Angel’s Revenge Episode 61 Recap

Ji Seok isn’t as stupid as people think, but sometimes you have to wonder. He has always been the more affectionate in his relationship with Seon Yu and now she’s being all lovey dovey and caring. He gets kind of suspicious, but he just thinks she’s got a surprise for him now that she has won Mrs. Gong over. All that she is doing…I think it’s kind of obvious that it’s more preparing for a parting than marriage, but I guess Ji Seok is an eternal optimist. Truthfully, for Tae Jeong either option is unacceptable to him. He doesn’t like the idea of Seon Yu coming into the family nor does he like the idea of his brother-in-law solidifying power through a marriage to the point where Tae Jeong can no longer claw his way to the top.

Angel's Revenge E.61Pung Ho is livid when Mrs. Gong intervenes in the children’s love lives, but that is nothing when he finds out just who her family is. I LOVED how he told her off. It was actually pretty cool. She thinks she’s so much better and all that jazz, but she has no real discerning eye for who should be allowed into the Seo family and who shouldn’t. I guess…in some fairness…she recognized Tae Jeong’s stellar workmanship, but was always leery of his hunger and we all know her grandson-in-law is NOT in her good book right now. But it was really cool that Pung Ho points out her haughtiness and how it doesn’t have a place thanks to the monster in the family tree. Not that he points out just what is wrong with the Seo family mind you. Mrs. Gong was livid that Pung Ho refused a union as well as he would never want his niece to marry into that family.

Anyone else thinking that Ji Hui might get some of her rather nasty habits not just from her mother but from her grandmother as well? The women in the family are a lot alike actually, aren’t they?

Angel's Revenge E.61Mrs. Gong gets home and poor Wu Hyeon is hiding behind a column and defending his actions. He went there to eat and they needed help, so he was doing a good deed. Aran gets filled in on the basics and scolds Wu Hyeon for going against his mother’s wishes and going back to the pizza parlor. Wu Hyeon surprises his sister-in-law and mother by saying he’d much rather live with Seon Yu’s family than with his own. Why? Because the Heos never treated him any differently. With that family he is normal. Plus, that family is always smiling and good to him—unlike the Seo family. It’s cute and heartbreaking all at once, you know? Wu Hyeon never lets on about his feelings and his understanding 100% that he is different from others, but he has let hints drop throughout the series about how others treat him. Mrs. Gong is actually a very bad mommy for not understanding her only living son’s desire to be with people who accept him and don’t treat him differently because of his specialness.

Yoon So YiSeon Yu gets a surprise call from the angry Pung Ho. He’s very upset and wants her to quit her job and break up with Ji Seok. Seon Yu asks for time and does feel even guiltier that her uncle found out. Plus…her guilt is eating away at her because although she denies it, she loves Ji Seok. Their relationship started out innocent enough, but took a slightly wrong turn when she learned the truth about who he really is. Pung Ho is right to scold her for using Ji Seok and for keeping secrets and pursuing Tae Jeong on her own. But also…what could her aunt and uncle have done to help her in her pursuit of justice and revenge? Not a whole heckuva a lot.

Like always, Bong Hwang has no idea what is really going on and pays a visit to Dal Nyeo’s shop to talk about Seon Yu’s impending marriage to Ji Seok. This horrifies Dal Nyeo. It’s impossible. If Bong Hwang knows the full truth, she’d never approve the match. Bong Hwang huffs this off and says that Tae Jeong married his bride out of ambition while for Seon Yu it’s all about love, love, L-O-V-E. Funny, ain’t it, that she mentions Ji Seok being head over heels, though, and doesn’t mention Seon Yu’s love for Ji Seok at all?

Angel's Revenge E.61

The pot calling the kettle black, you know.

Seon Yu runs into Ji Seok who scolds her for not letting him know her uncle came to pay a visit. He then says he will be working late and Seon Yu agrees to stay and wait for him. Awwww. Though she used to do that all the time before she was giving him up, too. So while Ji Seok is busy being a good Managing Director, Seon Yu is busy planning the meeting between L Foods and J Foods. Oh, and Tae Jeong finds out since a shareholder refuses to sell after hearing the rumors of the merger. Tae Jeong’s surprise at the news confirms he is really on the outs with Mrs. Gong. Tae Jeong gets very visibly angry with the news. He condemns Seon Yu for sucking up to the chairwoman and tossing Ji Seok aside, but he’s also livid about Mrs. Gong’s sneak attack.

Pung Ho drinks and commiserates with Gi Jin who also knows the truth. Gi Jin is even more upset about the situation since Pung Ho opposes the match as Gi Jin knows his beloved nuna loves Ji Seok. Bong Hwang enters and her good mood is spoiled by Pung Ho’s dour one and his insistence that no matter what, no marriage can happen between Seon Yu and Ji Seok. He also refuses to explain just why that is. But he does insist that it is not because the chairwoman finds their family completely lacking.

Angel's Revenge E.61Seon Yu goes all out. She makes Ji Seok dinner at their restaurant and she has even bought him a tie! Ji Seok is in wonder and shock at Seon Yu’s unexpected surprises. He is happy, but a bit confused by her bringing up the past. He does ask if anything is going on, but Seon Yu insists there is nothing. Get a clue. As much as she likes you, she’s never shown it before. This is a clear sign she’s getting ready to bow out, Ji Seok-ssi. You should also know better than anyone just what your grandmother is capable of after learning the whole truth about Eun Su and seeing Mrs. Gong torture Seon Yu earlier.

Seon Yu tells him about the family meeting (but like Mrs. Gong does with Ji Hui and Aran, she keeps him in the dark as to just what the meeting is for) and hands over the tie she bought. Ji Seok is really touched. She then says cryptically that he must sit still and not oppose the chairwoman no matter what happens at the dinner. Ji Seok thinks its because of some happy news involving Seon Yu.  Tsk, tsk. She then shocks him even more by hugging him and asking to stay in his embrace for awhile. Again, highly suspicious. They part ways and Seon Yu goes into her room and cries her heart out while Pung Ho watches unhappily from the door and the unknowing Ji Seok happily takes out the tie and compliments Seon Yu on picking out his favorite color.

Saturday dawns. Tae Jeong and Ji Hui are keeping the truth behind the meeting from Aran to stop her from doing anything to prevent Seon Yu from getting ousted from Ji Seok’s life. Aran questions Ji Seok who happily wears the suit Seon Yu chose alon with his present. He has no idea—it’s just a normal family dinner, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Seon Yu tells the chairwoman that everything is arranged and how it will play out. Mrs. Gong asks what she will do and Seon Yu bows and thanks her for everything before walking out. Suspicious. Does this mean she’s quitting both the company and Ji Seok? She then pays a visit to her sister’s grave. She cries over doing things the wrong way and plans on making amends by leaving. She also vows to not stop until she gets justice. How does she plan on getting that now?

Mrs. Gong announces the marriage plans and Ji Seok…is practicing killing with his looks again. Will he be a good boy and sit still like Seon Yu instructed? We will find out in the next episode. Again, no previews. Grr.


  • AAAARGH!!! This drama! Thanks for the recap.

  • Clueless JS! That is love!! You will soon see why he was clueless. We will have this discussion in the next ep or Thurs. I forget. This boy is simply in love and never thought that she would do this AND knowingly! But have no fear, the cheerleader is here! I’ve affectionately referred to AR as that to not give any clues. In no way does she want JS to marry the Park daughter and wait until you see her! Don’t laugh too loud! Sorry! Might be me because I cracked up!

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