Angel’s Revenge Episode 68 Recap

The real reason why Ji Hui hates Seon Yu so much? Because much like Eun Su, Seon Yu can see through Ji Hui. She doesn’t trust her husband because she loves him and has faith in him. No, she trusts her husband to save herself. Sounds kind of odd, but if you listen to Ji Hui’s rants all of the time they all stem back to her. Every bad thing that happens with Tae Jeong is harder and more painful on her than on anyone else. And when Tae Jeong used divorce to keep her by his side (before faking a coma)? How dare he break up with her? She has that mentality…it’s a lot like Tae Jeong’s really. Her grandmother doesn’t seem 100% stuck up, holier than thou. Aran…well…she kind of has the same problem, but slightly different, so I guess that’s where Ji Hui gets it from. She’s the kind of person who would think her doo doo doesn’t stink when it’s probably the worst.

So, Ji Hui and Tae Jeong are surprised to learn that Ji Seok and Seon Yu were called to the Seo household. When they all arrive inside, Aran is surprised to find the other two as well. Just what is Mrs. Gong doing now? Wu Hyeon happily rushes off to get his mother while the five sit down awkwardly. Enter Mrs. Gong. Aran wishes to know what is going on and Mrs. Gong announces that their family has a new member. Nugu? Seon Yu of course! Ji Hui’s facial expression…yikes. Kudos for the actress. I mean…it was a very subtle expression, but the hatred it conveyed…YOWZA! Anywho, this shocks everyone, even Seon Yu. Ji Seok is over the moon about this while Tae Jeong and Ji Hui can only sit in sullen silence. Mrs. Gong even apologizes to Seon Yu for making things difficult for the younger woman. Will wonders never cease? It only took a car accident for her to finally get that her methods won’t help her grandson as she would hope.

Ji Hui angrily confronts Seon Yu when she is left alone with her and Tae Jeong. Seon Yu reminds Ji Hui that the accident and thus Mrs. Gong relenting to the marriage is all thanks to Jang Tae Jeong. Seon Yu then offers a proverbial, barb-filled, olive branch by saying as how they will be family from now on they should really treat each other with respect. Ji Hui’s anger is barely held in check by the return of the others. Aran comes and announces breakfast is ready only to have her daughter and son-in-law rush out for important work. Tae Jeong tells his wife that he already knew that what Mrs. Gong wanted as soon as he saw Ji Seok and Seon Yu outside of the house. Ji Hui asks again if he really wasn’t the cause of the accident which is what got Mrs. Gong to give her blessing. Tae Jeong remains firm in his innocence.

He then heads on over to the Heos’ pizza parlor where he drops the bomb and tells Pung Ho to stop Seon Yu’s marriage to Ji Seok and this way Tae Jeong will be out of their lives for good. Pung Ho’s blood pressure skyrockets and he starts having chest pains again. Enter Gi Jin. He forces Tae Jeong outside where he belts him across the mouth. Tae Jeong wipes his bleeding lip and smirks. He knew that was coming. He again repeats for Gi Jin to put a stop to the wedding and Gi Jin blows a gasket just as his aunt comes. She tries to stop him, but she loses her temper with Tae Jeong’s lies and overhearing GI Jin talk about the accident and Tae Jeong trying to harm Seon Yu like Jin Yu. Oh, she still holds her nephew back, but she does let Tae Jeong know how he’s a shameless monster. That he is. Tae Jeong leaves and Gi Jin calls his nuna to find out just what is going on.

Seon Yu parted ways with Ji Seok to go back to Jin Yu’s house and pack their things. Ji Seok reminds her to make sure to bring their newlywed items as they are very important to him. This makes Seon Yu smile (a real smile). She goes and as she’s packing that’s when she gets Gi Jin’s call. Seon Yu is furious at Tae Jeong’s actions. She rushes to L Foods and confronts him. She will not have him going after her family like that. She also rubs it in that now that she is about to marry into the Seo family, she can come to L Foods whenever she wants to visit Mrs. Gong and Ji Seok.

