Angel’s Revenge Episode 73 Recap

In which we have lots of useless characters (read 2). I mean, really. What is the point of having Ji Hui now that she’s degenerated this far? And Dal Nyeo? Two women who whine and moan and groan and displace blame. Although…Dal Nyeo does have her shocking moments when she realizes something isn’t right, but her unhealthy love for her son’s success keeps her doing wrong. Ji Hui…pride? What pride? Her misguided pride and unwillingness to admit she’s wrong is what is causing all her problems. Of course, she’ll just keep blaming Seon Yu who keeps point the finger back at Tae Jeong.

Mrs. Gong leaves the table as the whole family basically pleads with her to allow Tae Jeong and Ji Hui to return home. Aran follows her and only gets Mrs. Gong to see Ji Hui by finally revealing Ji Hui’s little fertility issues. She needs surgery and therapy and even then there is a low success rate. Mrs. Gong is still reluctant to allow her granddaughter back in if Ji Hui has not realized her mistakes, but after hearing this news, she does wish to see and talk to her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Tae Jeong asks Seon Yu why she wants them back. Seon Yu says they should get to know one another better even if it’s uncomfortable. LOL. And those two know each other a lot better than they already let on. Both of them know the reason why they want to return to the house. Seon Yu wishes to keep a close eye on Tae Jeong to enact her vengeance while Tae Jeong wants her within arm’s reach to watch what she’s plotting for said vengeance. Ji Seok, still unaware of what is going on, is happy that Seon Yu stood up for Tae Jeong and Ji Hui even though both have done her wrong. In reality, you know Seon Yu would do this even if she wasn’t after revenge as that is just the type of person she really is.

Seon Yu watches as Tae Jeong meets Miss Yoon outside and gets a briefcase full of money. Looks like she did not overhear the whole conversation as she is wondering just what Tae Jeong is supposed to be buying. It should be obvious. No matter how good a face Aran and Tae Jeong put on they are still after on thing and one thing only. Tae Jeong takes the money back to the office where he gets a call from Hyeonsu. Tae Jeong angrily says he doesn’t have the money once more, but Hyeonsu mentions he will have to find a different source, read: Seon Yu. So Tae Jeong rushes off to meet him. Gi Jin is out doing a delivery when his friend (who he enlisted to watch Hyeonsu) tells him that he’s on the move. At this time, he runs into Tae Mi. He hands over his pizza and tells her where to make the delivery and rushes off. He takes pictures of Hyeonsu receiving the money that was meant for the shares and sends them to Seon Yu. Poor Tae Mi then gets a scolding from Bong Hwang for taking Gi Jin’s delivery bag. Tae Mi lies that she just found it on the street and brought it back because she knows how precious it is. Bong Hwang concedes that Tae Mi is definitely the best person in the Jang family before going back inside. This gives the young woman hope that she has a chance with Gi Jin. I had to laugh when Gi Jin brightened up at the sight of Tae Mi. Poor girl misunderstood that it meant he “likes” her, too.

“Does that mean you missed me?”

“I can’t say that I missed you exactly, but I’m happy to see you.”

Ah, just before Tae Mi meets with Gi Jin, we get to see the cold war continue between Dal Nyeo and Ji Hui. Dal Nyeo is unhappily preparing food for Ji Hui thinking about the possibility of her daughter-in-law being barren. When Dal Nyeo offers this to Ji Hui, she rejects it and offers no explanation as to where she is going. Yes, I know. The news hurt Ji Hui, plus her condition isn’t physically good. That being said…does she really have the right to act as she is? It’s not just with Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi and Tae Jeong. Ji Hui is being awful to everyone. This infertility issue is just more of an excuse for her to pity herself more, hate the world more, and push the blame on everyone but herself more. The situation is one where you should, especially if you are a woman, feel for Ji Hui, but the way she’s being played and how her character has developed…you can’t sympathize with her. While Ji Seok may act like an overgrown child, you know that is kind of a facade. Sure, it’s part of his personality, but it belies his seriousness and his intelligence. He is much more mature than his little sister. She, in the beginning, showed her immaturity, but at the same time it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now. She is a sullen child. That is all I can think of when I see her. A spoiled brat who is upset for no reason (well, she technically does have her reasons, but Seon Yu told her from the beginning that with the choice she makes, she will have to deal with the consequence and not regret her decision).

We get a cute little family moment with Ji Seok, Mrs. Gong, and Seon Yu going on a walk before we get to more of Ji Hui’s Blame Game and Pity Party. So Ji Hui meets with Mrs. Gong who reveals she doesn’t think it’s time for Ji Hui to come back into the Seo household as Ji Hui has not realized her mistakes nor has she proven she’s ready to accept Seon Yu. Ji Hui proves this by saying her grandmother is choosing Seon Yu and Ji Seok over her. Mrs. Gong scolds Ji Hui for thinking she is any less important than Ji Seok. It’s kind of hard to believe Mrs. Gong’s words when her actions are prone to favoritism, but we also have known from the very beginning that it’s not necessarily favoritism as much as guilt for what Mrs. Gong has done to her grandson and all that he has had to suffer. Let’s face it, Ji Hui’s life was more of a walk in the park (even with Aran’s bad attitude towards Mr. Seo, Mrs. Gong, and Ji Seok), compared to her brother’s. It wasn’t until recently that Ji Hui began to understand suffering and she’s not handling things her own brother had to handle well at all. Anywho. Ji Hui refuses to come back since Mrs. Gong is only allowing it because Seon Yu requested it. She rushes out and her mother slaps her hard on the arm for inciting Mrs. Gong instead of accepting the offer. Ji Hui spots Seon Yu and rudely demands to talk.

