Angel’s Revenge Episode 67 Recap

Denials, lies, guilt trips, promises…and decisions to be made. I do love how Tae Jeong was so sure of his wife and her faith in him. Haha. Ji Hui and faith do not go hand in hand. Sure she spouts her love and belief in her husband, but she’s got a disease, you see. It won’t go away just because of the decision she made. Thus…it’s really poetic justice for the decision she made. Ji Seok-ssi was at his best in this episode. He really was. You get to see more and more his very…deep?…personality. He does the childish behavior followed by a stern face and demeanor and shows his undying love all in one scene. It was rather great.

Seon Yu is silently praying for Ji Seok while holding his hand. She pleads with God to not punish the innocent Ji Seok for the sins that she committed. Ji Seok opens his eyes and quickly (and painfully) springs up. Is she okay? Is she hurt anywhere? Seon Yu quickly assures him that she is fine while he is the one who was injured. He has bruised ribs, a bump on his forehead, and a slight fracture in his wrist. Ji Seok takes inventory on all of this and deduces he’s really okay. Ji Seok asks if Seon Yu was so busy trying to run from him that she wasn’t paying attention. Seon Yu then apologizes. For the accident or for running away? For everything. And by everything, you know she’s just not referring to the accident and trying to leave him.

Ji Hui arrives and starts talking to Seon Yu outside in a raised voice until Seon Yu tells her Ji Seok is awake. It’s a relief, but the two start having their whispered conversation. Seon Yu says nothing was planned and everything was accidental about the accident as she would never have wanted Ji Seok to get hurt. She then tells the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Does Ji Hui believe her? Of course not. Her husband was preparing for a seminar and had no time to camp out at Seon Yu’s in an attempt to murder her.Seon Yu isn’t surprised by this. Ji Hui refuses to see just how evil her husband really is. Seon Yu then sends Ji Hui in to see Ji Seok and says she hopes for Ji Seok’s sake that Ji Hui is really there because she cares.

Ji Hui comes in and Ji Seok is surprised. He didn’t let anyone know where he was. Ji Hui asks if he really thinks their grandmother doesn’t know where he is. She then explains she went to visit and heard the news.Ah…did she run into Seon Yu outside? Ji Hui says she did. She didn’t say anything weird to his girlfriend again did she? Ji Hui then launches into a tirade against the evil Seon Yu who called him out to the countryside and got him involved in an accident. Thus Ji Seok sets the facts straight. Seon Yu did not leave him and call him back. He found her. And for the accident? Seon Yu was desperately running as if someone was chasing her and thus did not see the oncoming truck. It was an accident. Only an accident.Since Ji Hui won’t let the matter drop, Ji Seok gets upset and disappointed in his baby sister once more. I am ready for him to tell Ji Hui 꺼져 (ggeojyeo) which means “get lost” in a very rude way. I’m sure his patience is wearing thin and once he discovers his brother-in-law’s sins and Ji Hui’s acceptance of them…it will be completely gone.

Kwon YoolMrs. Gong has Mr. Kim contact Ji Seok as she is still reeling from the pictures and Wu Hyeon’s and Aran’s urgings about Ji Seok and bringing him home and accepting his relationship with Seon Yu. Thus she learns of her grandson’s accident and runs out of the house. When she arrives at the hospital, Mrs. Gong listens outside the door. Inside the room, Ji Seok is having a conversation with Seon Yu. According to Ji Seok, this accident was fortuitous as it was God’s way of showing Seon Yu that she should not leave him…ever. Seon Yu scolds him for making light of an accident that could have seriously injured him or killed him, but Ji Seok is adamant that this is what the accident means and that Seon Yu has to stick by his side forever now. Seon Yu then reveals that immediately after the accident she made a promise to never leave him again as long as he woke up. Ji Seok then says it is like that for him, too. If he had not been able to save her, his reason to exist would be gone. So as hard as Seon Yu tried to make things “right” by leaving, the only way she can make them right anymore is by staying and loving and protecting.

Mrs. Gong walks in and expresses her concern over her grandson’s state and demands to take him back to Seoul to the family’s regular hospital and doctor for a full checkup. Ji Seok states he is perfectly fine there and has had the whole gamut of tests run already. Mrs. Gong then turns on Seon Yu and Ji Seok scolds halmeoni for this. He was the one who left home and the accident was just an accident, nothing to blame Seon Yu for. Mrs. Gong goes to leave in a huff since he is all right and refusing to be with her. Ji Seok springs out of bed and cuddles his granny into a gentle hug. He loves her. He always will. Even if he is not by her side, his heart is with her (I do wonder how Kwon Yool feels saying all these cheesy and silly lines – sure they have great meaning behind them…that doesn’t make them any less trite, though). Mrs. Gong leaves and Seon Yu goes out and apologizes for not being able to keep the promise she made to Mrs. Gong.

