Angel’s Revenge Episode 51 Recap

Yay for Seon Yu going to Mrs. Gong and planting the seeds of doubt in the ol’ lady’s brain. I can’t believe Tae Jeong really thought that without the recording she had nothing to utilize against him. Hahaha. But you never know how the end of episode confrontation will turn out as there’s no previews. If anything, Tae Jeong may completely throw everything on Eun Su’s shoulders…but I would think that would make her balk and rebel as well… I am curious about Ji Seok. He has to know Seon Yu is lying to him about Eun Su, can he forgive that since she was only trying to spare his feelings?

Mrs. Gong immediately lights into Seon Yu for coming to the office and demands her resignation pronto. Seon Yu says if that is what Mrs. Gong wants, she can do as she requests, however, that will not solve the problem at all—in fact it will only leave Ji Seok more vulnerable to his saboteurs. This does perk Mrs. Gong’s interest. What does Seon Yu mean and further more why should Mrs. Gong believe her? Seon Yu then lays it all out. She fingers Eun su who Mrs. Gong can’t believe guilty since Eun Su doesn’t have a motive. Seon Yu then says that behind Eun Su is the puppet master Tae Jeong. She knows Mrs. Gong will hate her for implicating him since he’s the managing director and family, but it’s really him. Does Seon Yu have any proof of all of this? No proof, but a suggestion for proof. She requests that Mrs. Gong meet with the head of J Foods directly to confront about the lawsuit and end it. Then watch and see what Tae Jeong and Eun Su will do. If it turns out she’s lying, she will leave as Mrs. Gong requests. Seon Yu has only one plea—that Ji Seok never learn of Eun Su’s heartbreaking betrayal.

Seon Yu leaves the office and runs straight into Tae Jeong. She scolds him for breaking his word and he blames her for being a trusting idiot as he has no reason to do what she says if she no longer has the recording. Seon Yu responds with she was giving him the benefit of the doubt for both of their sakes. Tae Jeong walks smugly away saying Seon Yu will always regret her pathetic attempt at revenge. Seon Yu quietly responds that she has no regrets, but Tae Jeong is filled with them.

She heads back to the restaurant where Gyuri and Jeong In are talking about Aran’s horrible display and wondering if she’s really Ji Seok’s mother or not. They thought they were bad off being orphans, but realize that Ji Seok, with parents, has it far worse. Seon Yu asks after him and is told he has gone out and not returned yet. She is worrying like a mother hen. Where is Ji Seok? Brooding on a rooftop recalling Aran’s shrieking. We could have done without that flashback…her voice will send dogs howling.

At the Jang household, Ji Hui is having a rough time and complaining to herself. Dal Nyeo is there to watch over and tell her how she’s doing everything wrong. I can’t believe Ji Hui can’t see just what Dal Nyeo’s plot is since Dal Nyeo quickly stopped pretending to be sick when Ji Hui started working. You really do see Ji Hui’s immaturity. Her main complaint about doing all this work (besides having never done it before) is that she has things to do about Eun Su and Ji Seok. Tsk, tsk. Tae Jeong then comes over and is shocked to learn his wife prepared him dinner and even cleaned all the blankets. Ji Hui is really proud of all of this. Dal Nyeo comes out and dresses her down for complaining, but Tae Jeong quickly jump in and asserts Ji Hui was only telling him about her day and all the things she’s done for the first time. Dal Nyeo then warns her daughter-in-law to not whine about her before sitting down and praising her on a job well done with the steamed ribs. Mmmm….ribs.

The happy Ji Hui goes home where Aran greets the couple. Aran even comments on Tae Jeong’s happy mood. It won’t last long, woman. Not when Seon Yu’s ire starts raining down. Wu Hyeon then comes in and sniffs Ji Hui—oh, she had meat! Ji Hui explains what happened and how she got praised by her mother-in-law, but Aran isn’t happy with Dal Nyeo’s actions and Tae Jeong turns this around by complimenting Aran saying Ji Hui got her cooking talents from her. Gag. Aran does command Wu Hyeon change from his work uniform, but he refuses. He’s wearing it until he officially goes back to work. Awww. But…it would be good for him to…you know…have it washed every now and then.

