Angel’s Revenge Episode 69 Recap

I don’t think Pung Ho is wrong in what he tasks his niece to do. I think it would be better for Ji Seok to be aware of everything before going in to the marriage versus him finding out at a later date. At this point I think it would be very hard for him to leave Seon Yu in spite of his issue with people lying. Ji Hui and Tae Jeong, again, really are the perfect couple as both ultimately are only about one thing and one thing only—themselves.

So Ji Hui is lighting into her husband in the car park at the office and other employees are stopping and staring at the spectacle so Tae Jeong tells her to can it until they get home. They get home and she demands the truth as there is too much evidence for him to continue lying. So Tae Jeong breaks down and tells a half truth. He went there to talk and witnessed the accident. He knew Seon Yu would blame him and so he ran away and said nothing to Ji Hui. His wife can’t really believe all of this as he has once again lied to her face. Tae Jeong then reminds her about how she sided with Seon Yu over him before and how he did not have enough trust in her love to willingly tell her what had happened. This, like always, outrages Ji Hui. How dare the husband she doesn’t fully trust not fully trust her!? The logic. Eyeroll.

Tae Jeong storms out and his mother who had just arrived home in time with Tae Mi to catch part of the argument rushes after him. She demands he tell her the whole truth as she won’t judge him. Tae Jeong cannot believe that even his mother is doubting him and believing he would do something that evil. Snort. As much as she protects you, she knows better than she wants to admit. Dal Nyeo reminds Tae Jeong that the sins of the parents are visited on their children—he doesn’t want this son’s future ruined because of this. Son? What son? Tae Jeong has no kids! Dal Nyeo backtracks and says she means his future kids. Anyways, she pleads with her sun to not physically harm Seon Yu. As much as the girl is hindering him, he needs to be polite and beg her to give up on the marriage instead. Tae Jeong then reveals that Mrs. Gong has already given her permission to Ji Seok and Seon Yu to marry one another.

Seon Yu and Ji Seok are eating sushi in his office as he’s playing catch up. Seon Yu scolds him for running away and letting the work pile up. Ji Seok refuses to be sorry as it got him what he wanted, didn’t it? Ji Seok then asks about going home with Seon Yu and talking to Pung Ho and Bong Hwang about the upcoming marriage. Seon Yu balks. No. Let her tell her family herself first before Ji Seok comes over. Ji Seok looks at his watch and the late hour and agrees.

Seon Yu arrives home and goes into her aunt and uncle’s room. Pung Ho scolds her for dragging this out and making a mess when she should have hurriedly left Ji Seok. Seon Yu pleads that she is in love with Ji Seok and sincerely wishes to marry him. When the accident occurred, she felt her resolve at the hospital. She can’t…no she won’t…give Ji Seok up. Pung Ho agrees to the marriage only if Seon Yu tells the whole truth and if Ji Seok still  wishes to marry her, only then will he give his consent. Definitely not what Seon Yu wanted to hear as she wishes to keep the entire matter from Ji Seok until the bitter end.

Aran calls Ji Seok and Seon Yu into her office to discuss the wedding plans. She asks about the family meeting and is upset that Ji Seok has not already made arrangements yet. She then asks about where the children will live. In Ji Seok’s empty villa? That will just needs some decorating and will be good to go. Seon Yu is quick to say she wishes to live in the main house to learn from her mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. This matter is then settled. Ji Seok then gets offended when Aran stresses that since Seon Yu is from a poor family, the Seos don’t expect a dowry. Aran then asks if that offends her soon-to-be daughter-in-law and Seon Yu is quick to say it doesn’t. She then thanks Aran for handling the wedding matters.

The two leave the office and Ji Seok thanks Seon Yu for being the one to bring up living at the Seo household. Seon Yu knows how much he wishes to be a part of the family and thus couldn’t have him live away from them. Ji Seok again asks Seon Yu the next day about meeting her family. Seon Yu wants a few days to work things out. Ji Seok, of course, blames this on what happened with his grandmother, and Seon Yu can’t say yay or nay.

She leaves and runs into Ji Hui who hesitatingly says that her husband was only trying to talk and Seon Yu misunderstood. Seon Yu turns back and says it was obvious Tae Jeong meant to either kill her or kidnap her to a far off place she could not escape from and where no one could ever find her. Ji Hui keeps trying to defend Tae Jeong, but she does it so weakly, you know she does not sincerely believe a words she says. Seon Yu calls her on her lack of faith and desperation to believe in Tae Jeong. Our former nun also warns Ji Hui that she will fall into complete despair when she fully realizes how evil Jang Tae Jeong is and Seon Yu finds this regrettable. But as we always say, Ji Hui made this choice after hearing Tae Jeong’s sins, thus you cannot feel sorry for her anymore.

Bong Hwang takes Pung Ho to get checked out and he gets a clean bill of health. She then acts cute and tries to butter him up for Seon Yu and Ji Seok’s sakes, but Pung Ho is having none of it. The two then spot Dal Nyeo who tries to run away, but is caught by then. They complain about Tae Jeong’s actions and Dal Nyeo pleads with her oppa to stop the marriage between Seon Yu and Ji Seok. She even goes so far again to apologize in her son’s place. Bong Hwang and Pung Ho point out that is her greatest sin as a mother and that is why her son is as awful as he is. Pung Ho storms off first and Bong Hwang yells that because Dal Nyeo doesn’t want the marriage, that means it has to happen no matter what. If Dal Nyeo doesn’t want to be in-laws by association this time, she needs to convince her son to get a divorce. Nice!

When Seon Yu arrives home, Bong Hwang is insistent that Seon Yu set up the family meeting. If at that time Pung Ho remains resolute, it will be only herself and her son representing the family and they will just have to make up an excuse as to why Seon Yu’s uncle can’t be there. Bong Hwang is all on their side since she knows the kids love each other…and it will annoy Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong. A win-win situation, ne?

Later that might Ji Seok makes a surprise visit to talk with Pung Ho who says that the two aren’t made for each other and that he will never approve of the marriage. He then reminds Seon Yu of what he asked her to do earlier and storms off. Bong Hwang apologizes for her husband and runs after him. Ji Seok goes to leave and Seon Yu apologizes. Ji Seok says it is only right after everything that happened. Seon Yu then says that it has nothing to do with the recent incidents and his grandmother’s actions. Ji Seok tries to find out what Pung Ho asked his niece, but Seon Yu is keeping mum. Bong Hwang comes back and is angry at her husband, but tells the two they have her blessing.

The day of the family meeting dawns and Pung Ho refuses to go. Bong Hwang and Gi Jin head out to meet with the Seos where Aran is trying to convince her mother-in-law to let Tae Jeong and Ji Hui back into the Seo house, too, lest it look like obvious favoritism between the children. Ji Hui…looks sickened as Tae Jeong plays nice like a good little son-in-law. She cannot stand that Tae Jeong’s actions are allowing Seon Yu and Ji Seok to marry and she kept complaining about that before they left for the meeting.

All the Seos are present save Ji Seok. Where is he? He went to the shop to collect Pung Ho himself. Pung Ho refuses to attend, but does tell Ji Seok they have to have a talk. Thus Bong Chang puts in an emergency call to Seon Yu who has just arrived at the meeting place with her aunt and cousin. Needless to say, Seon Yu is very worried about Pung Ho being alone with Ji Seok and revealing the whole truth.

What will happen? We’ll find out later today.


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