Song of the Week – 21 April 2014

I was seriously thinking of featuring the song “Everything Changes” from Bii & co.’s Imperative 2 album, but it almost seemed superfluous what with them being my top song pick of March in my music recommendations yesterday. Then the first song I heard today (that was from the Imperative 2 mini album) was a song from Matsushita Yuya’s digital album #Musicoverdose. This song I first heard Matsushita sing when I was feasting on all things Kuroshitsuji. By the way, I totally recommend checking out That Butler, Friendship and The Most Beautiful Death in the World. You can find both musicals starring Matsushita as Sebastian (with English subs).

So what is this song? It is “Kanatae” (I’ve seen it stylized more often as “Kanata e”) and I am currently drawing a blank on just what the title means. I want to say it had something to do with going toward the future…but I am not certain at all. The song starts in English. Even with his accents, it’s understandable. It’s not 100% good English, but like I said, understandable. I really loved this song which was the finale when Ciel and Sebastian said goodbye to the deceased demon…or something like that. the song really fits the scene and the overall story of Kuroshitsuji.

Matsushita Yuya started his own record label and this song from Kuroshitsuji is from the first full-length album on his label. His chart-topping single “SWEET LOVE” was his first release. Kudos for him and may he continue doing well and making music we all love.

Matsushtia Yuya#Musicoverdose
Released: 28 August 2014
Buy on Amazon | iTunes
01 #Musicoverdose
02 Up to You
03 All My Love
04 What Are We?
05 Helpless
06 Sweet Love
07 Go Get It
08 Wait for You
09 Kanatae
10 Hallucination
11 Last Alucard Show By Alucard
12 Second World
13 ExplicitNobody Knows
14 It’s My Day Off

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