Angel’s Revenge Episode 65 Recap

Ji Seok is coolly doing what he wants. He’s not listening to (nor really disrespecting) his grandmother or Seon Yu. He is going to do what he wants and pursue a happiness that has always been denied him. Of course, Seon Yu is still trying to run away at this point since she’s terrified of Ji Seok learning the truth and getting hurt; however, I believe that she is more than proving herself time and time again that her feelings for him are true, so even if he learns the whole truth, it’s very possible he will be most hurt by her silence, not by her acceptance. I do understand where her uncle is coming from, but I don’t think it’s a horrible thing for Seon Yu to stay at Ji Seok’s side since the real love is there as is the desire to protect him from his family and Tae Jeong.

I will decide who it is that I need, not my grandmother and not you.

After some nice huggling and tears, our OTP go inside Jin Yu’s house. Ji Seok complains of it being sparsely furnished. Seon Yu says it’s fine the way it is and asks how he knew where to find her. Gi Jin. Seon Yu is upset that her cousin broke his promise. Ji Seok, rightly so, points out that she broke her promise to stay by his side first. Seon Yu then says she had to break it as she can no long be a help to him and she would much rather he marry as his grandmother wishes to. I loved Ji Seok’s response: So…I can marry a complete stranger I don’t love because of her connections and power so it stands to reason I can divorce her just as easily when that’s all gone…Is that all marriage really means to you? Heehee. But, you know Ji Seok is right. He highly values the new version of marriage which is marrying for love – not for power, etc. I call it the new version, because let’s face it, look at a history book and how many marriages do you see where people actually were married out of love and not for political, etc. reasons…probably just the commoner crowd…actually. I respect the institution of marriage. I don’t believe in it, though. No marriage for me.


Ji Seok does come around to asking just why Seon Yu chose that remote place outside of Seoul. Seon Yu says it is the last place her sister lived. This hits Ji Seok and he apologizes. Here Seon Yu is staying in that dinky little place to honor her sister’s memory. Seon Yu says that is right. She is there to remember Jin Yu, to honor her memory, and lament the unjust death she suffered. I am not 100% certain, but I don’t think she’s ever let onto to Ji Seok about the bad things surrounding Jin Yu’s death, so I was a bit surprised when he didn’t quiz her more on her speech about her sister. Ah…and what happened to Tae Jeong? He’s upset that Ji Seok thwarted his plans to end things once and for all. So he goes home to Ji Hui and tells her Ji Seok is with Seon Yu. Ji Hui…is seriously ill. Ji Seok talks about his nice sister, but I think Eun Su hit the nail on the head. Ji Hui’s pleasant personality and sweet demeanor always covered this truly ugly side of her. She immediately accuses Seon Yu of reneging and being in constant contact with Ji Seok. Thankfully Mrs. Gong will never allow the match. Ji Hui must hurry over early in the morning to plead for the marriage to Park Chaerin to be pushed forward. Got to love that bit of situational irony, ne?

Meanwhile, poor Gi Jin got abandoned by Ji Seok who rushed off to Seon Yu so he is trying to make his way home and is not getting very far. He’s spotted by Tae Mi who rushes to his aid. You can tell it’s true love on her part as she eventually ends up piggybacking HIM! I really feel for the actress. I’m sure they only had her do it from the side of the wall to the door, but let’s face it, Kim Min Soo has legs a mile long and he’s got some solid muscle on his slimmer frame. Props to Jung Yi Yun to carrying him on her back…in heels to boot. That’s dedication and determination. It would actually really like her one-sided love to be reciprocated as these two will make such a cute couple. Anywho, she gets Gi Jin home and he promptly lays outside his house and tosses his shoes and falls asleep. Tae Mi can’t wake him or move him now so she repeatedly rings the bell until the Heos come out and then runs away leaving Bong Hwang to trip over her passed out son.

Kim Min SooJi Seok returns home early the next morning. Mrs. Gong catches him and follows him to his room where he is packing. Is he going on a trip? Nope. He then tells his grandmother he’s applied for leave that she needs to approve. So just where is he going? He’s packing up his bags and not going to work for Seon Yu!!!! He’s doing this until the woman comes back to Seoul with him. So Mrs. Gong tries to play her last card. Seon Yu only agreed to leave because Mrs. Gong said she’d kick Ji Seok to the curb over their relationship. Fine. If that’s the way it’s going to be. Mrs. Gong is shocked…so her grandson is throwing her aside? Ji Seok showing his childishly charming side yet again, replies that isn’t it and grabs her into a hug. He won’t listen to her and not go to Seon Yu as that woman his probably his only shot at happiness. He also won’t give up his grandmother. He will always see her whether she wishes to see him or not. He did not do this rudely or cruelly. He’s decided to live for himself at long last. Bravo. Now he just needs the time and patience to get both the woman he loves and his grandmother on the same side.

Kwon YoolJi Hui arrives home in time to see Ji Seok leave and to learn the fraudulent marriage was called off and that he is going to move in with Seon Yu. the only two people happy in the Seo household are Aran and Wu Hyeon. Aran because she thinks this means that she can officially destroy Ji Seok and Wu Hyeon because his precious nephew found his smile again. Ji Hui runs outside and yells at Ji Seok for throwing the family away for Seon Yu. Ji Seok replies he is not running away like in the past. This time he is leaving home to be able to return to it. He will make himself happy. Sure, it will take time, but Ji Seok does believe Mrs. Gong will come to understand his feelings and will accept Seon Yu at long last. Ji Seok isn’t choose one or the other. He’s choosing both and maneuvering himself so that he can obtain what he truly wants. Ji Hui…only ever thinks of herself and herself alone, thus she can’t understand his actions. She chose Tae Jeong über alles (why yes I still remember a bit of German).

