Angel’s Revenge Episode 70 Recap

Well, Ji Seok is a total goner, but we always knew that. How much of the truth he knows about or has suspicions about remains to be seen, but he has told Seon Yu that as long as she honestly loves him, he will never care if she disappoints or hurts him. Isn’t that sweet? I do like the fact he through that part in…about as long as she loves him that is all that matters. At least he isn’t one of those saying he doesn’t care what the other person does as long as they remain by his side. He wants her love. He has her love. Life is good. His sister on the other hand? Pfft. That woman. She’s not even trying any more. She acts like a whiny and sullen child and is visibly cold to her husband in front of her own family. Love, if it existed, wasn’t enough in that relationship.

Gi Jin stays at the meeting place while Seon Yu and her aunt rush to the cafe near the pizza parlor where Pung Ho has taken Ji Seok. Pung Ho talks about Seon Yu being an orphan and being very attached to her beloved eonni Jin Yu. Ji Seok reveals he knows all of that. Pung Ho then talks about the huge scar Jin Yu’s death left behind. Ji Seok says he knows this as well. When he first met Seon Yu she was vibrant and warm. After her sister’s untimely demise, she had become a changed person. Ji Seok will always feel partially responsible for Jin Yu’s death. If only he hadn’t kept Seon Yu away from Jin Yu that night. Thus, Ji Seok will spend his life loving Seon Yu back to the woman she once was. He even talks about his own scars and how he’s confident they can both heal each other. This really hits Pung Ho hard. He does try one more time to say the whole story, but Bong Hwang and Seon Yu enter and Pung Ho goes running out.


Seon Yu chases after her uncle. she cries and apologizes for doing things her way instead of his. Pung Ho says he believes that Ji Seok can handle the truth and that he and Seon Yu can start their marriage on the right foot together as it will be horrible to live with all the lies. Seon Yu states that Ji Seok won’t be okay if he finds out. It will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Ji Seok will withdraw from his family again and will never day to trust or love again. Seon Yu can’t have that. She loves him too much to have him destroyed in such a way. Thus, if she can help it, she never wishes him to know the complete truth. That will be her burden to ensure his happiness forever.

At the meeting place, Gi Jin awaits anxiously and Aran complains about the tardiness of the family. And just where is Ji Seok? Wu Hyeon, bored, states that this always happens. Tae Jeong was really late on the meeting day, too. Enter Ji Seok and co. He explains he went to pick Seon Yu and her family up. What about her uncle? Bong Hwang lies and says he is unwell and cannot come to the meeting (heart problems, you know). The Heos are then introduced to Aran and her family. Bong Hwang smiles widely and pretends she does not know Tae Jeong who blatantly lies back saying it is their first time meeting. The odd thing is that Aran seems to think Bong Hwang looks familiar. To my knowledge, the Heos never came into contact with Aran…did they? Is this another hint of a connected past just like Dal Nyeo believed Mrs. Gong to be very familiar?

angels-revenge-e70-04While the meeting is going on, Dal Nyeo seeks out Pung Ho to stop the marriage once more. Pung Ho is drinking, but he’s not staying adamant about the marriage any more. In fact, he tells Dal Nyeo to take a long hard look at herself and her son. They keep blaming Seon Yu and say that she has to ruin her own happiness for their sake, but when you look at things the root of all the problems is Tae Jeong and nobody but Tae Jeong. Before Dal Nyeo tells others what to do, she needs to follow her own advice and stop. Dal Nyeo is taken aback by this. Why? Because it’s the truth? She still insists that it is the Heo family who needs to end this since her son is already married and Seon Yu isn’t. she then beats a hasty retreat. I do like how Pung Ho here yells at Dal Nyeo that if they are to stop the wedding, then Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong need to bring Jin Yu back. They can’t do that? Then there is no reason to stop the wedding is there?

After the meeting Aran tries to make her sullen daughter see the light about how Seon Yu marrying into the family will be good for her. hahahaha. You can’t help but laugh. Ignorance is bliss. Imagine Aran’s horror when she finally learns the truth? Gi Jin and Bong Hwang go home and Pung Ho gets angry again when Gi Jin talks about revenge on Tae Jeong and showing his truth character at last. This is when Mrs. Gong calls. She meets Pung Ho at a nearby cafe. She apologizes for everything she has said and done and asks for his forgiveness. She also requests that Pung Ho look after her grandson and treat him as if he is his own child. Awww. Pung Ho is feeling a bit guilty here, isn’t he? Ah, and Tae Jeong is once again trying to collect stocks. This is the only way he can think of to stop Seon Yu and Ji Seok now and secure his own place without Ji Hui on his side.

