Angel’s Revenge Episode 62 Recap

I almost didn’t have the heart to do this. There is a lot of crazy happening right now. We have the still missing Malaysian jet and now this South Korean ferry accident where nearly 300 passengers are missing and unaccounted for, many of them high school students. It’s very tragic and sad. What a world we live in at times, so many dark and bad happenings. Again, heartfelt prayers going out.

There isn’t much to say about this episode. It is not a bad episode, but really more of yet another starting point. The previous episode was Seon Yu preparing for parting and this episode is just some plotting and waiting. What is to come, though, does promise to be good. So Mrs. Gong drops the bombshell that Ji Seok is set to marry Park Chaerin (I think that’s her name) of J Foods. Ji Seok refuses as there is a woman he loves and wishes to marry. Mrs. Gong drops her second bomb – Seon Yu planned all of this herself for Ji Seok. This shocks him, but he won’t back down. It doesn’t matter if Seon Yu is doing this for his sake as it is obviously a very wrong decision on her part and he will tell her that himself. He leaves and Aran wishes to call of the meeting. Mrs. Gong refuses. The Parks come in and she apologizes for Ji Seok’s absence, but it couldn’t be avoided. Looks like she knew this would happen and planned ahead by telling them her grandson was on a business trip. Now, I’ve heard comments about Park’s looks, but she’s not as ugly as I thought she was supposed to be based on those comments. She’s not outstandingly beautiful either. Anywho, I don’t like her already and it has to do with her fidgeting and facial expressions mostly. You can tell she’s very disinterested and not all that willing to be there.

Kwon Yool

Aran and Wu Hyeon were awesome before Ji Seok…or after Ji Seok…stormed out. Aran is fighting for his choice to marry the woman he loves (because marrying a powerless woman benefits her obviously) and Wu Hyeon agrees. This is about Ji Seok’s marriage. He should be allowed to marry who he likes and who he likes is the ‘pretty lady’ so Mrs. Gong should butt out since she’s not the one getting hitched. LOL. Uri samchon is just priceless and full of wisdom, you know? Mrs. Gong insists to everyone it’s for the sake of the company and her grandson’s well being. Well…it is true, but at the same time, protecting his place in the business at the sacrifice of his happiness to get over whatever guilt you have for whatever happened with his mother in the past…is that really going to make up for it? That’s just adding insult to injury in my book.

So while the rest of the Seo family is “enjoying” the dinner with the Parks, Ji Seok is desperately seeking Seon Yu who refuses to answer his calls. She finishes packing up her desk at the office and then raids Tae Jeong’s. I guess since its the weekend, no one is around. She finds the list of shareholders that he is trying to buy shares from and takes pictures. She also finds the reason why Hyeonu lied for Tae Jeong by finding the failure report and just a mere three days later, business with Hyeonu’s company was approved. Doing the math, it’s easy to see Jin Yu’s death took place in between that time period. Seon Yu is not just going after Tae Jeong for Jin Yu’s sake…she’s also doing it for Ji Seok now. Isn’t that lovely? Not as atonement for her own actions, but rather because we all know she loves him and will continue to quietly help him in the only ways she knows how.

Seon Yu meets up with Pung Ho and hands over her things from the office. She is leaving home. She won’t return until Ji Seok marries Miss park next month. This will make things better/easier on Ji Seok…right. Keep telling yourself that. I know she doesn’t want him hurt of quashed by his own family…but forcing him to marry a rich woman he doesn’t love to do so, tsk, tsk. After she makes her announcement and leaves, Pung Ho goes home where he runs into Ji Seok. He tells the young man that Seon Yu has left home and to just stop now. Ji Seok will not…or rather cannot…listen to this. He sits outside in his car and texts Seon Yu that he will be waiting there until she returns. I am a bit surprised that Pung Ho (and Tae Jeong and Gi Jin and Bong Hwang) really can’t guess where Seon Yu would go. It makes sense that Ji Seok wouldn’t really know, but come one, her family should. Seon Yu only has two places to go to: 1) the convent 2) Jin Yu’s place. Process of elimination, guess which one she chooses? Of course she heads straight to Jin Yu’s place which is still vacant. There she will plot her revenge and enact it against Tae Jeong.

Aran wants to bring Seon Yu back as she also knows it’s a raw deal for her and and Ji Hui if Ji Seok marries Park’s only daughter. Since he has no male heir, that cements Ji Seok’s position if the companies merge. Ji Hui says she will be in charge of Seon Yu since she doesn’t want mommy dearest to bring the former nun back. She and Tae Jeong are worrying over Seon Yu. Looks like her quitting the company and leaving Ji Seok’s side makes them even more antsy. Ji Hui wonders if this is good even if it is strange, but Tae Jeong doesn’t trust Seon Yu leaving and not interfering in their lives any more. He’s more uncomfortable now that she’s gone than when she was always appearing in front of him.

