Angel’s Revenge Episode 53 recap

Eh, not a horrible episode and Ji Hui did get some just desserts, but at the same time, a rather flat episode that didn’t do much. Sure Ji Hui and Tae Jeong and Aran have been forced to split and go into exile, but at the same time, you know they will be plotting to come back badder than ever.

Obviously Tae Jeong doesn’t run Seon Yu over. I actually have a feeling that if he were to kill her, it would be for some reason at the same time as himself. He would choose to die with her because by that time his carefully plotted life would be over and there would be no reason left to live. I don’t understand the sentiment. It’s not like his life was really all that bad, but he makes it sound like it was a truly pathetic life. How so? He had a woman who loved him and did everything she could to support him. He even had a great relationship with her family. Why was that so wrong and why is going back to his roots enough to kill him? I just don’t get people like that. Not one bit.

Anywho, Tae Jeong yells at Seon Yu for turning to the Mrs. Gong. Seon Yu reminds him that she gave him a choice and it was ultimately his decision that led her down that path. He tries to drag Seon Yu off to end it once and for all, but she reminds him about the recording. He destroyed it so she has nothing. Seon Yu cracks a smile…she’s not the naïve little nun any more. That was only a copy. If Tae Jeong had kept his word, she would have kept the original buried, but not any more. If something should happen to her, it’s going straight into the hands of Ji Hui. Only when Tae Jeong loses everything will Seon Yu be happy. Enter Bong Hwang and Pung Ho who rush in when they see Tae Jeong man handling Seon Yu some more. At least she’s fighting back this time and will not go easily. Tae Jeong vows its not over and runs away.

Needless to say her aunt and uncle are not happy that she is plotting revenge and doing dangerous things. In a way, Pung Ho is right to say the ultimate revenge is to be happy. And, you know what? Since we know that Seon Yu really does love Ji Seok, isn’t that really the best revenge? Everything that Tae Jeong schemed for…she can get it all (mostly) innocently. She can live happily in a position that Tae Jeong strives for and have the peace of mind to know she really has no ulterior motives too much when it comes to Ji Seok as she does not seek what Tae Jeong seeks….is what I’m trying to say making any sense? I wonder.

Ji Hui leaves. She acts all pitiful. She’s not. She’s conveniently forgetting that this is of her own doing. Sure, like her husband, she pushes all blame onto Seon Yu, but that’s not true. It’s not Seon Yu’s doing, but Ji Hui’s and Ji Hui’s alone. She made this bed for herself and now its time for her to lie in it. I really don’t get why they complain about the Jang house. It’s not that tiny and horrible. Sure, it can’t stand up to the Seo mansion, but sheesh, it’s a decent size house. Dal Nyeo isn’t happy to learn of Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s ejection thanks to Aran’s plotting. Dal Nyeo, Dal Nyeo, she really can’t see her own son’s sins can she? She does dress her daughter-in-law down for not even being able to think of where Tae Jeong could possibly be. It really goes to show how little Ji Hui really knows about her husband…and yet she chose to trust him so willingly. Sighs.

Dal Nyeo goes to the old neighborhood (the one we saw in Seon Yu’s flashbacks). Dal Nyeo figured after all the bad things that happened, Tae Jeong would be nostalgic and thing of the good times with Jin Yu in that place. Tae Jeong is quick to shoot this down. Nostalgia? He’s there because he hates it. That place reminds him of his pathetic life and his misfortune of meeting someone like Jin Yu. Dal Nyeo seems a bit shocked to hear this. Did she really think her evil son was honoring and mourning for Jin Yu? Seriously? How can this woman remain so blind to the faults of her son? Small moments like these make it so you can’t completely hate Dal Nyeo 100%, but they don’t exonerate her own guilt in the whole sordid mess.

Seeing Aran’s fake graciousness with Ji Seok? Blech. I’m sure no one is fooled. Mrs. Gong isn’t one to trust to easily when her faith has been broken. And since Mr. Kim found no hard evidence against Tae Jeong…what will happen there? Mrs. Gong does know he’s guilty. Since they can’t place fraud on his head, he’s being fired for “personal reasons” while Eun Su’s contract is immediately cancelled. Eun Su goes to meet with Ji Hui and while it wasn’t the most awesome scene in the world as I thought Eun Su could have packed a bit more punch (I blame it on weak acting ability of the woman playing her), I still like what Eun Su had to tell Ji Hui. The rich woman acts all gracious and good but is nothing but a manipulative and scheming woman. I’m not sure if I ever 100% liked Ji Hui as she did seem rather immature to me (and these past few episode only showcase that more so than ever), but I didn’t see what Eun Su accused her of so much at first, but thinking about it…given who Ji Hui’s mother is…you can imagine a vindictive streak she keeps hidden under the mask of perfection and goodness she tries to portray.