She leaves after exchanging heated words and runs into Ji Hui who immediately expresses discontent at Seon Yu’s being at the company. Seon Yu again reminds her that they should be nice to each other since they will be family soon. Ji Hui grinds out that Seon Yu is only using Ji Seok for revenge and Seon Yu tells Ji Hui to watch. Watch as she stays by Ji Seok’s side and earnestly loves him. Seon Yu then throws it in Ji Hui’s face that all she cares about his herself and hiding the fact that she made the wrong choice. Ji Hui then cryptically says that Seon Yu has left her no choice and she will make dang sure Seon Yu doesn’t marry Ji Seok.

Ji Seok is getting ready to head out while Aran is going through wedding books leftover from Ji Hui’s shotgun wedding. Aran will make this even grander than her daughters since it’s a celebration for her as she seems to think this marriage will destroy Ji Seok. Nah, this marriage is what will save him…and Seon Yu. Anywho, we get cuteness overload as Wu Hyeon stares at the wedding dresses and wishes he can see Bong Chang in them. So sweet. He then mentions Ji Seok’s mother being happy with this upcoming marriage. Aran tries to talk to him about Ji Seok’s mother once more and once more she hits the hard blank wall that is Wu Hyeon’s scattered memories and attention span. Ah…and somewhere in here, Ji Hui did confront Mrs. Gong about her decision. Ji Hui doesn’t trust Seon Yu or her love for Ji Seok. Mrs. Gong points out that there is good and evil in everyone and you never really know a person’s true feelings and intentions as it’s hard to see in to their hearts. She then asks Ji Hui to give Seon Yu a chance to prove herself and her love for Ji Seok. Mrs. Gong…your granddaughter will never listen.

Angel's Revenge Episode 68

Ji Hui meets Ji Seok in front of the Seo house and tries to stumble out the truth about Seon Yu (and Tae Jeong) when Ji Seok finally recalls what he’s been trying so hard to remember. He asks Ji Hui if Tae Jeong went to meet him at Jin Yu’s. This throws Ji Hui. No, Tae Jeong was at a seminar. Ji Seok knows it’s odd because if he saw Tae Jeong’s vehicle just before Seon Yu’s near accident, then that means Tae Jeong would have seen it…why would he have left? Ji Hui insists Tae Jeong was at a seminar, but up comes Seon Yu with the button. She tells Ji Seok she wanted to make sure their things arrived safely and then wonders if that button she found was his. Ji Hui flips and grabs the button before rushing out.

She digs through the desk at home and grabs Tae Jeong’s spare keys. She then rushes out to his car and finds a toll receipt proving he lied. Assa! But we all know that Ji Hui will be Ji Hui and will let this go as much as she can because she can’t deal with the truth and what that makes her appear to be.

Ah…we did have a scene with Dal Nyeo and Tae Mi. Dal Nyeo is wondering if Tae Jeong and Ji Hui got called back to the Seo household to live which would make her happy. But Tae Mi can’t be happy since her oppa is standing in the way of her happiness. Dal Nyeo is intrigued and wishes to meet her daughter’s boyfriend who she hopes is a chaebol or at least a rich business owner. Materialistic wench. And…it’s really hard to tell how much she even cares about her youngest child and her life. I must say that if I were Tae Mi, I definitely wouldn’t want my mother’s stamp of approval as she does have a bad eye for men.

Scenes for the upcoming episodes look intriguing. What is that phone call that Seon Yu gets at the time of the appointed family meeting that makes her look positively ill?


  • “Scenes for the upcoming episodes look intriguing. What is that phone call that Seon Yu gets at the time of the appointed family meeting that makes her look positively ill?”–inquiring minds want to know! You’ll find out this Sunday!!

  • smfuruichifuruichi

    Just finished this last night. I loved it. She should stop trying to persuade Jihui. Seonyu said she stopped several episodes ago but I have seen her try to convince at least twice since then. I saw 3 of the raws on tudou and it looks like I was right.

    And for a spoiler, on episode 74, it looks like Jihui is now permanently barren and Sepnyu’s sister’s child may have already been adopted by another family.

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