Angel’s Revenge Episode 54 Recap

I had to restrain laughter this morning, I really did. Don’t want to wake my grandparents up in the wee hours of the morning. What was so funny? Nothing really, just Tae Jeong’s scheme. I found it highly amusing. Does he really think that his grandmother-in-law will believe in his sincerity? Or his brother-in-law for that matter? But then again…given the previews…Ji Seok might opt once again to trust Tae Jeong because of his sister’s faith in her husband. If that is the case…wrong move BIG time.

Miss Ji Hui is livid that her brother would dare to choose Lee Seon Yu over her. She is completely forgetting the fact that she did, indeed, choose her husband over her brother as well. Ji Seok says he doesn’t even want to see his sister anymore in his office as he has this inkling that she will only continue to do bad things. Ji Hui tries to defend herself and push all the blame onto Seon Yu, but Ji Seok won’t have it so Ji Hui storms out and runs right into Seon Yu! She again throws all the blame at our former nun who turns it back and says that it is Ji Hui’s sins, not hers, that is causing the problems. Seon Yu also points out that Ji Hui is just like her husband—unable to accept the responsibility for her own actions, until that happens, Seon Yu cannot quit. Ji Hui tries to point out Seon Yu’s sins and Seon Yu quietly and calmly accepts that what she is doing is wrong and that she will confess everything to Ji Seok when its all over and await her punishment.

Seon Yu walks away and that is when Ji Hui gets the worried call from mummy-in-law saying Tae Jeong has left a suicide note and disappeared. The shocked Ji Hui rushes to the Jang house where Dal Nyeo shows her the note. Ji Hui is relieved. She explains that the very brief note is NOT a suicide note. Dal Nyeo can’t believe that. Look at what it says…Tae Jeong is going far away and they are not to look for him. Snort. Even I can’t take that as a suicide note. Oh…I suppose it could be one, but give Tae Jeong…nah. Of course, Dal Nyeo does have Tae Jeong’s words from the night before where he said he’d rather die than return to his old life still ringing in her head, so I guess it’s a given she panics. Rational…this woman will never be.

Ji Hui calls up Hyeonu who says he has heard nothing from Tae Jeong and he honestly believes that given his “friend’s” pride, none of their other classmates will hear anything either. Hyeonu then worries over what will happen to their contract if Tae Jeong is really kicked out of L Foods. I’m sure this makes Ji Hui very unhappy, but let’s be honest, Hyeonu only cares about Tae Jeong as long as he can help him out. After that, not so much.  Since Tae Jeong has so callously thrown out his past…you know he’ll only use the connections that can help himself, so I highly doubt he has all that many real or close friends and that should tell Ji Hui something.

At the Heo household, Pung Ho has his nunchaku out and is doing moves to the praise of his wife. Gi Jin laughs as his mother calls his father hot. How can that be? Gi Jin then wonders why his father has his nunchaku out after all these years. Pung Ho declares he will be his niece’s bodyguar so they do not have to worry about Tae Jeong molesting her again. Gi Jin then decides to step in. He’s younger. He’ll go collect Seon Yu from work instead. He then leaves and Pung Ho scolds his wife for agreeing that he’s old. Bong Hwang says that the is hot, but he has to own up to the fact he isn’t a spring chicken anymore. She then says their son takes after his father…except for his height, his trim figure, and his hair. Pung Ho stops and thinks…then exactly what did his son inherit from him? His hands, his feet, his ears…basically everything else. LOL. That seems to placate him. You do wonder where the kids in this family get their height from given that Bong Hwang and Pung Ho aren’t all that tall. Plus…if Pung Ho is that short…how much taller was his beloved deceased sister? Got to love genetics, don’t you?

