Angel’s Revenge Episode 59 Recap

At long last (okay, not that long), we are getting some forward action in different respects. Tae Jeong and Ji Hui aren’t out of the game, but they also aren’t proactively doing anything any more. We all know that will change soon as Aran (and Tae Jeong’s ambition) just won’t leave Ji Seok alone in his position for long. This episode didn’t have a lot of action, but at least it felt we were moving forward once more.

So Aran spills the beans to Ji Seok who just runs out of the house without confronting his grandmother nor stating where he is going. He gets to the lake and there is Seon Yu resting under a tree. He scolds her and urges her home, but she refuses to listen to him as she wants to prove herself to Mrs. Gong and not get fired. Ji Seok, being Ji Seok is keeping mum on his grandmother’s evil doings to Seon Yu and hands over his umbrella and jacket and the two continue the futile search together until Ji Seok forces her to call it a night as they are getting nowhere.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

The two end up staying at the orphanage/event place. Seon Yu urges Ji Seok home, but he won’t leave her. At her startled look, he assures her he’ll sleep out in the car while she takes the tiny room available. Of course Seon Yu is coughing up a storm by this time and Ji Seok rushes out to his car for some medicine. While he’s outside, Mrs. Gong calls and he lets her know he’s with Seon Yu helping her. This angers Mrs. Gong. This was a task she had set before Seon Yu and the girl calls Ji Seok to help her? Unacceptable. When Ji Seok returns, Seon Yu is fast asleep, leaning against the wall. He carefully sets out the bedding and gets her situated. Lots of sweet and touching scenes between our OTP in this episode.

Yoon So Yi, Kwon YoolAh, that’s right. When Seon Yu and Ji Seok are talking, he reminders her about her family and she realizes she doesn’t have her phone. Ji Seo pulls it out and hands it over. She calls up her uncle who is not happy to hear she’s spending the night out on a “business” trip. Bong Hwang says it isn’t business, but Seon Yu being with Ji Seok just like Bong Hwang used to lie about working late to be with Pung Ho when they were dating…and we learn that they had a shotgun wedding, but they always told Gi Jin that he was a premature baby. LOL.

Anywho, Gi Jin goes into his nuna’s room as he also thinks its strange and he’s wondering more and more about Ji Seok’s identity. In Seon Yu’s room, he finds all this information about L Foods. Why would she have that? He then discovers she’s working at L Foods with Tae Jeong. This startles him. He goes out and starts questioning his mother about Seon Yu, Ji Seok, Tae Jeong, and Ji Hui. This puts Bong Hwang in a foul mood, but she doesn’t catch on to just what it is he’s asking and Gi Jin won’t say anything out loud until he’s confirmed things for himself. Actually…Bong Hwang and Pung Ho (the former especially) have investigative attitudes, so you can definitely tell Gi Jin is just like his parents. Gi Jin is now very worried and vows to talk to Ji Seok himself.

Kim Min SooThe next morning when Ji Seok goes into the room, Seon Yu is nowhere to be seen. He finds her out by the lake and she won’t stop looking until she finds it. Ji Seok is reminded of her earnest and futile search for the compass. He reminds her about that, but Seon Yu waves that away. She will definitely find the necklace for his grandmother. Ji Seok reluctantly leaves her to look and returns home where the anxious Mrs. Gong stayed up all night. She calls Ji Seok into her room just as Ji Hui arrives. Ji Hui senses the tension and asks what is wrong. Aran reveals all and Ji Hui scolds her for interfering and sparing Seon Yu. Aran doesn’t want this soft spot in her daughter now. Aran will now see to it that Ji Seok marries Seon Yu to completely destroy his relationship with Mrs. Gong and leave the company.

Ah, before Ji Hui came to her old house, she got a thorough scolding from Dal Nyeo. They only have one bathroom and Ji Hui hogged it for over any hour (poor Tae Mi’s bladder almost burst). Not only does Ji Hui get told about this, she is also scolded for not cleaning or helping with the meals. Seriously? I know she’s a rich and pampered princess, but come on. Isn’t it only courtesy and basic manners to help out when your imposing on anyone for the long haul? Tae Jeong asks her to understand her MIL as Tae Jeong is her crowing glory and she has taken a big blow thanks to recent events. Ji Hui says she understands, but isn’t it herself that had a worse blow? Her brother kicked her out of her house. Um…no. Mrs. Gong kicked you out for your unjust actions towards aforementioned brother. Get it right. Tae Jeong…looks disappointed at her lack of understanding. She’s not so great anymore, is she? Anywho, this makes her even more determined to get Mrs. Gong to take them back and thus why she showed up at the house.

