Song of the Week – 14 April 2014

Lip-Bites from article in Korea Herald

Daebak. I admit that I have not heard of lips-bite [입술을깨물다] a band from South Korea that officially came together as a band in 2010 and released their first album in 2011 before. So how did I discover this? I was on SoundCloud listening to The Alphards’ 4 song demo again and after the songs cycled through, different music started streaming as related content. As soon as I heard this song, it was instant love. LOL, I’ve been saying that a lot lately, haven’t I? At least my love affairs are with music and not people. It would be bad if I fell hard instantly for a person as often as I do with bands and music. So I quickly clicked on the audio player to take me to the band’s profile. There are 2 versions of this song: a band version and a house version. I prefer the band version myself. Oh, both versions aren’t bad, but I prefer the band version as it’s got less of that dance undertone than the house version seems to have.

I can’t explain what it is about this song…it just draws me in. I’ve been listening to a lot of acoustic music of late. I love stripped down music, especially of 10CM and Standing Egg. This song really explodes after listening to all that piano and guitar music. I cannot wait until more of this band’s music is available in iTunes. Right now I can only find one lonely little single “Love You All” featuring Band Mona. It’s a great song, too. But I would like to be able to get more from them, you know? And they have at least 2-3 EPs…so why aren’t any of them available?

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