While Seon Yu ignores Ji Seok and Ji Hui, she does not ignore Tae Jeong. She actually answers his call and teases him. The might Tae Jeong is calling her? Demanding she talk to him, that she meet him? How amusing. She does confirm that she will be going after him still. She also tells him that he ruined Ji Hui and that is enough damage. She, in return, does not want to ruin her precious Ji Seok who does not deserve it. Tae Jeong takes this and runs with it. If she doesn’t want to see Ji Seok hurt more, she had better stop everything as he will ruin her lover like he ruined her family. Seon Yu knows by now that Mr. Jerky Jerk Face will not yield no matter what she does. She warns him against touching Ji Seok because she can destroy him and is working something up as we speak. Nice one, Seon Yu-ssi.

Ji Seok has spent the entire day outside of the Heo household. Gi Jin comes home and is shocked to learn his nuna disappeared, but he even says Seon Yu never does anything without careful thinking and consideration, so Ji Seok should respect the decision she agonized over. Ji Seok won’t do this, but he does leave the Heo house to return to his own home. Inside the house, Bong Hwang is crying (very fake) over the fact that Seon Yu loves Ji Seok, but everything is ruined because of Tae Jeong and Seon Yu’s revenge scheme. The three of them put Seon Yu’s entire history with Tae Jeong out in the open from, obviously, Jin Yu’s death, the closing of the restaurant, the attempted kidnapping the day of her interview, and boy are they angry. No wonder Seon Yu was backed into a corner. Gi Jin’s parents have to keep a tight reign on him otherwise he would have immediately galloped off to hurt Tae Jeong physically some more. I wouldn’t mind if he did, but Bong Hwang is right that he’d end up in the slammer.

Oh…she learned the truth from Dal Nyeo who Tae Mi told about Bong Hwang’s depression and about how something shocking happened. Dal Nyeo lords it over Bong Hwang that the chairwoman of L Foods wouldn’t want a granddaughter-in-law like Seon Yu. Nice one. I did love how Bong Chang says the meanest things and compares Dal Nyeo to a dog. It was nice. Unfortunately, Bong Chang also spilt the beans about the failed marriage which makes Dal Nyeo very happy as much as it makes Bong Hwang very upset and she was even more upset to learn the whole truth of the matter. Bong Chang chastises Dal Nyeo for being so thick skinned that she actually pleads with Bong Hwang to make sure Pung Ho keeps his mouth shut to save her son. I agree.

Ok. At the Seo home that night, Aran is doing her best to change Mrs. Gong’s mind, but it’s not working. Ji Seok comes home in time to hear Aran ask if Seon Yu was paid off to disappear like Eun Su was. Mrs. Gong states that Seon Yu left of her own volition. Ji Seok goes into Mrs. Gong’s office to talk an he’s upset about that insistence of hers. No, Seon Yu would NOT just leave of her own volition, Mrs. Gong had to have said something. Plus, Ji Seok has put all the puzzle pieces together that Seon Yu left him and he realizes what had gone unnoticed by him for the most part. He is very unhappy with Mrs. Gong using Seon Yu’s love and devotion for him against her. Mrs. Gong explained that Seon Yu left so he could marry Miss Park to save himself from his family. You tell the ol’ lady Ji Seok. That was wrong and one of the cruelest and most hurtful things she could have done and Seon Yu, even with her revenge scheme, really didn’t need it. And for Seon Yu to promote that marriage…I agree with Ji Seok on that front…very misguided.

After the blowout, Aran instructs Tae Jeong to keep looking into the J Foods merger while she looks for the missing Seon Yu to bring her back. Truthfully, Tae Jeong wants neither occurrence to happen, but what can he do without revealing his dark past to MIL? Of course, J Foods leaked the news of a marriage between the families and the company which puts more pressure on Ji Seok, but we all know he won’t go through with it. He won’t be anyone’s pawn.

No previews, but, again, anticipating what is to come now that Seon Yu has some more official dirt on Tae Jeong (plus she says she still has that original recording of his confession…).


  • yes, it’s so sad about the ferry. My eyes are just so red from crying. All those children, all those devastated parents. Thanks for this recap.

  • Thanks for taking the time. The tragic of the ferry sinking has definitely hit everyone especially with so many still missing. Surprisingly KBS2 is the only one still broadcasting dramas as far as I know. Yes. JS is not going to take this lightly and when I refer to the ‘ugliness’ of PC, it is demeanor and personality. You’ll get to see tonight. Oh what a biatch! Even made AR pause.

    • Yeah, it’s also really upsetting because the high number missing and the fact that its mostly students. So tragic and heartbreaking even more so.

      I was wondering if you meant looks or personality as her looks are ok to me, but something about her demeanor is off putting & she hasn’t said a word yet. She must be bad if Aran does a double take.

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