Angel’s Revenge Episode 57 Recap

It will be nice when the action picks up a little more. Again, this is just mainly buildup to whatever is coming next. And Be promises it will be good. It was really nice seeing Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s expressions when they found out about Seon Yu. I don’t know why I thought the two would be able to go back to the Seo house, but I guess, Mrs. Gong is not willing to let them back in even though she has conceded to Ji Seok and let Tae Jeong back into the company.

Ji Seok is not happy with his grandmother’s proposal, but Seon Yu quickly agrees to becoming Mrs. Gong’s secretary. With the deal sealed, Mrs. Gong tells her to report to work tomorrow morning. Ji Seok explains to Seon Yu that his grandmother is trying to force her out. Her personal secretary position is referred to as A1. “A” because you represent the chairwoman. “1” because you only last one day. Seon Yu does not care about this. She feels this is a chance to prove herself and win over his grandmother. I also like how this position is usually given to those who enter the company through connections and not skills. Seon Yu tells him that is why she’s there and he insists that she is really skilled…but you can’t deny she’s there because of him, silly boy.

Tae Jeong and Ji Hui head out to work and Dal Nyeo greets him as “Managing Director” and he explains he is no longer in that position. Dal Nyeo, being the idiot she is, thinks he was promoted thanks to Mrs. Gong’s guilty conscience. Ji Hui then explains that he’s back in his former position once more. Dal Nyeo is horrified. Say what? You don’t go down a ladder, but up. She then puts all the blame on Ji Hui for not doing a good enough job trying to convince her grandmother. You can definitely see where Tae Jeong gets his blame displacement, can’t you? Like mother, like son. Dal Nyeo is a better human in certain respects, but you might as well say she’s just a bad monster in others as her son.

Tae Jeong goes to his office where his employees were whispering about him coming back. They promptly shut up when he enters and he greets them and talks about how he is looking forward to working with them once more. They then inform him Mrs. Wu is there to see him. Aran is there as she knows he must be upset. She then talks about how she is happy to have him back and how they must now work together once more to oust Ji Seok who is the root of all Aran’s problems. Cham. Tsk, tsk. I always hate how the blameless child gets all the blame for the adults’ sins. Anywho, Aran says that it’s a fight they will win as long as they don’t rush it and take the hits they are dealt as well as getting their own hits in. What knew plot will these two stink up?

Tae Jeong goes to pay his respects to the chairwoman, but Mrs. Gong isn’t in her office. Seon Yu, however, is setting up her desk. He is livid! Seon Yu smirks and tells him her position and how he had better keep his voice low if he doesn’t want his scumminess revealed. Tae Jeong demands to know if she will stick to Mrs. Gong like she sticks to Ji Seok. Seon Yu helpfully reminds his quickly forgetful brain that she gave him a chance with the lawsuit and so now he reaps what he sows.

Tae Jeong storms back in his office where his wife has come to check up on him. He reveals Seon Yu’s new position and Ji Hui wishes to go to the office right away and give her a piece of her mind. Tae Jeong says this is futile. Ji Hui knows the position of A1 just as well as Ji Seok. It can mean only two things. 1. Mrs. Gong trusts Seon Yu and wants her by her side. 2. Mrs. Gong wants to kick Seon Yu to the curb and fire her. I’m sure we can all guess it’s the latter and not the former. Mrs. Gong still doesn’t approve of Seon Yu just yet. Though…if Seon Yu can handle her bullying and pass the tests she sets…I’m sure she’ll quickly change her tune.

Cute scene where Seon Yu goes to Ji Seok’s office where he’s looking over paperwork before his official start the next day. She gives him money for the hospital bill and he reveals Pung Ho has paid off part of the debt already, which surprises Seon Yu. Ji Seok then asks for interest. His idea? Every time she brings him money for the bill, she has to buy him a meal. During said meal, he’s giving her tips about his grandmother’s likes and dislikes. He wants Seon Yu to break the 1 curse and last at least for 2 days.

Tae Mi is prepping for an audition. She really is awful, so I guess you can understand why her mother isn’t supportive of her trying to be an actress of any kind. But…I still think Dal Nyeo is too hard on and not invested enough in her daughter. So Tae Mi goes and fails because of how awful she was. She sits in a bar tent and bawls. Enter Gi Jin who recognizes the girl. He comes up to her and tells her to get her act together and go home. Tae Mi tells him what happened. They said she can’t act love if she’s never been in it. She has too! Isn’t a one-sided love still love? Doesn’t Gi Jin understand the pain? Gi Jin admits to having loved before and again tells her to get her act together. If she likes someone, just tell them already. Joha. “I like you, bum.” That takes him by surprise. Even more shocking is her saying she did what he said, so he had better like her too. LOL. Daebak. She then stumbles drunkenly out and he goes to follow because he’s worried, but the owner tells him Tae Mi hasn’t paid yet. Hahahaha. He peeks outside, but no Tae Mi in site. How the heck can the girl who could barely walk a straight line make such a quick getaway?Angel's Revenge e.57