Kwong YoolGi Jin makes his way completely hung over to the pizza parlor where he runs into Tae Mi drinking milk. He quickly takes it and gulps it down as his innards feel like they are on fire. Tae Mi scolds him for drinking without asking and he reminds her how he shelled out money for her drinking binge (which she doesn’t remember not paying, lol). Tae Mi then says she saved his life and helped him home. Gi Jin KNEW he didn’t get home by himself, but he’s confused as to why Tae Mi would be in his neighborhood and know where he lives to boot. Tae Mi says that she just happened to be there and lies and says that he was her navigation device telling her where to go. She then tells him to remember she saved him when he learns who she is. Gi Jin is cute. She is Miss Skewer, who else would she be? Awwww. He then puts his head in his hands and walks away. Tae Mi hopes to build up gratitude by being extra kind and doing good for him so that he won’t hate her when its discovered she’s his enemy’s sister. She then giggles over their indirect kiss and takes a sip of the milk, too. Aigoo…cute.

Seon Yu is planning on making her escape when Ji Seok arrives with his luggage. She wasn’t expecting that move. She scolds him as he will make her angry by doing this. Fine. He can take her anger. She then pleads with him as she doesn’t want him to hurt his family or his company by being with her. Ji Seok assures her that is not the case. He also vows not to leave until Mrs. Gong can accept her and their relationship. Seon Yu is worried. Very worried. Ji Seok is just not letting her do the right thing. She goes out to the market and Ji Seok joins her as he’s afraid she will run away while he’s sleeping. He chides her for buying mackerel when he likes pollack and says next time she has to buy him pollack and make him pollack soup. Omo. He then says it’s time to buy their newlywed dishes. Heehee. Makes me happy. Seon Yu…in the end…just gets swept along and you know she doesn’t 100% mind. I like how Ji Seok talked of buying matching slippers, but changed his mind. She’s already bought him shoes and he’s returned the favor. That puts them farther apart, not closer together. Not sure if this is an Asian superstition or just a Korean thing, but if you buy your lover shoes, it means they will leave you essentially as you gave them the tool to walk out of your life. Ji Seok says they must buy taffy to hang on their door to ensure they are stuck together. LOL. Kawaii. Mr. Kim watches all of this with a smile. I think he greatly approves of Seon Yu for Ji Seok. He gives the piccies to halmeoni who is not happy to see just how happy her grandson is with Seon Yu. Suck it up as it won’t change. Time to do what’s right and best  now.

Kwon Yool, Yun So YiJi Hui goes home and reveals everything to Tae Jeong who says that this isn’t a hidden agenda or a trick on Seon Yu’s part. She genuinely loves Ji Seok. Ji Hui scoffs at this. That is impossible. Tae Jeong thinks it’s more possible than Ji Hui. He’s determined to figure out Seon Yu’s feelings once and for all. meanwhile, our couple gets home and Seon Yu starts doing the dishes. Now…Ji Hui I can forgive for not knowing anything…but Ji Seok…he’s lived on his own for HOW many years? He doesn’t know you WASH dishes before eating them when they are brand new? That doesn’t sound logical at all. Anywho, Seon Yu gets a bit hot and bothered as he cuddles into her back while washing. She agitatedly rushes out to get veggies from the landlady when she runs into Pung Ho. Gi Jin spilled the beans about everything and Pung Ho is there to give Seon Yu a stern talking to. He’s horrified to learn Ji Seok has moved in and reprimands his niece for doing something that hurt both of themselves. Seon Yu begs for one more day and she will leave for good…again. Andwae! Not that it will happen as Ji Seok isn’t letting her out of his sight ever again.

We end this episode with Seon Yu casting off her misgivings and guilt to enjoy one day. Just one day. As a newlywed with Ji Seok. You know…once she does that, there is no way she will ever be able to leave. It will be even harder. And there really is no place she can run to that Ji Seok won’t be able to find her. She needs to just give in already.


  • As I said, one of my fav ep! I love TM/GJ just as much as SY/JS. JS is giving no quarter! He insists on having his happiness his way! I was proud of him standing up to both SY and G/ma!

  • I really want her to tell him. Seong Yu, Gi Jin, and Ji Seok would make a really great team together to make Tae Jeong pay for her sister’s death. I also think that Gi Jin would not hold it against Tae Mi, especially since she does not seem to know the whole story and is not crazy like her mom. The issue here is that JS will be worried about how his sister will handle everything.

    • I know! Ji Seok should really know the truth now and join up as that trio will make an awesome team. I am hoping Gi Jin won’t hold it against Tae Mi. He’s pretty broadminded…but he also can’t think straight when it comes to Tae Jeong…or Dal Nyeo for that matter, so we will have to see.

      What will Ji Hui do when she learns that all she thought was lies is really truths? And how will Ji Seok handle it know that Ji Hui was warned about Tae Jeong’s past and still chose to marry him? She loses sympathy votes for knowingly making that choice and marrying a monster…and then staying with the monster.

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