The Forgotten #4 – Standing Egg’s Shine

Since I chose Standing Egg’s spring 2013 album Ambler as my album of the month for April, I thought this would also be the perfect time to talk about something that I have sadly forgotten. I love Standing Egg hands down. I am forever grateful to chukuma at Lost in Paradise for introducing me to this awesome acoustic trio. Their sound is just one that really speaks to me. It’s soothing, a balm to frazzled spirits, and full of emotion and meaning. Ambler was actually my first purchase of this band’s and is an album where I recognize every song as it plays on my iPod or when I put my master music library on shuffle and the songs come on.

Sometime last fall, I purchased a second album by this awesome group. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about this purchase. How could I? I LOVE Standing Egg…with a passion. How could I forget this completely awesome album called Shine? Unlike the album Ambler, Shine features several songs with a female’s vocals instead of having songs comprised solely of a male’s vocals (Clover?). At least that’s whose vocals I’m assuming they are. Standing Egg is interesting in that it’s comprised of 3 members, but not the ones you’ll see performing the music onstage…they actually do go by Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3 and do the writing, composing, and producing themselves. They then employ others to play the instruments and sing live. I believe it’s usually the same people for the most part doing that.

Okay. So, back to Shine. I recently told about my accidental mistake of downloading 250 of my most recent purchases onto my iPod (which ate up it’s poor 8 gigs of memory. Thanks to this, I was able to rediscover the awesomeness that is Standing Egg’s album Shine. You would think since I love their sound and the vocals so much that when they came on, I would immediately recognize the group. I mean, did have an inkling the song was most likely a Standing Egg one, but I was at a loss considering i mainly have Ambler on the brain. I really do need to go out and buy more (read all) of their other albums and singles as they really are just wonderful. It’s even more sad that I forgot, as I’m fairly certain I featured a fair number of tracks in my monthly music posts from this album. Bad me 😦

One thing I really do love about Standing Egg is that they do upload all songs onto their official YouTube channel. This makes it really great to access their music that way. I still, of course, recommend tracking down their music to buy, but it’s nice that they feature all their music, and not just the title songs like so many YouTube channels are wont to do. I highly recommend checking out their entire discography. And enjoy the rediscovery of their awesome album Shine with me.

Shine CD coverShine
Artist: Standing Egg
Release date: 3 October 2013
Buy on Amazon | Google Play | iTunes | Soompi shop | YesAsia

01. Runner’s High

02. In My Dream

03. λ‚˜ μ˜€λŠ˜λ”°λΌ [Na Oneulttala]

04. Once Again with ν•œμ†Œν˜„ [Han So Hyeon](3rd coast)

05. μžˆμž–μ•„ κΆκΈˆν•΄ with 예슬 [Itjanha Gunggeumhae with Ye Seul]

06. Keep Going

07. 먼지λ₯Ό ν„Έμ–΄λ‚΄κ³  with Windy [Meonjireul Teoleonaego]

08. Never Forget You

09. λ„ˆλΌλŠ” μΆ•μ œ [Neoraneun Chukje]

10. 였래된 λ…Έλž˜ [Oraedoen Norae]

11. λˆˆλΆ€μ‹œλ‹€ [Nunbusida]

If you check out Standing Egg’s official YouTube channel, you get bonus instrumentals for, I think, all of the songs on this album. The actual one that you buy does not include any instrumental tracks. Isn’t this just an amazing album? I like that they have an overall unifying sound, but that they infuse their songs with various genres and techniques. That makes their music all the more interesting and pleasing.


  • Oh wow! Just wow! My favorite tracks are #2, #3 and #8. I love Indie style music. You’re right, this album is amazing! The songs are easy to listen to… I can just picture myself listening to their entire album on a rainy day… I’m so in love. Thanks for introducing Standing Egg to me, NeeNee!

    • You are very welcome! I find that Standing Egg really suits spring (and they generally have releases in spring, fall, and winter-guess acoustic doesn’t lend itself to the heat of summer) and thus when you listen to them, it’s like spring – always making one happy with sunshine, warm weather, flowers, and fine rain.

      • I know! And the voices behind these songs are very refreshing. Who is this guy singing? His voice made me laugh, cry and smile at the same time. And the name “Standing Egg” is just too unique! If you can only tell, I’m smiling as I’m typing coz I have Ambler album playing now.

        NeeNee, I feel like I hit a jackpot with Standing Egg!

        • Awww, I want to say that indie artist Clover does most of the singing for the band. You should check out his solo works. There are three indie musicians who usually act as the band for shows and recordings.You do wonder why Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3 don’t do the performances, but just the writing, composing, and producing, but when combining all them together…it’s magic that does make one smile.

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