Angel’s Revenge Episode 64 Recap

At long lat the return of the OTP. I guess Ji Seok was suspicious of Gi Jin. Although we don’t see what happens, we can pretty much guess what happened and I’m glad it did as I always love it when our main couple are together instead of being broodingly apart. Seon Yu did display some of her old idiocy again today. How could she believe that there was no way Tae Jeong would face the past and head for Jin Yu’s? And how could Gi Jin trust her urging and leave her all alone? And you got to love that Ji Hui chose Tae Jeong, but the more Jin Yu’s ghost lingers around then, the more jealous and suspicious she gets. And mad props to Bong Chang. I love her more and more with every scene she has with Dal Nyeo…just like you have to hate Dal Nyeo more and more with every scene she has.

For being a criminal “mastermind” Tae Jeong is quite stupid. He’s stupid for having faith that Hyeonu would fix the problems like he promised. He’s stupid for not considering Hyeonu has the balls to keep evidence as insurance. He’s stupid in that he has this …god…complex or something as “how dare” people back stab him and go against him? Seriously? What good have you done to put yourself on a throne and expect people to lay themselves under your feet to step on and  pay abeyance? Anywho, his voices raises more and then he gets a phone call from Ji Hui who talks about finding papers about Hyeonu’s factory at Seon Yu’s. This is all Tae Jeong needs to hear. He writes notes to Hyeonu to tell him to be quiet as it is a trap. Hyeonu jokingly laughs and says he was kidding about the Jin Yu thing whle Tae Jeong stealthily searches for a bug. When he finds one behind the painting in their room, he flies next door, but it’s empty. The only evidence left behind by Gi Jin and Seon Yu is a spilled cup of  tea.

Angel's Revenge e.64Gi Jin is amazed that Seon Yu caught on in time that Tae Jeong was on to them. Seon Yu can be a sharp cookie when she wants to be. After the call she knew something was up. Now the question is just what evidence does Hyeonu have on Tae Jeong and how can they get their hands on it to prove him complicit in Jin Yu’s death? Meanwhile, Tae Jeong and Hyeonu part ways, but not before Hyeonu is asked to hand over the evidence proving that Tae Jeong wasn’t with Hyeonu the day Jin Yu died. Hyeonu isn’t a total idiot. He won’t sell Tae Jeong the info as he has a permanent cash flow as long as he has a contract with L Foods which will only happen now as long as he has this evidence against Tae Jeong. While Hyeonu is smart in knowing this…he’s stupid in lording the fact over Tae Jeong. When it comes to characters like this, sure they can lead to our baddie’s fall, but they can also shoot themselves in the foot and take themselves out of the equation by acting too rashly and Hyeonu…he’s not safe. Tae Jeong will not him for much longer and will probably be working out a way to get rid of him.

Angel's Revenge e.64He goes back to his office muttering under his breath and there be Ji Hui. Tae Jeong announces he wants Jin Yu to stay out of it and he will handle things with Seon Yu from here on out. Ji Hui then reveals she doesn’t want Tae Jeong anywhere near Seon Yu’s hiding place is Jin Yu’s old house. This surprises Tae Jeong and I don’t know why it would. Again, there are really only two places Seon Yu can disappear to: the convent and her eonni’s house. He tells Ji Hui not to go back as it is remote. Wait, how does he know? Was he secretly meeting Jin Yu all that time? Burn. Ji Hui’s jealousy and suspicions are rising again proving they never truly died. She apologizes for sounding like that and Tae Jeong says he only went once after he learned his ex was preggers. Keeping lying, it will bite you in the arse soon enough. Ji Hui then tells him to go ahead and meet Seon Yu. Shakes head. This woman. Too stupid to save.

Aran goes to Ji Seok’s office and says she wishes to be more of a mother to him as she promised Mrs. Gong she would be. Ji Seok seems skeptical, but he’s trying to trust her…or appear to trust her at least. Aran then reveals she spied Seon Yu outside the office – did she meet Ji Seok? Nope. Then she must have wanted to look on her lover from a far. This gives Ji Seok hope, but also hurts as Aran paints a haggard picture of our heroine. She leaves and his hunter returns with the needed evidence to prove that J Foods is not only suffering financially, but the Park family have been selling off all their shares thanks to the rumors raising the stock prices. I really cannot believe Mrs. Gong rushed things so badly. Not only does she set her grandson up with a self-centered witch, the said witch’s family are just using them as a smokescreen to bail before the truth about their company is revealed. For a woman so found of investigations and all that jazz…how could she NOT look more thoroughly into the matter? Sure Aran and Tae Jeong and Ji Hui won’t sit still forever, but her preemptive strike could only hurt the family and business in very bad ways.

Kwon YoolAh, Ji seok calls Gi Jin who is trying to get Seon Yu to agree to either move or let him stay as it is entirely probably that she is not safe there. Seon Yu assures her younger cousin that she is safe since no one else knows where she is at. Riiiight. Gi Jin answers the call and Seon Yu slips out as her cousin lies about not having seen her and all that jazz. Guilt. Remorse. Got to love it. Hopefully Seon Yu will keep her promise NOT to go after Hyeonu’s secret alone. Anyways, Ji Seok meets with Mrs. Gong and Mr. Park where he drops his bomb. Mr. Park tries to bluff his way out of it, but Ji Seok is having none of it and Mrs. Gong can’t let such a matter go either. So Mr. Park leaves in a huff after cancelling the wedding. Mrs. Gong scolds her grandson for keeping this from her. Ji Seok’s reply is that it was the only way he knew for it to work. Well, Mrs. Gong has a huge headache now…even more so than before. It’s her own doing, though. Meanwhile, Aran catches uri samchon anxiously awaiting Bong Chang’s call about Seon Yu. hearing this makes Aran side with Wu Hyeon and thus she sends him off to Bong Chang to learn where Seon Yu is. lol.