Ji Seok accompanies Seon Yu to go shopping for gifts with her first official paycheck (well…what’s left of it after paying him back some). They two end up at a flower shop and Seon Yu asks for red roses and baby’s breath. Ji Seok wonders how she knows he loves roses. Eh? The flowers are for him, right? They are his present for helping her out with picking out gifts, right? He doesn’t need anything but her. Seon Yu looks abashed. No, they aren’t. Should she buy hims some? Ji Seok is surprised. Who are they for then? It’s a secret. I thought they were for her eonni, but I was wrong. They are for Mrs. Gong’s office. She then holds her hands in a V framing her face and asks if she isn’t the only gift he needs. SNORT! I really hope that Ji Seok realizes just how ridiculous he is when he does that next time. Seon Yu immediately apologizes for the crack afterward and the two laugh.Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

The two head home and Ji Seok hands over the flowers when Gi Jin comes up. He happily tells Ji Seok that he passed as Seon Yu’s bodyguard. Ji Seok says he will gladly be her bodyguard for life. Awwww. Seon Yu quickly sends him away telling him he doesn’t want to be late for his first day of work tomorrow. Gi Jin asks what is going on and Seon Yu explains that Ji Seok is managing director and she is going to the office as the secretary to the chairwoman. The two go inside where Seon Yu hands out her presents and talks about her new job. Bong Hwang is slightly disappointed that it has nothing to do with marriage, etc.

Pung Ho then calls Seon Yu away to talk. He asks about her revenge scheme as too many people are coming and pointing their fingers at his niece and blaming her. Seon Yu reveals he will know in good time, but nothing good will come from him knowing everything now. Pung Ho is upset as he doesn’t want anything to happen to his niece. she assures him she will be fine. She then tells him that when he learns everything, she hopes he can understand why she did what she did. This…is in reference to Ji Seok and Ji Seok alone and you know it. Her guilty conscience will not stop nagging her. We then get a scene where Dal Nyeo’s kids arrive home. They didn’t call and dinner is now cold. She made Tae Jeong’s favorite and cut back on the seasoning for Ji Hui. But the kids already ate. Hahahaha. Ji Hui gets all the blame once more. They two are scolded and are ordered to call ahead next time.

The next day Ji Seok anxiously awaits for Seon Yu. He wanted to pick her up, but she insisted on coming herself. She arrives and Ji Seok can’t believe she didn’t follow his fashion advice to suit his grandmother’s tastes. Seon Yu is insistent on winning her way in her own style. She then shows off her shoes and this makes Ji Seok very happy. The two go inside surprising Aran. Seon Yu greets her and says she will be working with the chairwoman from now on. Aran is so confused, but does know something is off. Mrs. Gong then comes out in hiking gear. Her morning meeting was canceled. Ji Seok protests as Seon Yu is dressed for the office, not hiking. Seon Yu quickly says she will be okay and leaves with Mrs. Gong while Ji Seok broods over his grandmother’s machinations.

As you can imagine, hiking and high heels don’t go together…but apparently…according to Simon & Martina, you really do see women hiking in heels in Korea quite often. WAE!!!!???? I kill myself walking on normal surfaces with high heels (hence why I don’t wear them) so I can’t imagine why anyone would torture themselves with heels and hiking. Seon Yu gets scolded for lagging an then scolded for going to fast. Poor girl. She does make up for it some by handing over a book when the hike is over and Mrs. Gong has changed with all the important political and business headlines. Oh, and she has a special section just for L Foods. Mrs. Gong then gets to the back and there is a TV schedule. If she lets Seon Yu know her favorite shows, she’ll highlight them next time. Mrs. Gong is impressed, no doubt about that.

The two enter the office together just after Tae Jeong and Ji Hui entered. Ji Hui held her hubby’s hand when people stopped and stared at them. They quickly go to greet Mrs. Gong and Seon Yu throws them a smirk, inciting them. Nice. Seon Yu then continues to show her uber organizational skills to Mrs. Gong who has a Herculean task for Seon Yu—memorization. Why is this a Herculean task? She is given two thick books and is expected to memorize all the names and faces in them before a function later that day. Mrs. Gong certainly knows how to throw curve balls, doesn’t she.

For some reason, with the above scene, I kept recalling Rich Man, Poor Woman as Toru kept throwing stuff at our leading lady for her to memorize…except…she had great memorization skills. Seon Yu…we all know how bad her memory is, though she isn’t quite as forgetful as she used to be earlier. Oh, and there was a cute Wu Hyeon scene. He brings Aran some fruit since she didn’t eat dinner. She tells him she can’t eat because she is thinking of Ji Hui. Wu Hyeon confesses he was, too, so he didn’t eat as much as he normally does. Aran then pressures him to talk to Mrs. Gong about missing Ji Hui and bringing the kids back. Mrs. Gong arrives home and her son bounces over and she asks how he’s been. Great! LOL. Not what Aran wanted. She motions for him to do as he was told and he does so unconvincingly before turning around and saying Aran instructed him to do so. That earns her a glare from her MIL and Aran snaps at Wu Hyeon who says he did everything he was told, so he did a good job. She snaps and sarcastically agrees. Cuteness.

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