Seon Yu follows Ji Hui out and Ji Hui again calls her a two-faced liar who has won over Ji Seok and Mrs. Gong and is now working on Aran. Seon Yu replies that she is only just ever herself and never tries to win favoritism from anyone. Is this implying that Tae Jeong and Ji Hui do? Of course, Ji Hui can’t see Seon Yu for anything else than what she’s poisoned her own mind into thinking. I hate it every time Ji Hui throws Ji Seok into the equation and talks about him being hoodwinked and pulled into something he shouldn’t have been. Ahem. At one point I would have said she does honestly love her brother. There were tons of good moments in the beginning, after all. But more and more, Ji Hui proves she only really thinks of herself and only loves herself and no one else. At least Aran does love someone. She loves her daughter more than anything. Unfortunately, Aran’s love comes served in a twisted manner thanks to her own anger, hatred, and twisted revenge schemes, but still…she isn’t completely selfish – Ji Hui is…100% and you can tell this more and more with each episode and her disgusting behavior. Yes, I find it disgusting and annoying and you kind of want to slap her and tell her to wake up and grow up and accept the responsibility for her own misery. Anywho…Ji Hui says there is no way Seon Yu can love Ji Seok while hating Tae Jeong and taking revenge. Seon Yu points out calmly that her love and hatred are two separate things. Ji Hui says that is impossible and she can’t act like Seon Yu. She also vows to never return while Seon Yu smugly says that Tae Jeong has already agreed to come back. Seon Yu also tells Ji Hui that the person Ji Hui is angry at is not Seon Yu, but Tae Jeong. Before Ji Hui would always confront Seon Yu and was firm in her beliefs, but now she avoids Seon Yu. Isn’t this because Ji Hui is really angry at her husband and not Seon Yu? Isn’t it because Ji Hui’s faith in him has been destroyed? Ji Hui never likes it when people points things out like that. Nope, nope.

Ok. What else? Ah! I can’t believe Gi Jin hasn’t figured out that Jang Tae Mi is the same as Miss Skewer. All in good time. I figured he would have put two and two together when he heard it was Tae Mi that brought the pizza carrier back, but he didn’t. Pung Ho does threaten to fire his own son if Gi Jin doesn’t get his act together. Kind of a cute moment with Gi Jin saucily agreeing to this and calling his dad “Boss.”

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

While Ji Hui is getting the bad news, Ji Seok and Seon Yu are having a cute moment.

We then get a time jump. It had to have been a couple of weeks at least since when Ji Hui met Mrs. Gong, she said she had scheduled the surgery for the following week and when we meet Ji Hui again, she has successfully had the surgery and has been going through therapy treatments. But what news does she get? It’s hopeless for her to get pregnant. Darn! Especially with her distrust of her husband, she really shouldn’t be having children anyways. Dal Nyeo goes home an bawls and says it is their punishment for leaving Jin Yu to die and not following her dying wish where she pleaded with Dal Nyeo to take care of Sarang. So Dal Nyeo goes in search of her grandson to apologize only to learn that someone must have picked him up before the orphanage found him as there is no record of them taking in any newborns in January. Wowza. So where is our precious little Sarang now? Stay tuned to find out.

Previews look interesting..if Ji Hui blaming her infertility all on Seon Yu can be considered interesting. It’s fairly typical and fairly annoying. I’m more looking forward to seeing what happened to Sarang. Oh… and I’m waiting to see how long Tae Jeong can keep it a secret from Aran that he used the money for other purposes and not just buying stocks. Since Aran is using the fund’s money, she and Tae Jeong will be in deep doodoo when this hits the fan. Nothing like embezzling from one company to take over another.


  • Yes, normally a woman would feel sympathy for another woman who wants kids but can’t have them; however, JH’s constant insistence that her problems were all caused by SY is deflection at its worse! WOW! And boy is it going to get worse! It’s like she has blinders on and doesn’t see how happy her brother his! Eun Su pegged her right; she is and always was a brat who only thought of herself! And SY not hearing what ES said has picked up on that same theme. Heaven help us for the following weeks!

    But please writer-nim, keep up with the cute moments with JS/SY, BC/BT/WY!! We need them!! The writing is on the way for GJ/TM! There is no way that is going to happen unless TM gets GJ drunk and takes advantage of him to become pregnant! GJ’s hate of TJ and total dislike for DN is WAY too high!! I do feel sorry for her!

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