, and since I found some songs on SoundCloud, they couldn’t make it into the YouTube Playlist. I discovered two new Korean indie bands in April: Lips-Bite and Beatnik.

First I found Lips-Bite with their awesome song “Dying in Action”

Then I found Beatnik and fell in love with their song “Myself”

And…that’s it, lol.


  • Love your recommendations! Though I’m not sure how to manage to find so many new songs each month!

    • Aww, glad you like them 🙂

      My secret? Before bed each night, I go on YouTube and unwind by listening to music from my tons of subscriptions. Seriously, that’s pretty much it.

      Then I discovered that SoundCloud does this thing where if you’re listening to a certain stream, they start playing “recommendations”…that is dangerous, lol.

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