Angel’s Revenge Episode 71 Recap

Recap? What recap? The summary of the whole episode goes something like this: Ji Seok and Seon Yu are officially married. Who cares about anything else? Truthfully, this is more like a calm and happy moment before a storm is unleashed. How bad that said storm will be is any one’s guess. Tae Jeong is busy plotting and gathering shares in Mrs. Wu’s name for himself while Ji Hui continues her churlish malcontention with the whole Jang clan as well as her own family. Oh…and her mommy and her mommy-in-law think her moodiness and nausea are related to pregnancy. Guess again. And I can’t believe how excited Ji Hui was at the doctor’s office. Really? Would having a baby with a man you say scares and disgusts you make you that happy? Yeah for Gi Jin following Tae Jeong and catching the fact that their is more growing contention with Hyeonsu who is demanding money or else he’ll turn over evidence for money and Tae Jeong who doesn’t have the money to spare. Oh, and that Wu Hyeon day dream of Bong Chang in a wedding dress? Priceless. That’s it. That’s the…whole episode. Oh…and of course while Seon Yu is very happy to have married the man she loves, she worries if she deserves such happiness since the relationship did not start out honestly. But Ji Seok assures her she needs to embrace the happiness that comes her way instead of brooding over it. This is before he takes her for a walk along the beach and serenades her under the moonlight…er…lamplight.

I could go into detail…but I won’t. Seriously. Squeecap…I mean screencap time.


Other precious moments? Wu Hyeon sidling up to Bong Chang in the wedding photoshoot upsetting her son. Bong Hwang telling the kids to make sure they get plenty of rest and “lay down” a lot. We do have Tae Mi drinking Ji Hui’s fertility medicine since she’s hungry and there is no food. Dal Nyeo hits her and asks if she wants to raise a baby alone. Um…it takes two, to make a baby and Tae Mi isn’t that easy like her mommy was at her age. It was also funny when Mrs. Gong asked for lots of children and Ji Seok replied they will have 11 – enough for a football team (football as in soccer? or the American sport?). The way his new wifey looked at hm. Heehee.

Oh…and I forgot to mention that Aran remembered where she saw Pung Ho and Bong Hwang before! She saw them arguing with Dal Nyeo who tried to deny they knew each other at all and then blatantly lies saying tehy are just neighbors with no connections, angering Ji Hui who says the mother is just as bad as the son – lying comes next to breathing with those two. Gag me Ji Hui. But…other than those super annoying small moments. A gushworthy episode of OTP cuteness.


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