Ji Seok walks Seon Yu home after the meeting. Even though the meeting went well, Seon Yu is pretty quiet and looks rather sad. Ji Seok knows this is about her uncle. He tells her that Pung Ho loves her very much and is worried she will be hurt by Ji Seok and his family after the huge scar of Jin Yu’s death that hasn’t healed yet. Seon Yu is quick to say that isn’t the case. It will be Ji Seok who is hurt one day. Ji Seok then comes back with no matter what happens, no matter what Seon Yu does, he will always stay by her side as long as she loves him. Pung Ho comes around the corner and sees all of this and turns back and walks away. He knows his niece’s love is genuine. Can he finally give his consent after seeing this scene?

Ji Hui walks in on Dal Nyeo urging Tae Jeong to do something about the wedding. Tae Jeong can’t stop the wedding so he has his own plans. The angry Ji Hui bursts into their bedroom and lights into him as Dal Nyeo was worrying over his plans being nefarious and leading to someone getting physically hurt. Tae Jeong is livid. His wife doesn’t believe in him. His own mother doesn’t believe in him. He yells at them both to shut up and stop harping on him. He angrily walks out as Tae Jeong will not fight a lost argument. He knows nothing he can say will do anything at this time. Ji Hui? She always takes umbrage at everything. She is such an annoying character. She’s been acting surly all day. When asked to call her brother at the meeting, she disinterestedly said he’d be there soon. She shows horrible social skills and a bad attitude, which made Tae Jeong worried and unhappy as her actions can hurt him badly.

The day of the wedding dawns. Mrs. Gong is looking at a photography of Ji Seok and his mother. She smiles and cries. Looks like in the end she did the right thing to allow her grandson to be happy. We also learn that Ji Seok isn’t the boy’s real name. It’s Jeong Wu. What the what. They keep hinting and teasing at his birth secret. WHEN will we finally learn it? Ji Seok comes in and Mrs. Gong quickly hides the picture. She is still teary. She is happy he’s marrying the woman he loves, but feels she is losing him a bit. Ji Seok says she will always be his number one girl, she just has to share that spot with Seon Yu now. He’s sweet. No matter what sins his grandmother has committed against him, he won’t turn on her as he knows all about how much she really does love him. It goes to show that no matter what Seon yu herself also does, he will most likely stay by her side because he knows of her love for him as well.


Ji Hui wants to boycott the wedding, Tae Jeong won’t let her no matter how much she ridicules and blames him for everything. He does point out that she has helped him, so if she didn’t believe in him, she should never have done that. Ji Hui waves this off as only doing it to protect her brother from Seon Yu’s machinations. Aniyo. She did it to protect one person and one person only – herself. Meanwhile, Pung Ho refuses to go to the wedding and it’s tearing Seon Yu apart inside. She hates disappointing her uncle, but she just can’t leave the man she loves. She is sorry once more for doing it her way.

At the hall, Seon Yu is dressed and looking the purest and innocentest of all brides. She also looks happy in spite of the sad scene earlier. Ji Seok comes in and says that he is reminded of the first time he fell hard for her. Seon Yu asks when that was, but Ji Seok says it’s a secret. He then walks over and does the forehead kiss. A drama would be remiss without one, just like a back hug, and the piggyback of a drunk or injured person. The ceremony gets started with the two mothers lighting candles while Ji seok and Seon Yu anxiously await outside. Ji Seok tells her to give up on Pung Ho’s coming when her uncle shows up! He is finally giving his blessing and will be walking Seon Yu down the aisle. We stop at that moment.

Huzzah for the wedding! I was really hoping we’d get to see them married before the series ends. Now Ji Seok needs his birth secret revealed and Tae Jeong and Ji Hui and Dal Nyeo need to be punished for their wrongs. Although, I suppose Ji Hui living with Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo really is poetic justice and what she deserves for choosing pride over truth.


  • I loved this ep because it revealed without revealing anything. Makes sense?

    We know JS holds guilty feelings about JY’s death. We know he realizes the changes (and probably more than we have seem), We know JS isn’t his real name. We know that his love for SY won’t change over what others perceive to be her reasons for marrying him (I still contend she married him because she loved him). We know JH’s stupidity is endless (not kidding about this). We know JS was smitten from that moment that he saw SY and her flowing hair (one of my favorite scenes and his look was identical). We also know that the truth will not change anything. Thank goodness!

    I loved that scene in the waiting room and how that mural really did make you think that room was endless and the lights from the mural framed SY like an angel Great shot. So was that the fastest marriage meet and wedding that you’ve ever seen? Stay tuned tomorrow for the continuation of JH’s pity party of 1.

    • Seon Yu has been pretty vocal of late that she isn’t going to “try” to love Ji Seok like he deserves. Slowly, she has come to realize that she does, indeed, love him romantically nad her choosing to marry him isn’t for revenge or guitl, but purely for love. It’s icing on the cake that the marriage will hurt Tae Jeong. It’s really poetic irony. Tae Jeong schemed to get where he is and did a lot wrong. Meanwhile, Seon Yu hasn’t really done anything wrong (save for agreeing to date Ji Seok before she knew her true feelings) and she is getting everything Tae Jeong desired. It’s great. I t really is.

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