Angel’s Revenge Episode 56 Recap

You know, I do get why our former nun feels guilty about Ji Seok, but if we are completely honest, she really hasn’t used him all that much. Sure, she shouldn’t have let Tae Jeong goad her into accepting Ji Seok’s feelings before she was ready, but she probably would never have mad a move otherwise, so, in a way, it’s a good thing. But come on…she doesn’t manipulate him or make him do bad things to the people he cares about like Tae Jeong does…so is her heaping pile of guilt really necessary? And what the heck with Ji Seok getting all the blame for his grandmother’s actions. Why is that his fault? If his grandmother hadn’t committed whatever sin she committed to his mother, she probably wouldn’t be quite so adamant about Ji Seok to the point where it seems she’s neglecting Ji Hui. Two wrongs. No rights.

Ji Hui finally cracks and goes completely dark side on her entire family (minus her mum, but you might as well say she’s even going against her, too, as Ji Hui only thinks of her self and no one else at this point despite what she insists upon). Fine, her grandmother wants them to leave, they’ll leave, but Mrs. Gong should know she’ll never see Ji Hui again. Tae Jeong doesn’t like this one bit nor his wife’s agreeing to it and vowing to take it even further. He pleads for understanding and divorce, but Ji Hui won’t have any of it as she will never leave Tae Jeong. She storms out while her mother is screaming AND shrieking at Mrs. Gong.

They don’t get it. I get it. Any idiot under the sun could get it. Mrs. Gong does not really want her family destroyed and this isn’t all about Ji Seok. How can you trust people who have done that? If they really want to prove themselves, go away and reflect and come back better. This isn’t how Ji Hui sees it. This obviously means her grandmother has never once considered her a grandchild. What an idiot. Eun Su and Seon Yu are both right. Eun Su knows Ji Hui is really bent and evil at heart while Seon Yu knows Ji Hui will never change until she can accept responsibility for her actions. Not going to happen.

The unhappy Ji Seok goes to the restaurant where Seon Yu has just received a lunch order! In fact, this large company wants to use their lunchboxes for several events. Unfortunately, Ji Seok can’t show any enthusiasm about this because of the major drama that unfolded at home. He apologizes to Seon Yu when she comes into his office to present him with the quotes for the lunchboxes. Enter Tae Jeong. His wife is furiously packing and vowing never to return home even if it hurts her mother. Ji Hui is now firmly of the belief that Ji Seok and grandma are both evil cahooters. Tae Jeong hits his knees in front of his brother-in-law. I still say they have to be the same age or Tae Jeong has to be a bit older since Jin Yu raised Seon Yu after their parents passed away, so that would put a bit of an age gap, so I wonder if his reference as hyung-nim is just because societally, Ji Seok is the hyung since Tae Jeong married his little sister.

Anywho…Yeah, Tae Jeong hits his knees and apologizes for his greed and his underhanded doings to both Seon Yu and Ji Seok. Will wonders never cease? He then pleads with Ji Seok to do something as he does not want Ji Hui to be cut off from her family because of his mistakes. He then leaves and Seon Yu follows him out. What made him change his mind about apologizing? The situation has changed. He can easily do something like this and damn his pride as long as he gets what he wants. I believe Seon Yu is fine with this if it means Tae Jeong stays in Korea where she can continue her “revenge”.

Aran went to pay Ji Hui a visit and to stop her from leaving, but Ji Hui will torture her grandmother this way. Aran insists she just divorce Tae Jeong which gets Dal Nyeo flying off the handle, but Ji Hui assures her MIL that won’t happen and rushes out vowing to pay “her” back. Dal Nyeo knows she means Seon Yu, but keeps quiet when Aran presses the matter. Tae Jeong arrives just as Ji Hui leaves and Aran talks about what Ji Hui said. It doesn’t immediately dawn on him what’s going on? Or does it and he’s just playing cool?

Ji Hui goes to the restaurant, but her oppa isn’t there. She then tells Seon Yu she’ll tear off her mask and reveal the truth. She doesn’t need to keep this secret any longer since she and Tae Jeong are never going to return. This horrifies Seon Yu. No. Ji Seok can’t know. This isn’t for her sake and the sake of her revenge, this is really worry over Ji Seok getting hurt and you know it. It’s the same reason she went to the chairman instead of Ji Seok about Tae Jeong and Eun Su collaborating to oust Ji Seok.

Seon Yu gets into a cab first and manages to beat Ji Hui to L Foods, but Ji Hui is hot on her trails. Seon Yu tries to separate the two, but the siblings go up to Mrs. Gong’s office together. Seon Yu goes outside and sees Tae Jeong. she pleads for him to do something and he scolds her for not being able to stop such a thing. Why start it to begin with if she can’t finish it? He rushes in to the office just as Ji Hui is about to spill the beans. He apologizes and says he has also apologized to Ji Seok. Our good oppa then reveals a compromise. He wants Ji Hui and Tae Jeong to stay in Korea. He also wants Tae Jeong to return to his department head position. Ji Hui is livid and rushes out at the unfairness and injustice of it all. Seriously? That is actually better than they deserved. Tae Jeong willingly accepts this, though as you know he’ll plot to claw his way up. He’ll have to be careful because Ji Seok’s hawk eyes will remain trained on him.

Ji Hui berates her husband and when Ji Seok comes out she angrily says that he lost all rights to know how he was being used, why he was being used, and just who was using him. Did Ji Hui forget she tried to manipulate him as well to oust Seon Yu episodes earlier? She angrily tells him that he chose Seon Yu over her. He abandoned her first, so he can reap the consequences. She storms off and Tae Jeong apologizes once more for her horrible behavior. Actually…SHE did everything she accused her brother of FIRST. But she’ll never admit it…or that shew as wrong in her doings.

Ji Seok goes outside where he meets the worried Seon Yu. He smiles and says that he could barely walk, but knowing she was waiting for him helped him continue. They sit down and Ji Seok reveals what happened. He’s curious as to who is supposedly using him. This smarts or Seon Yu who cannot bring herself to tell him the truth since she doesn’t want to hurt him any more than he already has been. He leans on her for some comfort and Seon Yu barely restrains herself from taking his hand. Awww. Go ahead and do it!!!! Such a great scene betwixt the two (minus the steaming guilt that is).Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

Aran learns of the latest development and commends Mrs. Gong. Once her MIL is out of earshot, though, Aran vows to pay her back in full for the latest humiliation. Eyeroll. WHY are they struggling to keep this family together? It’s broken beyond repair, it really is. Ji Seok returns home later and Mrs. Gong congratulates his success at the restaurant. He brings up taking Seon Yu to work with him since it was largely thanks to her that he was so successful. Surprisingly enough, she quickly agrees to this, making her grandson happy.

So Seon Yu has a cute family breakfast and gets the call to see the chairwoman. She goes and Mrs. Gong says that Ji Seok wants her there, so Seon Yu won’t be leaving him then. How does Seon Yu feel? Seon Yu has changed her tune and now wants to work at L Foods (prolly because Tae Jeong will be there for her to torment and she also will be keeping a watchful eye to ensure he does not hurt Ji Seok any more). Enter Ji Seok. So where is his grandmother placing Seon Yu? Food & Beverages he hopes. Nope, Seon Yu will work with her.

NO PREVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I have the ambition to watch tonight. As yesterday was kind of a poopy day and I didn’t watch this episode until this morning.

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