Ok. Ji Seok goes into Mrs. Gong’s room where he talks about Seon Yu at the convent and her futile search for the compass and how he couldn’t tell her the truth about him having found it as he wanted to stay longer. Also, the longer he kept the secret, the more he couldn’t because of her unflinching sincerity in trying to find it for him. He warns granny that her trick here will only hurt herself more. Ji Seok also reveals Seon Yu couldn’t call him for help since he had her phone in his possession and that Mrs. Gong needs to open her eyes and see just how wonderful the girl is. He leaves and Mrs. Gong goes with Mr. Kim to see Seon Yu still diligently searching late into the afternoon. She has Mr. Kim tell Seon Yu to stop and go home to rest until she calls her. This worries Seon Yu that she will be fired, but she does follow instructions.

That morning Gi Jin arrives outside of L Foods and meets Tae Jeong who cannot believe the lack of respect the younger man shows him. Gi Jin tells him he deserves no better and that he’s not there to see him, but Ji Seok. Tae Jeong then says Gi Jin has to keep his mouth shut our Seon Yu will lose everything as she only approached Ji Seok to hurt him. This floors Gi Jin. However, he meets with Ji Seok who apologizes for Seon Yu being out all night and himself being a bad bodyguard. He does assure Gi Jin that Seon Yu will be home that night. Gi Jin then asks how the two met. Ji Seok replies he met Seon Yu at the convent. Then that was before Jin Yu died. Ji Seok looks sad and says that is something he’ll always feel sorry about. This shocks Gi Jin. So Ji Seok knows Jin Yu? He knows of her, but doesn’t know her. He then reveals Seon Yu was with him when Jin Yu died. More and more pieces of the puzzle are clicking into place for Gi Jin. At least he knows the two met before Seon Yu’s idea of revenge.

Seon Yu is resting at home when Bangtong comes home and worries over her sick state. He’s about to get her some honey tea when she gets the call from Mrs. Gong to meet. Just before she called, Mrs. Gong was talking about how Seon Yu is really perfect for her grandson save one thing and one thing only. The two meet and have a meal where Mrs. Gong says that while she admires Seon Yu and the younger woman is someone she needs by her own side, Seon Yu is not someone Ji Seok needs. This cuts our heroine to the quick. Mrs. Gong then says Seon Yu obviously knows about Ji Seok’s standing within the family. When Mrs. Gong dies there will be no one to protect her grandson any longer. Thus…Ji Seok needs a woman who has power and Seon Yu does not (has she forgotten how Seon Yu has already protected her grandson…granted…she did go to Mrs. Gong for help…but still). Seon Yu tries to protest and then Mrs. Gong hits her broadside. L Foods and J Foods will merge together with the marriage of Ji Seok and the J Food’s chairman’s daughter. Seon Yu must leave Ji Seok and plan the engagement party. Talk about evil.

Seon Yu leaves the room and there is Ji Seok who is there to congratulate her about beating the A1 curse. Seon Yu, flustered and hurting, says she must obey the chairwoman’s orders, mustn’t she? Alarm bells start ringing for Ji Seok and he demands to know what is wrong. End episode.

Previews look good. Gi Jin confront Seon Yu who finally confesses her real feelings for Ji Seok. We all know that Ji Seok will not willingly go into a match with J Foods now that he’s found his one true love. Let us anticipate his machinations to save Seon Yu and his relationship now. I’m ready for a wedding. But that might not happen until after the whole drama or at least not until he learns the whole truth.

Choi Jae WonAh, I can’t forget uri samchon! Aran got Mrs. Gong for breakfast and was very happy to report Ji Seok stayed out all night with Seon Yu which kept Mrs. Gong awake all night. The three sit down for breakfast and Wu Hyeon complains that it’s only the 3 of them and that their family is shrinking more and more. Ji Seok then comes in and Mrs. Gong takes him into the office and that’s when Wu Hyeon gets upset and complains he’s stuck with just Aran. LOVED it!

Don’t you think that Wu Hyeon has the best outlook on family? It’s not supposed to shrink, it’s supposed to get bigger. Family means people who love and understand you, who are there to share your meals and your highs and lows. Ji Hui? Forget family. It’s her pride or nothing…not even Tae Jeong measures up to it. Tae Jeong? Family is really nothing special and is something to, in fact, be ashamed of and to be kept hidden in your life. Seon Yu? Well…her outlook actually isn’t all that bad when it comes to family. Ji Seok? Definitely not the healthiest either as he’s becoming an eternal whipping boy and deferential…but he’s breaking out of that mold and trying to defend himself while trying to maintain the broken family. Admirable, really.

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