The Forgotten #6 Able’s 1st Album

I would say a happy Wednesday, but that seems trite given what is going on in the world right now, particularly with the tragic ferry incident in South Korea. But, in away, this makes this group even more perfect as a rediscovery, doesn’t it? What do I mean? Able (once stylized as A-ble) started their kpop careers as a ballad singing trio. One year after their debut they came back as a ballad singing duo. Their first song I ever listened to was 사랑해 이말밖에 [Saranghae Imalbakke; Only the Words I Love You]. If you look at the translation of the lyrics, I think it’s a fitting dedication to this tragic accident. Heartfelt prayers going out to everyone.

When A-ble came back as Able and with two new members, I did go out and buy their complete first album. I have actually listened to this many times. So why is it a “forgotten” item? Because the only song that I recognize as Able (beside the one above) is their title song 미스테리 [Mystery]. “Mystery” is more of a typical idol flare, but their debut album also has many great songs that show off their strong ballad skills because, let’s face it, ballads aren’t an easy genre. With the addition of two new members also came more of a hip hop flare and more of a traditional pop/dance sound. But, there is no keeping their ballad skills in check and you can really hear their awesome voices.

With my computer trouble over the weekend and the beginning of this week, I was checking out my music library and since I sort by album automatically, their album always tops the list right after LM.C’s best album and 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y single album. So I was sitting here listening to the album wondering why I haven’t given it more attention and love as their music is good. I haven’t heard anything about this group since this album, so I have no idea if they still exist or not, which is sad if they don’t, as they have the talent, but it’s really hard to compete in the idol world.

Able 1st Album

Able의 1st 앨범
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01 미스테리 [Miseuteri; Mystery]
Even though it is a more typical idol song, I do still love it 😛

02 사랑이 너무 힘들다 [Sarangi Neomu Himdeulda]
I believe the above translates into something equivalent to love being very difficult. I gorgeous ballad with lots of R&B strains…I think. I’m bad with genres.

03 가니 [Gani]
They can really emote when they sing. This song about leaving and being sorry really does make you feel the pain, etc. of the lyrics.

04 미워요 (Dance Version) [Miwoyo; I hate you]
05 사랑해 이말밖에 [Saranghae Imalbakke; Only the Words I Love You]
06 죽은사랑 [Jukeunsarang]
07 사랑합니다 [Saranghamnida]
08 일주일째 [Iljuiljjae]
09 미워요 [Miwoyo]
I like this version better than the dance version. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly why that is. It could be because I feel the rap in the previous version is more obtrusive and doesn’t go quite as well.

Really the whole album is good. I do prefer some songs over others, but like I said, as a whole, it’s very strong and filled with great vocals. You should definitely give this group a good listen. It goes to stand that if I like a group or a band they kind of disappear…just like my favorite shows get cancelled (thus why I gave up on American television). I do hope we will see more from them in the future, but I won’t hold my breath on that. So many groups come and go and they have had quite the few changes in styles and music and members, so who knows?

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