That night Ji Seok praises the staff for a job well done with the new menu item. They leave and he sits Seon Yu down to massage her. He doesn’t want her to be so bright and cheerful all the time as he knows it’s hard work. Seon Yu replies that she didn’t feel tired or anything since she enjoyed seeing the customer’s faces. She then starts laughing and complains that Ji Seok’s massage is tickling her. Ji Seok then starts tickling her on purpose and that’s when Gi Jin walks in. He teases that he knows why his beloved nuna is so early to work and so late to come home. Ji Seok introduces himself to Gi Jin who is impressed that Ji Seok knows that he is Seon Yu’s cousin. Gi Jin then talks about how happy Seon Yu is because of Ji Seok. Hahaha. Seon Yu then asks why he is there and Gi Jin says he is there to protect her from “that man.” As soon as she hears this, she tries to quiet her cousin. Thankfully, he doesn’t name names and just says that man is their family’s enemy and has been bothering his nuna. Ji Seok vows to protect Seon Yu, too. Awww.Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

On the walk home, Gi Jin asks if Seon Yu really likes Ji Seok. This surprises her. Does it not seem like she does? No, that isn’t it, but Gi Jin can easily see that Ji Seok is much more invested in her than she necessarily is in him. You can’t deny that. Ji Seok wears his heart on his sleeve and while we know Seon Yu has a big soft spot in her heart for him and probably is in love with him, she is not 100% committed thanks to her revenge scheme. If only this whole sordid mess hadn’t happened…but if it hadn’t…she would be an official nun on a mission trip to Africa right now. Seon Yu gives Gi Jin the same lecture she gave Ji Seok about people changing, etc. Gi Jin doesn’t get it. Seon Yu asserts she is not the same anymore. Just like Tae Jeong changed and threw Jin Yu away, Seon Yu has changed with her eonni’s death. She goes inside and Gi Jin ponders just what exactly that means since his nuna is the kindest and best in the world. Is she referring to the fact she left the convent for good?

I must say that I like this scene as Gi Jin cautions Seon Yu to be careful with Ji Seok because they all trusted Tae Jeong who was a nice man and look how that turned out. Seon Yu is quick to jump to Ji Seok’s defense. He is an honestly good man—much better than Tae Jeong. You tell it, sister!

The next day dawns and Wu Hyeon hands out his present to his mother. Mrs. Gong is really touched that he bought her such a gift with his first paycheck. Wu Hyeon declares he wishes to work and earn money and do so much more for his mother. Awwww. You can see how touched Mrs. Gong is. Surprisingly enough, Aran sides with Wu Hyeon. Since he is so passionate and earnest, why not let him go back to work at the pizza parlor. Wu Hyeon then shocks Aran by presenting her with her own long underwear…or PJs…or whatever the heck it really is. This really touches Aran, too. She then thinks of her poor daughter and cries recalling the first gift Ji Hui bought her. Mrs. Gong says nothing and walks away, upsetting Aran. Enter Dal Nyeo who cries and begs for Mrs. Gong’s help in finding her missing son. Mrs. Gong is surprised, but at the same time she calmly and coldly tells Dal Nyeo that Tae Jeong will return home and to just wait until he does. LOL.

Aran takes Dal Nyeo back home where Tae Mi scolds her mother for going missing so early. Aran actually does her best to placate her in-law by telling Dal Nyeo that Mrs. Gong will most definitely look for Tae Jeong. However, once Tae Mi takes Dal Nyeo to lie down and Ji Hui invites Aran into her room, her mother drops this and complains about how cold Mrs. Gong is. She then complains about how bad Dal Nyeo is for letting Ji Hui stay in that tiny room. Ji Hui explains that it was the master bedroom and Dal Nyeo gave it up for her and Tae Jeong. She then tells her mother that isn’t the problem right now—finding Tae Jeong is.

Looks like Wu Hyeon did not just buy gifts for his mother and sister-in-law. He also got one for Bong Chang to express his thankfulness and gratitude (and love). This tickles her pink and she flashes back to the shop where she picks out the outfit for Mrs. Gong and while Wu Hyeon goes to pay, she exclaims over a pretty pink one. Thus as they are leaving, the worker hands her a second bag. Needless to say, Bangtong is not happy with this gift at all. He warns his mother that while Wu Hyeon seems like a big child, he’s still a man. This makes Bong Chang laugh. She is just happy to have received a gift as it makes her feel good. She then goes downstairs to work while Bangtong fumes in their room.