Needless to say with Tae Jeong’s dismissal, Ji Seok is going back to the main office as the managing director. But he won’t go until he’s finished his promise to Aran. Mrs. Gong says he doesn’t need to do this since Aran cheated. No, a promise is a promise. Seon Yu has some great ideas and if the new menu launch is a success, then Ji Seok wants to implement it in other branches. He goes to work and they do a fighting cheer for the new menu. And, of course, it’s a major success!!!!! Eun Su shows up at the restaurant and sees Ji Seok buzzing around from table to table surveying the people who ordered the new menu. Seon Yu sees her and the two go outside to talk. Eun Su came to earnestly apologize, but seeing Ji Seok…he’s already over it and there is no reason to. Eun Su thanks Seon Yu for caring so much for Ji Seok and apologizes for her actions. She then gives Seon Yu advice from experience—don’t hurt Ji Seok like Eun Su did. What great advice. That would be very bad and while I think Ji Seok will be hurt to an extent, at least Seon Yu has never done what Eun Su did.

Seon Yu goes back in and Ji Seok tells her that he will miss this place now that he’s gotten used to it. He then tells Seon Yu that she must come with him to the main office. Seon Yu says there are rules in the company, plus Mrs. Gong will never go for it. Ji Seok smiles. This is the real reason he’s continuing with the bet with Aran. He will stay for the launch to make sure it’s a success and when it’s obvious it is, then Seon Yu gets full credit and that’s her in to L Foods. Smart Ji Seok-ssi. Got to love him. He can be so deviously smart when he wants to be. I do like that he’s being the bigger person more so than his family in this whole incident.

Ah, what else? Ah, happy that mummy is doing better, Wu Hyeon goes to the pizza parlor. He’s relieved to learn that Gi Jin is only Bong Chang’s nephew and not a rival, lol. He asks for her help to buy his mother a present with his first check and Bong Chang happily goes to help him. I love how Gi Jin forcibly stops Bangtong from interfering. I do find it funny that he was all for mommy marrying for a third time, but when it comes down to it, he’s not happy with Wu Hyeon as his mom has a soft spot for nice guys…but…not really. It’s more like men that appear nice. Didn’t both exes cheat on her?

Tae Jeong sneaks out unbeknownst to his mother or wife. He does leave a note. We know that he hasn’t given up and he’ll be in the dark somewhere plotting new machinations to destroy the entire Seo family and Seon Yu. That’s just how he rolls. He’s smart. Too bad he’s using his brain for bad.

Ji Hui has to apologize to Ji Seok. She doesn’t really want to as you know she’s not sorry for her actions. Aran thinks it should be Tae Jeong, but Tae Jeong really isn’t in the position to do so. Ji Hui is Ji Seok’s beloved little sister, so he will go easy on her for sure. Snort. Ji Seok is as close to a saint as Seon Yu was, but you know he won’t go easy on Ji Hui even though she is his beloved sister. When she comes and apologizes, Ji Seok asks her for what. Ji Hui doesn’t get it. Ji Seok doesn’t want an apology if Ji Hui can’t admit her wrongdoings. Ji Hui cannot believe this. She does cave and admit to her wrongs, but Ji Seok won’t forgive. Since Ji Hui has already committed such atrocities against both himself and Seon Yu to break them up, she is more than capable of doing such things in the future as well. Ji Hui asks if Ji Seok will really choose “that woman” over her? If push comes to shove, then yes, he will. Why? Because Lee Seon Yu is the love of his life.Kwon Yool

Got to love it. Ji Seok has two loves—his first which ended badly, and now his final and true one. Assa! Ji Hui has no right be angry because she has ultimately chosen Tae Jeong over her brother. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, sweetheart.

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  • I didn’t get how she was so shocked that JS chose SY! She obviously chose TJ regardless of what he has done. I’m amazed by her short-sightedness! And the gaul of the woman to criticize JS for his choice! But I LOVED when JS said that SY was the love of his life. Made me feel much better for many reasons!! The next couple of episodes are pretty much the same as we transition into the next fight! But thank goodness ES went out with class! One thing BC wouldn’t have to worry about WH cheating. He wouldn’t know how! He likes Bong Tong’s Mom so much!

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