Kwon YoolJi Hui is fuming, but doubting. Why? Seon Yu’s words aren’t enough to make her doubt her husband, but her oppa’s words are. Seon Yu saying Tae Jeong set out to kill her and Ji Seok explaining that Seon Yu was running as if she was being chased hit home. She asks Tae Jeong outright and then apologizes. But she can’t let it go and seeks answers from his office about who was last there and when did the last person punch out. Tae Jeong is NOT happy. Ji Hui explains what happened and apologized if it made it seem like she didn’t trust him. Tae Jeong isn’t an idiot. He knows what Ji Hui is doing and that no matter how much Ji Hui says she believes in him…it’s there. That niggling suspicion that she can’t seem to get rid of. Hinging all your bets on her not believing is definitely not a good thing to do…although she’s too proud for divorce.

Ah, we get a great scene between uri samchon and Bong Chang. Wu Hyeon was complaining about he wanted to go on a picnic with Ji Seok, Seon Yu, and his grandmother, but can’t. So he wanted to have a picnic with Bangtong’s mother instead. He really wants Bangtong there, but the boy hates him. He’d also love to go to the pizza parlor, but there is Pung Ho who gets read and his blood pressure raises because of him. Bong Chang tries to soothe him and assure him that Pung Ho doesn’t hate him and that Wu Hyeon needs to be understanding of the situation which Wu Hyeon doesn’t really even fathom how deep and bad it is. Anywho, it makes Chang’s day that Wu Hyeon prepared a picnic just for her and even packed a special lunch for her son. He’s great, isn’t he, uri samchon?

Bangtong is pacing furiously in the parlor while Pung Ho and Bong Hwang try to comfort him and wonder what is going on with Seon Yu. She was leaving Ji Seok today, so why isn’t she back yet? Enter Gi Jin soon followed by Chang who gets dressed down for eating with Wu Hyeon. Chang stands firm and states that he is a good man and that he is not their enemy so there is no reason for her NOT to see him. You go, girl! Gi Jin then slips out to call his nuna and is shocked to learn about the accident. He quickly rushes away and on his way to the hospital he spies Seon Yu on the side of the road looking for her bag and evidence that Tae Jeong was there. she finds a button off his suit as Gi Jin pulls up. She does reveal that the accident was all Tae Jeong’s doing and Gi Jin is livid, but his nuna reigns him in. They have to be careful. She holds up the button. Her dongsaeng doesn’t have to worry as she has the evidence now and Tae Jeong can’t hurt her…riiiight.

Mrs. Gong goes home and Aran learns the news from Mr. Kim. She asks if she should go to the countryside to nurse her “son,’ but then recalls he has Seon Yu by his side so he doesn’t need her TLC. Shudders. Although…these episodes…even though we know WHY she’s doing it…Aran almost seems like a normal human mother, doesn’t she? Mrs. Gong says nothing but that Ji Seok will stay put, but she later thinks on it and tells Aran to gather the children. Aran takes this to mean that Ji Hui and Tae Jeong will be coming home. Highly doubtful. Meanwhile, Tae Jeong and Ji Hui get home and Ji Hui rushes off to her room to talk to Aran who just called about the accident. Meanwhile, hearing the words oppa and accident, Dal Nyeo immediately turns to her son and asks if he’s involved. Tae Jeong is surprised but refutes involvement. Dal Nyeo then tells him he can be honest with her as she’s his mother. Seriously? If you learned your son was involved in another accident as he was trying to outright kill someone…you’ll accept that and be okay with it? You are definitely NOT a mother. A true mother would not be doing what you’re doing. A true mother would be heartsick that their child had turned out such a way and would NOT be enabling them to get away with everything. Not that I have any experience in just what a good mother is…but you know.

What else? I think that’s the important happenings from the day of the accident, so let’s move on to the next morning. Mr. Kim comes to collect Ji Seok and Seon Yu from the hospital. This is right after Ji Seok is putting on his sweater with Seon Yu’s help and he pretends his good arm is hurt and reveals the ring. He puts it back on her finger and tells her to never take it off again. The two then go to the Seo household where they run into Ji Hui and Tae Jeong. End episode.

Just wait until Mrs. Gong announces her plans. Ji Seok, Aran, and possibly Seon Yu will be happy, but Ji Hui and Tae Jeong will be horrified. Can’t wait. Can you?


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