Angel’s Revenge Episode 66 Recap

Ugh. Typical. When you have people about to be hit by cars there are only a handful of options to choose from: Person A gets hit, the car stops just before hitting Person A, Person B pushes Person A out of the way and gets creamed, or Person B dives and rolls with person A and either ends up a little bruised and scolding Person A or ends up with a head injury. Go figure. Guess which one we will see in this episode?

We reopen with Seon Yu silently thinking this is her one day to be with Ji Seok as she truly wants to be. She and Ji Seok enjoy a nice dinner while Mrs. Gong broods over the pictures. How dare her grandson smile like that with Seon Yu when he’s never smiled like that before in Mrs. Gong’s presence. Mrs. Gong then comments that she never knew her grandson could smile like that. Poor Ji Seok-ssi. What did he have to smile about growing up? Wu Hyeon comes in with pine nut porridge as Mrs. Gong hasn’t eaten all day again. He then catches sight of the pictures and says Ji Seok and the Pretty Lady look happy. He wishes to go there, too. So even Wu Hyeon can see that Ji Seok is honestly very happy, can’t he? Wu Hyeon says that when Ji Seok is with Seon Yu he is always smiling. Wu Hyeon then tells his mother she need only be with someone she likes and she will smile as well. He then holds his hands under his face and tells mummy to look at him. Awww. Uri samchon really is so priceless and cute.

He goes out to find Aran who wishes to know how Mrs. Gong is doing. Wu Hyeon, being Wu Hyeon…go and look for yourself. At least Mrs. Gong is eating her porridge. Aran worries that Mrs. Gong must be angry and then Wu Hyeon talks about her looking at Ji Seok’s and Seon Yu’s pictures and how he really wishes to go to be in that place with Bangtong’s mother as well. LOL. Aran is surprised to hear that Ji Seok and Seon Yu are out in the country together. Enter the tired Ji Hui. Aran pulls her into her room to talk and Ji Hui is not happy. She is unhappy that Seon Yu and Ji Seok are together, unhappy that Aran plans to go and encourage them, and unhappy that Mrs. Gong has yet to go and bring her brother back since she knows where Ji Seok is. Ji Hui volunteers to go instead as they can’t have Aran going and putting two and two together. Aran is reluctant to have Ji Hui go and do it since her daughter has made it quite obvious she hates Seon Yu, but she does cave in to her. We all know that Ji Hui really isn’t going to go do what her mother wishes.

Ji Hui meets Tae Jeong and tells him what is going on. Oddly enough he encourages her to go after he has already told her not to go back in an earlier episode. She reminds him of this, but he replies that she has to now that she has promised Aran she will go. Won’t he come, too? No, he has a seminar and can’t get away to do it. In fact, he won’t even be home to prepare for it. Right. Ji Hui is such a gullible idiot. It’s obvious Tae Jeong has got something up his sleeves. I’m guessing he’s hoping he’ll get his nefarious plans taken care of before wifey arrives. Meanwhile, Ji Seok and Seon Yu continue their newlywed play with a walk out in the countryside. Ji Seok is enamored with it and this surprises Seon Yu since it is quiet and dull with nothing else around. That is exactly why Ji Seok likes it. He then wonders if they shouldn’t just live there forever until they are old and gray. This really cuts Seon Yu as she knows there can’t be a future between them. She gets even more hurt when Ji Seok pulls out a ring and puts it on her hand, asking her to marry him. She tells him she is not the right woman for him and he asks who said that. Who gets to decide that but himself? To him, Seon Yu is lovely and special – there is no one else like her. Awww. He waited forever for her to accept his feelings in the beginning and he will wait just as long until she agrees to marry him. Awww, warm fuzzies. He starts walking and puts his hands behind his back, clutching the hand with the ring on it that Seon Yu had tried to reject so quickly. Good thing he isn’t looking at her expression.

We then cut to our other couple…or…our other other couple. First comes Ji Seok and Seon Yu. Then comes uri samchon and Bong Chang. And finally…Tae Mi and Gi Jin!!!!! These two. Tae Mi stakes out the pizza place until Gi Jin is the last one left. She then comes in and says she’s there to order a pizza and is shocked to see her bum working. Gi Jin replies they are closed and says she must really like him to stalk him all the way to work. Tae Mi again asserts it was all the alcohol talking. She then hands over the medicine she bought specifically for him and lies through her teeth saying she just happened to have it on hand and recalled his poor stomach from earlier after his late night drunk. Gi Jin thanks her and says he will be drinking a lot thanks to his family opposing the relationship. This frightens Tae Mi. Bum has a girlfriend? Gi Jin looks at her annoyed and says he is not dating his nuna. LOL. He then explains that the Heos are against his precious cousin’s relationship with Ji Seok, but he’s all for it. Tae Mi inadvertently yells that Seon Yu and Ji Seok can’t be together. Wae? Because the families oppose, right? This annoys Gi Jin. It shouldn’t matter as they love one another so they should be together. Tae Mi is really happy to hear Gi Jin has this mentality. She really wants their “love” to find a way while wishing that Ji Seok’s and Seon Yu’s crash and burn. I can’t hate Tae Mi for thinking that like I can Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong and Ji Hui because Tae Mi has been kept in the dark all of this time. I don’t think she’d be too opposed when she realizes her family is made up of complete monsters. Ah…and earlier, Gi Jin asked for her name. Tae Mi balks as she doesn’t want him putting two and two together because Jang Tae Mi and Jang Tae Jeong sound too close to not believe there isn’t a connection. She would rather he just keep calling her Miss Skewer. LOL. I really hope Gi Jin doesn’t blow up at her when he knows the truth.

