Angel’s Revenge Episode 55 Recap

I’m waiting for the pace to pick up a bit. Right now this is all a lead up and it’s a little laggy to me. Seon Yu has pretty much cast off her nun-ness now, but Ji Seok is working hard at being a saint. As angry as he is at Ji Hui as much as he is certain he’ll choose the love of his life over his sister, he can’t really put his warm fuzzy feelings on the shelf. That weakness will come back and bite him in the rear, you know. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice…what the heck. That’s just bad. Ji Seok should know by now NOT to trust anything Tae Jeong does or says.

Needless to at the construction site, Mrs. Gong is NOT happy to see Tae Jeong. She believes he’s basically a cancer that needs to be cut out now. She has no belief that he is really doing this out of his desire to see the project finished successfully. He’s wily. He’s hungry. She knows all of this. She gave him ONE chance when she let him marry Ji Hui. She TOLD him that while he was a very good worker, she didn’t like his hungry eyes. Thus why she told the story of over reaching and greed when she agreed to the marriage. Anywho, Mrs. Gong, after listening to Tae Jeong’s blatant (yet convincing) lies—he’s the only one of the baddies who can lie with conviction—she orders him to leave posthaste and walks out. Ji Seok tells his brother-in-law to stay where he is and he will talk to his grandmother. Once the two are out of site, Tae Jeong smirks his evil smirk.

I am really curious now about Park Jung Chul as an actor. He is so good in this role. By good, I mean I completely hate him—that’s skill to bring such a rotten character to life. So now I kind of want to go back and watch some other dramas. I want to see him in a leading role where he’s NOT a scumbag and see how he plays it. He’s got quite a few dramas under his belt, but not a whole lot in recent years where he’s in a leading role and not some part of an ensemble cast.

While Tae Jeong is being discovered, Ji Hui is threatening Seon Yu who is having none of it. She has no idea where Tae Jeong is, but she can at least assure Ji Hui that her rotten husband will harm anybody save himself. In fact, before he disappeared, he came to Seon Yu to threaten her. Ji Hui…her yelling…makes me sick. It’s like she’ll bust a gut…or a capillary. Those scenes must really hurt the actress physically as they look so draining. Anywho, Bong Hwang and Pung Ho come out in time to hear Ji Hui threaten Seon Yu before leaving. This confuses Pung Ho, isn’t that Seon Yu’s friend. Bong Hwang then recognizes her as the woman they saw Tae Jeong with when they went to visit L Foods before the whole Jin Yu situation exploded. This makes her curious, but Seon Yu will say nothing about the matter except to confirm Ji Hui is Tae Jeong’s wife who chose the ass after knowing everything he’s done to Jin Yu.

Ji Seok spills the beans to Ji Hui who rushes off to the construction site with Dal Nyeo in tow. I could talk about that “touching” reunion but I won’t. Tae Jeong playing the tragic hero repenting his “:sins” is BS and we all know it. Dal Nyeo getting all upset about demeaning physical labor…snort. It’s an honest job and there is NOTHING wrong with it. If everyone went around refusing to do manual labor, nothing in any country will get done. It’s a necessary job and, again, nothing wrong with it. It’s not like Tae Jeong is all that high up in society anyways. He got by without lifting a finger thanks to tutoring and Jin Yu. The man does not look weak…but it’s amazing how pathetic his character is on the field. Or is that all an act as well? Anywho, Ji Hui is unhappy that Tae Jeong agreed to divorce her to “save” her.

