Song of the Week – 7 April 2014

Ah, April is the month for Standing Egg it appears. I’m actually torn between two songs of theirs to feature…so they are both getting featured. After using their album Ambler for my Album of the Month series, I then featured their album Shine as a totally awesome album that had unfortunately been buried in my music library as part of my ongoing The Forgotten series. Since then, well…missienelly and I have been gushing about this group together and I broke down and bought all or most of their full length albums. Believe me, they won’t disappoint you. They are all awesome. This will not be the final post about Korean indie trio Standing Egg, believe me.

Back to the topic on hand. This week’s first Song of the Week is off of Standing Egg’s first full length album With. The song is 가슴 아픈 말 [Gaseum Appeun Mal] “Heartbreaking Words” and it is achingly beautiful. The song starts out with just the vocals of Go Hyun Wook and a piano. It’s a very downplayed beginning, very slow and the piano and vocals together are a very touching mix. This slow buildup to the chorus…awesomeness. The chorus brings in the other instruments and it fairly explodes after the very simple beginning…not…that it’s really “explosive” but it definitely pops and adds even more to the overall feel of the song. There is a gray version of the song which features Clover’s plaintive vocals. This version is more stripped and downplayed. The Gray Version is not bad at all, and the fact that it stays fairly simple from beginning to end and Clover’s way of expressing the emotion is great…but I really do like the version with Go Hyun Wook just a tad better.

Go Hyun Wook Version

Clover’s Gray Version

The second song of the week from Standing Egg is “Runner’s High” from their album Shine. This song, in particular, is actually part of the OST for Prime Minister & I. I do like how more Korean indie artists and bands are being featured more on OSTs. Hopefully this will get more people interested in their music as well. This song has a very simple melody and rather simple lyrics, but it has it’s charm. I really like how you have this impression of a lover bursting with feelings and running towards the one they love even though the journey is tiring and obstacles get in the way. Well, there is no real dynamic buildup to support this impression, but something about that ending… Totally in love with this song as well and since the two songs are rather different from one another, it’s really hard to pick one that stands out more to feature.


  • When I see this post, I’m almost scared to read it. You have been my enabler lately and you know chances of me buying another album is pretty high. Damn it, NeeNee. Fine, I’ll listen and read your post!

    • *looks innocent* but you know you love me and my enabling, right? 😉 I can’t help it…Standing Egg and 10CM now dominate my phone, so it’s hard to recommend other songs. 😛

      • Yes yes, I love you dearly NeeNee. I can’t recall but that first MV on your post gives me the chills! It started slow and steady and all of sudden the build up of the song shocked me. I had to stop my work to listen to it twice more. It made me wanna burst out crying! So, so beautiful.

        *facepalm* I sounded too dramatic, don’t i? Lol.

        • No, not dramatic at all! It really is a very dramatic and touching song, it always makes me stop and listen, that chorus just explodes with emotion. Clover’s Gray version has some great emotion as well but the first version…just hits me more

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