Tae Mi rushes home and tells Dal Nyeo about Ji Seok and Seon Yu living together. Dal Nyeo cannot believe it. Enter Ji Hui who won’t even talk and just shuts herself in her room. Tae Mi says that is confirmation enough. Dal Nyeo goes in to talk and all Ji Hui can do is whine about how she has to live such away because of her husband’s “irrelevant” past. Irrelevant? Now…when it comes to pasts in dramas, particularly when it comes to past relationships, I’m all about letting bygones be bygones. What does it really matter in the long run? But this…you can’t let this go and call it irrelevant. Ji Hui makes me sick. Dal Nyeo makes me sick. Put the two together…blech. Way to turn your stomach in the morning…or night…whenever you watch this show. Dal Nyeo then lights into Ji Hui for her attitude. Two wrongs definitely making no rights. Tae Jeong camps nearby Jin Yu’s house in the country. Everything would be fine if only Seon Yu had yielded. Since she did not, then what other choice does he have, but to make sure she is permanently out of the equation?

Yoon So Yi

Morning comes and Seon Yu leaves behind the ring and an apology before slipping out only to run into Tae Jeong in a remote place where no one is around. Only with Seon Yu will he dirty his own hands. Jin Yu was a complete accident that he did not intend (but took full advantage of by abandoning her to her fate). With Seon Yu…it’s all coldly premeditated. As always, the blame game. As Tae Jeong cannot…will not…give up on his dreams, Seon Yu must go. And since she has already snuck away from Ji Seok…who will look for her? She can be dead in a ditch somewhere and no one will care and no one will be able to tie him to it. Seon Yu finally acts out against Tae Jeong. She let herself get mauled by him too often in the beginning. Here she fights as she knows if she gets in his vehicle, it’s game over for her. She manages to take him down and starts running back towards the town to where the very few people are. Ji Seok wakes up at this time and sees the note and ring and takes off after her. He finds her running for her life while a vehicle chases her down. Tae Jeong forces her to flee into a road with oncoming traffic. Luckily Ji Seok is able to tackle her to safety.

Which option did you choose by the way? If you said that Ji Seok shoved Seon Yu out of the way and then suffered a head injury, you’re a winner! Seon Yu is achy and raises herself off Ji Seok only to see his eyes closed and he’s not responding. She screams her head off for help and does a very emotional and very realistic bawling scene as she pleads for help and for Ji Seok to be all right. Tae Jeong? Is livid his brother-in-law got in the way of Seon Yu’s death. Eyeroll. How dare he save the life of the woman he loves? It’s so unfair, isn’t it? Shakes head. Tae Jeong you are such an idiot. While all this was going on, Dal Nyeo wakes up from a nightmare. She had a bad dream the day of Jin Yu’s accident, too, that sent her rushing to Jin Yu’s side where she stole her grandson and left Jin Yu to die. This has Dal Nyeo worrying over her son AND her grandson.

At the hospital, Seon Yu cries and holds Ji Seok’s hand and…prays. She prays with all of her heart probably for the first time she left the convent and turned her back on her chosen path. She knows she is a sinner, but Ji Seok is the only thing left for her now that Jin Yu has already been taken. Ji Seok is a good man who does not deserve this fate…can he please be spared? Meanwhile Ji Hui has arrived and sees Seon Yu’s note which leaves her feeling very scornful once more. Hate this woman more and more. Enter the landlady thinking it is Seon Yu returning and that the accident must not have been bad. Ji Hui is shocked to learn her oppa was hurt. And it’s all her husband’s fault. Put that in your pipe an smoke it.

Kwon Yool, Yoon So YiNo previews, like always. But with this accident…there is no way Seon Yu can leave Ji Seok’s side now. Ah…and he sooo didn’t hit his head, but when we see him he’s got a bit of a red mark and he’s unconscious? Dramas, lol. Wonder if gram finds out if she’ll have a guilt trip because, in a sense, she’ll feel she drove her grandson into the accident and thus she must okay the marriage.


  • Aish this drama! I shouldn’t be glad Jiseok got “hurt,” should I? My patience with Ji Hui is all gone. Thanks for the recap.

  • ” Wonder if gram finds out if she’ll have a guilt trip because, in a sense, she’ll feel she drove her grandson into the accident and thus she must okay the marriage.” TING! TING!! Give the lady a cookie!! See you tonight!!

  • What I want to happen: People feel guilty and the grandmother agrees to the wedding, but want to them to have a long engagement. Seon Yu finally (finally) tell Ji Seok the truth, hoping that he will let her go. She still wants to leave because she knows she is a danger to him.
    What I think will happen: I think everyone will blame Seon Yu even though they feel guilty themselves, but this show is the epicenter of displaced blame. Ji Seok will wake up but have amnesia and not remember Seon Yu, so it will be extra easy to displace her. We have a LOT of drama left people. There has to be amnesia or a birth secret or something else to fill in the rest of the episodes!

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