Angel’s Revenge Episode 52 Recap

There is now 38 episodes to go. Which is the equivalent of 19 hour-long episodes. There is going to be stumbling blocks to be sure, but it’s nice that Tae Jeong is finally losing control of everything. How can he move forward with his way so thoroughly blocked now? I’m really curious and doing my best to NOT peek ahead and just keep plugging away one episode at a time. Me peeking ahead actually can ruin my motivation for recapping on occasion so I try to do it as little as possible now.

Mrs. Gong asks Seon Yu to say what she knows about the whole case and Seon Yu talks of overhearing the phone conversation and Tae Jeong directly confessing to her that he was behind the entire lawsuit and scandal. Tae Jeong remains adamant that he has done no such thing and would never have talked to a mere employee like Seon Yu. Then Eun Su decides to fess up and throw Tae Jeong under the bus (to save herself?) which I thoroughly enjoyed. The eavesdropping Ji Hui comes in as Eun Su is saying she only did what she did to ruin Ji Seok at Tae Jeong’s request so the two could leave Korea together. She then basically runs away. Thank you for being a very brief annoying gnat in the soup.

Mrs. Gong had her suspicions about Ji Hui, but didn’t want to believe her granddaughter would really act against Ji Seok as well. Mrs. Gong has a major meltdown and collapses into a chair. Ji Hui immediately tries to take her to a hospital, but Mrs. Gong refuses and just asks Mr. Kim to take her home to rest and call the doctor over. Those two leave and Tae Jeong and Ji Hui turn on Seon Yu who only says they have brought this on themselves for what they have done. Now Seon Yu needs to desperately go look for Ji Seok as Mrs. Gong revealed that Tae Jeong and Eun Su can’t lie anymore since Ji Seok also has already uncovered the truth from their own mouths.

Ji Seok meets Aran for dinner. She’s her usual self until Ji Seok basically demands an apology for her evil actions. This throws her, but she remains insistent that she knows nothing about the lawsuit incident. She is definitely not happy to learn that Tae Jeong fouled everything up. What’s funny is that every time in this drama that Ji Seok acts out and/or gives a piece of his mind, she’s royally shocked. Wae? You don’t regard him as a son, so why be surprised when he does act out and tells you like it is. I am happy that Ji Seok is finally choosing to stand and fight. He’s been avoiding this conflict for so long that it just keeps festering and getting worse. After he leaves, Aran gets the panicked call from Ji Hui about Mrs. Gong…and the fact that she knows everything. Aran immediately jumps to the conclusion that it was Ji Seok who told her. I know she hates Ji Seok with a passion, but she should technically know his character well enough by now to know he is not the type to go running to grandma when something goes wrong.

Seon Yu rushes to the restaurant where Jeong In informs Seon Yu that Ji Seok’s mother’s visit must have made him a little crazy as he’s been working like a madman all day. Seon Yu turns to see him happily serving the customers. He comes over and she worriedly asks if he’s all right. He gives his usual pleasant smile and then scolds her for going missing when they are busy. He then urges her to go back to work and he heads back to his office where his smiling façade drops. Yeah, he’s not a very happy camper right now, but who can blame him? He then gets a call from a very upset Wu Hyeon. Mrs. Gong had a bad spell and isn’t opening her eyes. Ji Seok needs to hurry home.

Wu Hyeon begs and pleads with his mother and apologizes to her for not checking her blood pressure like he was supposed to because he was working. Awwww. But, it figures the simple uncle would have an irrational guilt trip like that. Mrs. Gong finally opens her eyes and quickly assures her beloved son that she is just fine while Ji Hui and Aran wring their hands outside the door wondering just what to do now that Mrs. Gong knows of their underhanded deeds.

Where is Tae Jeong? At the office. He cannot believe he underestimated Seon Yu and that she actually did such a thing. He goes back to his office only to be told that he is barred from entering and has been fired from the position of Managing Director. He has to turn in his badge and leave the premises. Omo. Mrs. Gong may be ill, but she’s swift. Then again, I’m sure she and Mr. Kim had all of this worked out before hand. I am so surprised, though, that she does act this fast. Though…given her actions in the past, I guess this shouldn’t be surprising.