Ji Seok does try to talk his grandmother into giving Tae Jeong another chance. Truth is, he has his doubts as well. Plus, he can’t forgive or forget what Tae Jeong has done to him…but for his baby sister’s sake…they should trust Tae Jeong once more. Mrs. Gong asserts that they shouldn’t trust him at all as they have now seen his true colors. She worries over her grandson and his idealistic outlook. Isn’t that kind of surprising given the painful upbringing he’s had? Ah, and Aran finds out and also pleads for her daughter and son-in-law and for Mrs. Gong not to estrange and hurt the family. This is after Aran received another tongue lashing for only caring about Ji Hui and being the main reason Dal Nyeo’s precious son was exiled and is doing manual labor. I think it’s funny how Dal Nyeo can really lay it on Aran when no one else does. But…Aran is expressing some (genuine?) concern for the Jangs on a whole it seems, but Dal Nyeo is such a drama queen. Her son is as precious as manure….no…manure is too good for him. Manure has it’s usefulness and can be good for some things, I fail to see any good qualities in Tae Jeong.

Ah, at the restaurant, Ji Seok tells Seon Yu about finding Tae Jeong and how he’s thinking of giving his brother-in-law the benefit of the doubt for Ji Hui’s sake if nothing else. Seon Yu does not like this at all as she knows what a snake Tae Jeong is. Thus she heads over to the construction site early the next morning to confront him. Tae Jeong feigns innocence, but quickly drops the façade with Seon Yu’s condemnation. He also backs her over to the edge of a very large hole and threatens that she will be the one to go over, not him (metaphorically speaking…and possibly literally). Enter Ji Hui with more of her raging. Seon Yu warns that Ji Hui needs to wake up and smell the poison. Tae Jeong has done even worse things than she can possibly imagine. Seon Yu walks away and that is when Ji Hui gets the call from Mrs. Gong to go home. Ruts.

Before I get to where we end the episode, Gi Jin and Tae Mi have a cute moment. After Bong Hwang gets the news of Tae Jeong’s life from the girl and rubs salt in her wound (poor clueless Tae Mi has no idea how evil her family really is), Tae Mi stalks off and runs into Gi Jin wearing a suit! Yummy! He mentions wedding and she’s freaking out thinking it’s his, lol. Silly woman. He explains he’s going to his friend’s wedding and then wonders why Tae Mi cares. She tries to backtrack and lie without confessing she likes him. She then asks why she doesn’t see him at swimming lessons. Yeah…Gi Jin should really take the hint. When he begins teasing her, he  has to cut it short to catch his train and quickly rushes off. Heehee. Tae Mi watches him and says he must have finally discovered how hot she really is. LOL. Their interactions bring some cuteness into the melo mix.Angel's Revenge 55

Ah, and it was cute how Jeong In was not happy to learn that Ji Seok is leaving for HQ at the end of the month. She was even less thrilled when Ji Seok announced Seon Yu is going with him. Seon Yu keeps protesting this. She’s worked so hard to come up with the singles menu, take out menu, and all that, but doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t want Ji Seok abusing his power or pulling any strings to get her into L Foods since Mrs. Gong also won’t like that. Plus…I think at this point she’s also considering damage control when she has to walk out of his life.  Since Tae Jeong isn’t there anymore, what reason does she have to go even if she still wishes to help Ji Seok. My feelings any ways.

Okay, back to the end of the episode. Everyone things that Mrs. Gong is going to forgive the children their transgressions. WRONG. Her idea of trying to NOT fracture the family any further is to send both Ji Hui and her husband to study abroad. LOL. That’s where this episode leaves us.

Previews…meh. Tae Jeong will pull what he can, but can he stop himself from being evicted from the country with his wife? And Ji Hui completely loses her marbles. She finally feels that her grandmother is unfair and treats her differently than her brother. So if Ji Hui is getting forced out, she’s going to tell all. Needless to say that this might be the only time you’ll see Seon Yu and Tae Jeong band together as they both don’t want Ji Hui to spill the proverbial beans.

One comment

  • Yes, filler episodes with some cute moments to begin the next phase. It wasn’t a boring episode but it really doesn’t move the story forward. We have to watch TJ with his fake self. And watch JH being more stupid. I’m sick and tired of DN putting TJ above EVERYONE!! Its like she totally forgets what a user he is!

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