A Short Squee – Matsushita Yuya

I may or may not have made it obvious because I don’t post a whole lot about this particular artist, but I’m a HUGE fan even though his is a genre that I’m not completely enamored with. I remember when he played some anime con in the US one year and was interviewed by Tokyohive…or some such website and he talked about future album plans with no real solid plans to actually release albums in the US. That made me sad, but even though he said that, his latest works are available in the US iTunes store for his US fans! That makes me happy. I went online yesterday and found his latest singles and his first digital-only (I think) album for sale. Since I love his voice, I couldn’t resist picking up either.Matsushita Yuya

He’s also the reason I had  hard time accepting Mizushima Hiro in the role of Sebastion in Black Butler. I think he did a great job with the role and I would have loved seeing him reprise it for a live action movie outside of a musical, but he doesn’t do a whole lot of acting outside of music or musicals. He does some…like he starred in Quartet.

I love his voice. One blogger complained about him lacking that 1 or 2% to make her really like him. I think, at times, his voice does lack some emotion when he sings (kind of ironic considering he does a lot of R&B), but then you have those songs where he nails the emotions and that with his voice just kills it. My favorites of his include “foolish foolish”, “Hallucination”, “First Snow”, “Last Snow”, and his single from last summer “Sweet Love”…how can you resist his charms?

Okay, I really don’t squee well, but I can say this. I’ve been promising myself NOT to buy any new music. I broke that promise for Activity, for Standing Egg, for ONE OK ROCK, and again for Matsushita Yuya’s latest. My bad. It’s a serious addiction problem, you know. For some it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling…mine has oddly enough become music over books. Who’dve thought that would like ever happen?


  • oh my gosh! Am a yuya fan as well! So…much squeeing here.

  • What can I say, but Matsushita Yuya kun is a feast for both the ears AND the eyes. Wasn’t aware of the Sweet Love song until now so thanks for sharing. Not sure if it was influenced by the vivid blue skies, sunshine, crystal clear waters and the all white attire, but the boy is looking good. We’re heading into Winter here soon, but the tune is wonderful for arousing Summertime happiness. I like XD

    • I forget our seasons are flopped as we are FINALLY out of winter & into spring.

      Matsushita is totally awesome! Have you seen him as Sebastian in the musical Kuroshitsuji? He killed it.

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