So the angry and desperate Tae Jeong goes home where he immediately kneels on the floor. Aran does not like this, but he explains what happened at work and says there is no easy way for Mrs. Gong to be placated so he can only do this. Mrs. Gong comes out of her room and Tae Jeong immediately apologizes. He only did what he did in trying to please his mother-in-law. Ji Hui then gets down on her knees and this only confirms to Mrs. Gong that she was well aware of just what her husband was doing. Tae Jeong denies this and Aran gets down on her knees to plead as well. Ji Seok comes in just in time to here his stepmother saying everything is her fault. While she did not order Tae Jeong to do what he did, her son-in-law saw her hatred of Ji Seok and acted on it to make her happy. Mrs. Gong then sees her grandson.

Ji Seok walks over and sadly tells Aran to get up. Even after all she did, even after his vow to stand still and fight back, he doesn’t outright hate this woman. She clings to him and begs for forgiveness for never accepting him, thus creating this mess. She also begs for him to go easy on the misguided Ji Hui and Tae Jeong. Mrs. Gong snaps. There is no reason to go to such lengths as we all know she’s not being sincere. Mrs. Gong then screams out that Tae Jeong needs to get out and divorce her granddaughter. Wowza! Tae Jeong’s expression was priceless. Ji Hui is his ticket, he can’t lose her. After all that hard work and lying, to be thwarted when he’s so close to his goal. Nice. Joha.

Mrs. Gong then takes Ji Seok into her office. He had wanted to take care of this matter so that she didn’t find out. Mrs. Gong explains about Seon Yu telling her everything and begging that Ji Seok not learn the truth of the matter. This surprises him. I don’t know why as I’m pretty sure he knew Seon Yu knew more than she was telling about the situation with Eun Su. Ah, he also does try to get Mrs. Gong to calm down and not insist upon divorce—how will that make the family look? But Mrs. Gong doesn’t want the fox in the hen house. I don’t really think she’s buying that story that Aran is spinning and that Tae Jeong concocted.

Aran berates Tae Jeong up and down for ruining 10 years of hard work. Snort. Right. Hard work. Imagine what would happen if Ji Hui and Aran had put all that effort into just proving their own worth instead of trashing Ji Seok’s. Okay, okay, Ji Hui didn’t do that for 10 years, it was all her mother, but Ji Hui is just as bad for allowing it to happen. I know that Mrs. Gong only sees Ji Seok as the heir, but that is unfortunately how the society is—favor is given to males in the family over females for inheritance and all that jazz. In reality, there is no on innocent in that family for their breakdown.

Tae Jeong and Ji Hui go back to kneeling outside of the door. Aran doesn’t want her daughter to carry the stigma of being a divorcee. She even cursed her daughter for marrying someone like Tae Jeong who is no match and thus why everything was ruined. Tsk, tsk. Too late to cry over spilled milk. Anywho, she begs Mrs. Gong to retract her edict, but Mrs. Gong won’t. Thus Tae Jeong is officially kicked out of the Seo household. Aran urges her daughter to go into exile with Tae Jeong at his mother’s house. This horrifies Ji Hui. She still likes her in-law, but does not want to live in that place. What’s so horrible about it? Sheesh. It’s times like these that Ji Hui’s well-bred snobbery comes out. Aran insists that moving in with the Jang family is the only way to convince Mrs. Gong of their sincerity. I don’t know how that works because to me it’s more like they are abandoning the Seo family entirely.

Seon Yu worries over Ji Seok. She knows he knows. So where is? How is he feeling? Mrs. Gong must be really sick. Enter Ji Seok. She is relieved to see him and gives him her bright smile. The two then go to a batting cage where Ji Seok has some mad skills. He then tells Seon Yu to come in and try. Seon Yu does, but has no idea what she is doing as she’s never done it before. After some bad misses, Ji Seok comes in and tells her to think of the person she hates the most and that will help her.

I will take a short pause here and say I was ready for Tae Jeong’s face to morph onto the ball like in A Cinderella Story where the ball becomes the evil stepmother’s face and our heroine smashed it out of the park. Sadly, it didn’t. It would have been so fun if it did.