Kwon YoolPoor Wu Hyeon. Bong Chang is very happy to see him and is very warm, but Pung Ho is very cold and orders him out pronto. This really hurts the man as it means that no one there likes him anymore. Isn’t that heartbreaking? Bong Chang is quick to assure him that isn’t t he case an that she very much likes him. Awwww. Although…she is very uncomfortable and surprised when Wu Hyeon declares he likes Bangtong’s ohmma as well. When Pung Ho comes out from the kitchen again and Wu Hyeon is still there, he bristles and Bong Chang pulls Wu Hyeon out of the pizza parlor after promising to buy him some delicious food. Where does she take him to? His in-law’s coffee shop of course. This horrifies Dal Nyeo and Bong Chang is livid when she learns about the stunt Dal Nyeo pulled to get Wu Hyeon fired. She goes up to Dal Nyeo and calls her by name, but Dal Nyeo pretends she doesn’t know her why Chang insists the two go way back. I loved this scene. She keeps her big smile on her face, but Chang is gearing up for war against Dal Nyeo…especially after learning what the woman did to Wu Hyeon. We all know that Wu Hyeon will more than likely let it drop that Seon Yu’s family and Tae Jeong’s family are involved some day. I also like how Tae Mi says that Chang and Wu Hyeon must be in love and there is nothing wrong with that. At least their families aren’t bitter enemies. Poor girl. Still mourning over the fact that the guy she likes is Tae Jeong’s enemy.

Dal Nyeo. To what extent will she go to for her son? How many more people does she need to hurt in order to keep him safe? I don’t care if he is her hopes and dreams…she is only enabling his further bad actions by trying to cover up his every little sin. And she completely disgusts me more and more every time she mentions Sarang and missing him and know she’s constantly comparing Jin Yu and Ji Hui since Ji Hui isn’t the loving and doting daughter-in-law like Jin Yu would have been. Blech.

Wu Hyeon gets a scolding from Aran. He’s back home sitting on the coach and sniffing Bong Chang’s hanky she gave him when he was crying that the Heos did not like him anymore. She asked him about Seon Yu and he finally remembers what he was supposed to do. Whoops. Aran then gets a call from Mrs. Park saying the engagement is off and they seem to be hunting for reparations. Seriously? That family was so in the wrong, but they are going to try to ask for damages? Typical. This, of course, annoys Mrs. Gong to no end as Aran lords this bad decision over her head while again rooting for Ji Seok and Seon Yu to be together now since they love each other so much. I love it. I really do. And just wait until Aran learns the truth about her son-in-law and Seon Yu. She’s going to go through the roof.

Angel's Revenge E.64Gi Jin arrives back home and finds Ji Seok hyeong outside the house once more. Ji Seok calls Seon Yu and says her room is dark once more. How nice would it be if she would come back tomorrow. Gi Jin really hurts when he hears this plea. So…he and his new hyeong go out drinking and Gi Jin keeps asking “hypothetical” questions about Seon Yu not coming back. Ji Seok is firm. He will wait for her for as long as it takes just as he has waited 30 years for his mother. Ouch. Gi Jin then reveals he has a weak alcohol tolerance and Ji Seok starts liquoring him up beyond his limit. lol. It’s calculated, it really is. Gi Jin’s questions are enough to make anyone suspicious. What would happen if he revealed not only Seon Yu’s location, but Tae Jeong’s duplicity as well? Seon Yu listens to the message and tears up. She begs him not to wait for her and just go on with his life.

Kwon Yool, Kim Min SooShe takes the garbage out and Tae Jeong arrives at the house. He never thought he’d be going back to that place. Those sisters. How long will they haunt him and keep bringing up his past? He then spies Seon Yu and says it is fitting that she has come to that place to breathe her last. Looks like if a certain someone hadn’t shown up on the scene, Tae Jeong would have dirtied his hands himself. Thankfully, Ji Seok arrives in a taxi just as Tae Jeon was getting ready to pounce. Seon Yu i shocked. What is he doing there? Ji Seok pulls her into a tight hug and she silently cries while he tells her he was boiling with anger in the taxi, but that all evaporated as soon as he saw her. Awwww.

And that’s it. PREVIEWS por favor!!! I guess we’ll find out what happens next tonight. I’m looking forward to the upcoming wedding bells, though. It will be so nice! Tae Jeong is finally willing to do the dirty work himself. Amazing. But he does know he can’t give Hyeonu even more evidence to use against him.


  • Loved this –> “What good have you done to put yourself on a throne and expect people to lay themselves under your feet to step on and pay abeyance? ” Thanks for the recap. I can start watching the episodes again. All that noble idiocy was getting to me.

  • And who’s say that Gi Jin didn’t spill the beans?! Ep 65 is definitely one of my favorites!! Can’t wait for your recaps which I enjoy immensely!! Ji-seok is not as dumb as he wants others to believe sometimes. He can be very calculating! I love it!

    • Is that a hint? Huh, huh, huh? *looks with pleading eyes*

      I think that it would make more sense for Ji Seok to be angry at her for that than just doing what she did and disappearing as he knows it was misguided love that did it.

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