Angel’s Revenge Episode 72 Recap

Awww, the honeymoon is over…in more ways than one. Before getting into what happened in this drama, I needs must gush about our OTP. They are just soooo adorkable and cute. I really liked how Seon Yu has opened up more in this episode and is teasing and being cheesy right up their with her husband. The looks these two share, their smiles, just how natural they are together…and that kiss a bajillion episodes ago. It’s so obvious the two love each other. Unlike some dramas where you can’t believe that at all…you really feel it in this one and that’s what makes this whole drama watchable and enjoyable. I am so happy we finally moved away from nothing but Tae Jeong and Ji Hui…although they still get WAY too much screen time, lol. It’s like how in May Queen we got more of the secondary couple than the leading one.

Ji Hui learns that her uterus has gotten even worse thanks to the miscarriage and that her “morning” sickness is probably nothing more than gastritis from too much stress. She needs a simple surgery and hormone therapy and even then there is no guarantee that she will be able to conceive. Tae Jeong, caring nothing for children at all, is happy that his wife is okay and there is nothing seriously wrong with her at all. Ji Hui? Is devastated. As much as she wasn’t sure she could be happy about having a baby given how little she trusts her husband at the moment, really does want a baby. She does her lovely little speech about how everything is all wrong and now this. Eyeroll. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s a harsh blow for women who want children to learn that it’s probably going to be impossible, but since Ji Hui has been doing this woe is me stuff for ages now, I just can’t sympathize with her.

Dal Nyeo jumps the gun and calls up Aran to tell her their will be a baby in the family. This makes Aran very happy. Besides wanting a grandchild for that reason alone, it should be enough to get Mrs. Gong to allow Ji Hui and Tae Jeong back into the house. Aran tries calling her daughter, but can’t get through. Tae Jeong comes in to talk about the shareholders and reveals what happened at the doctor’s office. Aran is upset as she and Dal Nyeo were both worried about Ji Hui’s fertility. Is it really true that you are more likely to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage as that doesn’t sound right to me? Tae Jeong says that he would never love a child as much as his wife, so he’s perfectly happy even if Ji Hui can’t have children. Aran thanks him for this attitude and they get down to their business of trying to destroy Ji Seok once more.

Dal Nyeo who still knows nothing is out shopping for a feast to celebrate Ji Hui’s pregnancy. She runs into Bong Hwang and Bong Chang. These sisters apart are awesome in hurling barbs at Dal Nyeo, but are even better tag teaming her. Heehee. Bong Chang is always the best as she insults you (without directly doing so) with a great big smile on her face. That’s why Bong Chang is so awesome. Anywho, the three girls end up fighting over all the kids’ marriages and who is right and who is wrong and Bong Chang steps in with the final throw of Tae Jeong be plain evil end of discussion. They walk off and talk about cleansing themselves with salt so as not to bring bad luck to the newlyweds returning home while Dal Nyeo screams after them that Seon Yu, not Tae Jeong will be getting kicked out as her daughter-in-law is preggers. Wrong.

Angel's Revenge e.72

Ji Seok apologizes to Seon Yu for the short honeymoon, but she’s co0mpletely understanding of why it can’t be longer. Plus…as long as she is with him, she’s happy. Such a cheesy line from her mouth! Will wonders never cease! Ji Seok asks if that means she really loves him as she’s never sad anything like that before. Seon Yu has a big smile on her face and replies that she does. The two happily go home and pay their respects to the Heos. Seon Yu’s happiness is tempered by Pung Ho’s mention of Jin Yu and learning that Gi Jin doesn’t work at the shop anymore. She confronts her cousin who spills the beans that he’s been tailing Hyeonsu who is a gambling addict and still has not fixed anything in the factory due to him gambling all profits away. The icing on the cake is that Hyeonsu needs money and Tae Jeong is refusing to give any. Hyeonsu will be a great crack in Tae Jeong’s ability to keep getting away with all of his crimes. This gives the two hope. Seon Yu then tells her cousin that since she and Tae Jeong are family now, she will have the ability to do things she couldn’t before, so Gi Jin should stop before he gets himself into trouble and he throws it back that it is not right for her to do everything herself. Amen.

Ji Hui, being Ji Hui, spits all of Dal Nyeo’s good intentions back in her face and refuses to eat at all. Tae Jeong explains what happened and Dal Nyeo is shattered. What curse is this? She wanted a dongsaeng for her other grandson. Is this all Jin Yu’s retribution? Tae Jeong is doing is best to be by Ji Hui’s side and give her love and support (how much is real and not just put on to keep his position…who knows?), but she also spits that back at him. How long? How long will she be in this funk? It’s getting old fast, but she still doesn’t like if if Tae Jeong mentions the big D word. she’s constantly complaining and he’s getting sick of her always second guessing him, so why is she adamant to stay in such a marriage anyways? Does it really all come down to pride?

The next day Ji Seok and Seon Yu return to the Seo household. Aran is unhappy Tae Jeong showed up at the house alone as Mrs. Gong will not show mercy on Ji Hui for her actions. Meanwhile, cuteness continues for our newlyweds. Seon Yu asks which room is Ji Seok’s and he corrects her that it isn’t his room but their room. He then swoops her up into his arms and carries her across the threshold as that is a way to ward off bad luck on brides. Is that really where that tradition stems from? Seon Yu says it sounds like he’s been married before, but Ji Seok says he just has a bunch of married friends giving him advice. Should he show her how he learned to have enough kids for a soccer team? Seon Yu laughs and pushes him away. Time to be the dutiful daughter-in-law.

She goes downstairs where she hears Aran and Tae Jeong plotting to buy up the company shares at double the price for their hostile takeover. She and Tae Jeong begin their bickering and threats right away. Tae Jeong insists that it will be Seon Yu who falls. Seon Yu says she would never have entered into this if she thought she would fail. In a fight, it is not about who is stronger, but about who has the biggest weakness. Tae Jeong smirks. Jin Yu is not his weakness and can’t hurt him. Seon Yu smiles. No, not Jin Yu. It is Tae Jeong’s avaricious greed that is his weakness (and Hyeonsu, but you can’t tip your hand can you?).

Dinner time comes and, of course, Mrs. Gong is livid that Ji Hui isn’t there. Ji Seok is as usual, being nice. If Ji Hui is too sick to come, then they will go to his sister. Mrs. Gong nixes this and says its very disrespectful for Ji Hui to miss the dinner even if she is very ill. Aran is livid and almost lets what is going on with her daughter slip, but Tae Jeong stops her. Seon Yu then speaks up and requests that Ji Hui and Tae Jeong be allowed to move back in (where she can keep a close watch on him).

Angel's Revenge e.72

Stare down at the dinner table. Will Seon Yu’s plea work? Probably. And all sorts of tense moments will happen and there will be no way for Ji Seok not to notice what is going on right under his nose anymore.

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  • “Does it really all come down to pride?”-This is a true statement and becomes more obvious in the coming weeks. I know longer have pity for JH. That has gone out the window but I’m at an advantage so I know why I have none. Yes, the OTP are the reason I love this show, I can happily skip and re-watch their moments alone.

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