Seon Yu heeds this advice and manages to hit a homer. Ji Seok is shocked, but runs into the cage with the excited Seon Yu. He comments that she must have really hated whoever she thought of…it wasn’t him was it? LOL. Seon Yu is quick to assure him it’s not and then asks about himself. He did so well, so he does he hate…or rather…I think they used the term “angry” instead of “hate”. Ji Seok replies he’s angry at himself for allowing everything to happen. He then talks about how pathetic and unreliable he must have been for Seon Yu to tell his grandmother and not him. Seon Yu is quick to tell him that wasn’t the case. She just did not want him to learn of his past love’s cruel betrayal. Ji Seok takes this and then replies that he will not run away anymore and will fight and stand his ground. You go, boy! Took you long enough.Yoon So Yi, Kwon Yool

Ah, I almost forgot two happenings. I’m throwing them in here, before I get to the “shocking” ending.

Bangtong and Bong Chang seek out Wu Hyeon’s house. They find him returning from the store with a bag of canned peaches. He is shocked to see the two, but is very happy they have come to visit since he’s never had visitors in his entire life. Awwww, poor samchon. Bangtong is really a horrible brat in this scene. I could tolerate his actions for the most part earlier as I thought it was kind of cute that he was jealous of the child-like Wu Hyeon. Here…he deserves a spanking. Bong Chang hands over his first paycheck and tells him he can buy some sweats for his mother to help her feel better (as he explained his mom was ill and he was buying peaches for her to get better). Wu Hyeon doesn’t get this and the angry Bangtong explains that first paychecks go to buying something like that for you parents. This brightens the man up and he yells that he will do so. He is soooo cute. Bangtong…I won’t say what he did, but just know he was being a brat. A bad enough one that I can’t really tolerate it. I love kids. I just suck at watching them. I’m easily frustrated. Having my beloved niece and nephew stay with me for the weekend made me realize how glad I was that I could give them back to their parents. Mother material I am not. That being said, I think Bong Chang needs to be more strict and lay down the law with her son. I get why he’s acting the way he is as he is the man of the family now, but still. He’s a kid and it really isn’t right for him to treat adults like that.

Another great happening is Tae Mi can’t get Gi Jin out of her head. She keeps recalling what happened at the pool and his lips. Dal Nyeo comes along and slaps her hard in the back. Ouch. That spot is really sensitive and really hurts. What a mother. Tae Mi then abandons the shop midshift to her mother’s annoyance as she MUST find out Bum’s real name. She goes to the pizza parlor but is afraid of the Heos’ reactions. Gi Jin then pulls up, shocking her and she falls to the ground. He goes to help her up and she pulls back her hand. Did she hurt it? Gi Jin then goes around and picks her up under her arms instead. Awww, such a sweet guy. Tae Mi then gets all antsy and embarrassed and yells at him for always touching her. Gi Jin pokes her cheek with his finger and then puts it in his mouth. Yep, she’s officially lost her mind. Why keep addressing him like he’s a pervert when he’s not? Instead of getting his name, the embarrassed Tae Mi rushes away. It is amusing that she’s all hot and bothered an Gi Jin is all indifferent, but he’s cursed himself. Wae? He says that any man who marries her will have a hard time. Comments like that end up coming from the guy who eventually marries said woman in dramaland, lol.

Okay, back to the ending. Ji Hui is frantically trying to get in touch with her husband, but to no avail. We then cut to Seon Yu walking home. A car horn blares and Seon Yu turns to see headlights heading straight for her. Will he or won’t he, that is the question.

NO PREVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Must anxiously await the next episode.


  • Taejeong’s anger and obsession has reached the heights (depths) of a Shakespearean villain. Thanks for continuing to recap this.

  • Another interesting review. I am just curious at the set number of episodes that you claim are remaining. Are you just planning on doing reviews of 100 episodes or will you do the complete set. If it is the complete set let me share this sad news and unfortunately burst your bubble. This show is certainly going to cross the 100 episode mark if what I have gathered.
    Here is a general breakdown of show episodes that I have gathered.
    Weekly Shows (Mon-Tues, Wed-Thorsday) 16-24 (more can happen if required though this is a general case or some exceptions)
    Weekend Shows. 50 (more can be added) (though some times lesser numbers can be done as well)
    Dailies So far that I have noticed all have reached a minimum of 120 Episodes.
    I note that they claim to have 100 on sites so I guess it is safe to assume that is the basic number they agree on and then if ratings and all go well they increase the number to atleast 20 more and if lucky they add them. This addition can easily go from 5 to even 50 episodes. So sorry to disappoint you.

    Granted I am no expert so my assumption can be wrong.

