She is Wow! now on Netflix

She is Wow! cast

It’s been awhile since there was the influx of new Korean dramas on Netflix. Today I was perusing their website and saw one lonely new kdrama title She is Wow!  From the synopsis this drama follows the seemingly perfect celebrity couple…who aren’t nearly as perfect or as loving as you thing. B1A4’s Jinyoung is also in this drama along with Oh Hyun Kyung and Park Sung Woong. It is nice that they are getting more, but they really cannot compete with DramaFever and Hulu as of yet as most (not quite all) of their dramas are streaming on those two sites already. As always, the full list of dramas currently streaming (or were once available, they have ☹ by them) on Netflix is here here:

I haven’t personally watched this drama as of yet, but it is on my watch list. I’ve heard, I believe, some good things about it. Plus, it stars Kwon Yool. I’m interested in watching more of his dramas since he’s our leading man in Angel’s Revenge.


  • If you heard good things, they lied. This drama started out great! Really! The story line was fresh and the acting was great but then 3/4 of the way, the writer went into WTFeryville! Disappointed? No, I was mad because this was another classic case of writer not knowing how the f**k to finish a story. Yes, my blog posts went from “high praise” to “run to the hills”! The saving grace to this entire drama was Jung Jin Young as Minki. I loved his character from beginning to end. Again, nothing wrong with the acting but the story? No words. But don’t take my word for it but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • It was probably the good things before the series took a severe u-turn that I remember people talking about. I’m good at following your advice when it comes to dramas and might skip this one then.

      • And our Kwon Yool was it (now Ji Seok in Angel’s Revenge). I wasn’t mad at him because there was nothing wrong with wrong with his acting at all. But sometimes I used to chuckle watching him in AR! Thank goodness they kissed for real if you know what I’m saying….

      • No no no! I do agree with NewKDramaAddict that it went downhill, but I think it’s still well worth watching. It’s only a short show (12 eps) so even if the last few episodes aren’t as good as the episodes before it, they don’t take much time to get through. It was one of my favourite dramas last year, I definitely recommend it.

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