Mrs. Gong calls in Mr. Kim to have him look for Tae Jeong discreetly. I don’t think she’s 100% worried for her grandson-in-law and more or less just wishes to know what exactly he’s up to. She goes to work and coldly ignores Ji Hui who goes to plead with her on Tae Jeong’s behalf. To her, instead of Tae Jeong doing his duty and apologizing to Ji Seok, he just made another huge mess instead. Ji Hui whines about the unfairness. If it had anything to do with Ji Seok, Mrs. Gong would be immediately worried and alarmed, but since it has to do with her, no go.

Ji Seok is in his own office. Aran had pled with him to help them find and bring Tae Jeong back for Ji Hui’s sake. He calls up Mr. Kim who reveals he’s already on the lookout. Seon Yu overhears this when she brings Ji Seok the customer surveys about the new menu item. She asks what happened and he reveals Tae Jeong has gone missing after both he and Ji Hui got kicked out of the house. Seon Yu leaves the office. Nope, she isn’t worried about her former oppa’s safety, she’s more worried about just what he is plotting since he has already declared he won’t give up so easily.

Ji Seok gets praise from his grandmother for the early success of the new menu and she is thinking that they should implement it chain-wide. Just wait…the more of Seon Yu’s ideas that Ji Seok can successfully implement before he leaves, he will turn all that praise back on her to get his grandmother to change her mind. But will Mrs. Gong ever think any woman is good enough for her grandson?

At the breakfast table the next day, Mrs. Gong asks Ji Seok to go with her to the construction site as it is something the managing director should do. This annoys Aran. They are having a family crisis (even Wu Hyeon is melancholy over his niece and nephew-in-law leaving) and all Mrs. Gong can talk about is work? Mrs. Gong points out that no matter what happens, they cannot neglect work. Ji Seok then drops Mrs. Gong’s secret by revealing she’s already looking for Tae Jeong. Ji Seok also says he will look around various places as well, making Aran very happy.

Ji Seok and his grandmother go to the construction site and guess who is there as a worker! Yep. The devil himself. Since both mommy and Jin Yu catered to him so he could study without working…he doesn’t know a thing about manual labor. It’s a bold move, that it is. I think it’s a way to show humility and remorse over his bad deeds, but we all know that it’s a giant act on his part.

Previews. Seon Yu confronts him and he literally takes her to the edge of a cliff at the site. This girl needs to be a tad more cautious in such situations. Ji Hui confesses everything is Lee Seon Yu’s fault, but I don’t know who she said that to, the scene flashed by too quickly. Seon Yu is also very disappointed that Ji Seok is willing to give Tae Jeong another chance thanks to Tae Jeong being married to Ji Hui who trusts him. It’s best if he just doesn’t do that.

Oh…and this episode had a cute scene with Tae Mi and Gi Jin. He tried unsuccessfully to break a twin pop in half (or what looked like a twin ice cream fudge bar anyways). He then happens to spot a depressed looking Tae Mi. He is immediately concerned that she doesn’t have her usual spunk. He then hands over the big half of the ice cream and tells her to regather her spirits before walking away. She looks after him and wonders why he makes her heart flutter so before heading home.

It’s cute. Right now Tae Mi is in the first throes of love while Gi Jin is the consummate concerned oppa. When will that change, I wonder?


  • This, like the next couple of episodes are just the build-up ep for next week. There were some good moments that you pointed out; minus the non-repented moments of JH and TJ (definitely a good match, ES said it best)! JS? Such a kind hearted soul! When will it end?! As much as he forgives his sister and TJ, I expect that same forgiveness for SY in the future. GJ moments were just all cute! When he was making fun of PH and his numchuks (he was pretty good), I got a kick out of that scene. He was definitely the scene stealer for episode! WH is always good! Buying BC a gift? So cute!

    • Yeah, nothing particularly amazing so you know we’re going to be kind of dragging, but not really draaaaggging as TJ starts his plotting. Yeah, he and his wife really are a match made in Hell. How lucky they found each other so that TJ could bring JH’s inner crazy demoness out.

      I admit that Pung Ho was surprisingly awesome with the nunchuks and I just love GJ scenes. He’s definitely not a completely useless character and BC and WH are just precious. Love this odd little innocent “couple”!

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