    Still I really don’t get it if it is Taejong gunning for Seonyu at the end. The damage is already done. So even if he takes her out what will he gain. He can’t get his position back. Atleast not the normal way.
    I would rather prefer that it is Eunsu driving like mad. Not that makes anymore sense.
    I am glad to see that Jiseok is still in a forgiving mood and that even though all that he has gone through his family hands he is still willing to forgive them and is against the divorce even though this may go against him in the future.
    Seriously who would believe what Aran just said. Taejong did all that because he saw that she hated Jiseok so he decided to do that all on his own. It simply doesn’t make all that sense to me. Sure it was to curry her favour but who does that in that case a divorce is more than justified over here. Perhaps Tajeong should have simply married her instead of her daughter they seem to have more in common. Due to their actions they are slowly corrupting Jihui as well.
    This is affecting her thinking and relationship with her brother as well. Frankly this marriage was all jumped up and that to only because she got pregnant otherwise she wouldn’t have been so lucky or unlucky.

    It is for this reason why I don’t approve of getting into such kinds of relationships before marriage. Call me old fashioned if you like but those are my thoughts. I don’t mind someone marrying out of love or getting to know a person before marriage it is what you do in between. (I am sure you are getting what I am trying to say) The reason is simple. If a person gets into such a relationship and then for whatever reason it doesn’t work out sadly it is the woman that gets blamed. Also if during this time she gets pregnant it gets all the worse for her. So if they get divorced or even if she becomes a divorced it is still better because she didn’t do anything wrong but if not like I said all blame comes on her in this society sadly. 😦

    I really feel sorry for Jiseoks uncle. He really can’t get himself a girl. The girl that he likes has a kid who sadly doesn’t like him I can only assume that is because he feels threatened by him. Feels that his mother will forget about him or that he will have to take care of the uncle in this case. If only these two can get together one part of the problem will be solved soon.

    I loved the part where Eunsu turned on Taejong that was the best scene. She certainly can’t seem to lie even though Taejong told her to do so earlier and deny everything. He was correct Seonyu really had nothing against them. Plus I don’t see how grandma discovered that Seonyu was correct. Was she hoping that her appearance would jostle one of them just like it happened. because her going and making that deal with the rival company doesn’t make any sense. They were getting a good deal and in that case it would make sense that they would drop the case against her. it seems like I missed something over here so it would be nice if it was explained.

    Really like the moments that Jiesok and Senyu spend with each other. Shame that Senyu doesn’t realize that she is falling for him and I doubt that will happen any time soon. I guess she will discover that she liked him for quite some time before he discovers that she was using him and tells her to leave. Great Timing as usual.:)
    I wonder who Jiseok hated so much

    the two future in laws (Hopefully) interactions really crack me up. I wonder how they will manage to overcome all the obstacles that their family will cause. I guess that they will be a mending bridges between them and as for Senoyu it will have to be her nephew. (Hopefully)
    Anyway that is it for now. Hope to hear from all of you soon.
    Sadly I am not getting the time to read the last few posts on that other drama.
    Have to make some so that I can get my mind of that 😦
    Till Then all of you Take care.

    • Just a quick response to the episode count. It was originally listed as 100 but then was announced they were scaling back to 90, but who knows what will really happen as dailies approach nearly 200.

      I will respond to the rest when I’m officially home for work, just thought I’d explain that and why I was saying it. Good to hear from you again 🙂

  • Great episode and loved all the moments in this. I was also glad that at least this came out now and not 10-15 ep later because there is a lot that needs to be addressed and of course TJ is not done. I’ve said before I just love cousin GJ and his disinterest in TM. Poor girl! I actually feel sorry for her. She really can’t be related to the green monster and her son? Nah, she was actually left on DN’s doorstep! One more ep for this week. Yeah, that ending freaked me out too. And I really hate the “no previews”! Yes, there is STILL none!

  • What a great episode! Great f*ck fest episode as I said earlier on twitter! What are the chances that Taejeong is the driver behind the wheel? And if he wants to commit a crime, why not just run over her? Why must he honks at her? Dumbass! I bet you that the black box has been removed!

    I’m so glad TJ is now fired from his job! Muahahahaha and the look on JH face when her mom send her to her MIL’s house. She couldn’t even wash the damn comforter properly! I really can’t wait for next episode tonight! Seriously wae no previews????

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