Seon Yu waits at the restaurant into the wee hours of the night. As soon as Ji Seok comes in, a big smile spreads across her face. You can’t deny the woman likes him. Nope, nope. She then walks over to him and he asks if the staff were gossiping about his mother. He then explains the situation and how he vowed to stop running away and become a whole family at last, but Aran insists she will never let him into her life. Seon Yu sympathizes. He doesn’t want to run away, nor does he want to confront Aran in a war. He’s very conflicted…but he does insist that he won’t run away, which is good. He does ask Seon Yu about her words to Eun Su the other day. Seon Yu says there was nothing behind her words—she just said them, but we know Ji Seok has his bloodhound cap on and is in truth-seeking mode, so he won’t really believe in Eun Su’s innocence.

The next day Mrs. Gong puts Seon Yu to the test and goes to visit Jo Foods’s chairman personally. She promises to give up a mall food court that both companies have been bidding on as long as he drops the suit. This definitely perks his interest. After this she meets with Tae Jeong who has just learned that Mrs. Gong rescinded her order to immediately fire Seon Yu. He doesn’t ask her directly, but roundaboutly…is that a word…and says he is going to meet about the lawsuit—what has been decided about Seon Yu. Mrs. Gong says she will not be dismissed as she visited J Foods herself and learnt it was an inside job. She then tells him he’s off the case and she’ll take it from there. He leaves and she sends her own bloodhound out to follow—Mr. Kim.

Tae Jeong goes back to his office freaking out. What could have happened? He calls up his friend at J Foods who is also at a loss as to what is going on. This assures him it wasn’t his friend’s doing…then who’s? He rushes out of the office to meet Eun Su who has an unexpected guest—Ji Seok. The man doesn’t beat around the bush and jumps straight to the heart of the matter. Eun Su takes umbrage at his question and he says she shouldn’t as it has been confirmed that this is an inside job. Only those at the meeting (a grand total of, what, 5 people?) knew of the plan and thus could have leaked it. He’s questioning everyone. Eun Su is still angry at his asking at all. She then gets a call from her restaurant in France and goes into the the BATHROOM to take it. Looks like things are getting worse and she’s stalling for time until she scrapes the money together. While she’s in the can, Ji Seok looks at her laptop and notices an email to Tae Jeong. He doesn’t need any more proof or denials from her. She comes back out and tries to talk a little more, but Ji Seok leaves with a stone face not saying anything else.

Eun Su then gets Tae Jeong’s call and rushes out to meet him. Only Ji Seok hadn’t left and is following her as well. Tae Jeong’s biggest fear is Ji Seok learning the truth since Mrs. Gong is hot on their trail. Eun Su tells him that Ji Seok is suspicious and both are racking their brains to what could have happened. Funny how they don’t think of Seon Yu at all because she has confronted both of them for their dastardly deeds. Anywho, Eun Su keeps demanding the promised sum of money which Tae Jeong doesn’t want to give since she obviously didn’t do the job well enough. Eun Su yells that she did everything she was told and will be getting paid in full. I know there had to be some sort of agreement, but I really didn’t think she was completely in this for the money. Yep, Eun Su is one helluva nappeun yeoja. Can’t wait til she’s completely out of the picture at last.

She leaves the café and runs straight into a very angry and disappointed Ji Seok. Tae Jeong is equally unhappy to see his brother-in-law. Ji Seok…it’s no exaggeration…his looks could kill! Kudos to Kwon Yool for pulling off that angry face that looked like he was shooting lasers from his eyes at his betrayers. He bawls Eun Su up and down for being a disappointment and lying to him until the end. He shoots one more angry glare at the shocked Tae Jeong and walks away. Tae Jeong then lights into Eun Su for not lying or begging to stop Ji Seok. Enter Mr. Kim asking to see them both.Kwon Yool

At the Heo household, we learn that Bangtong has failed a spelling test as he spells in saturi (dialect) instead of Seoul standard speech. Bong Chang goes to announce this, but Bangtong covers her mouth and begs his mother to let him at least retain his pride. LOL. He is adorable and his relationship with his mother can definitely bring some heartwarming comic relief at times. Seon Yu asks after her cousin. Bong Hwang says that Gi Jin believes what happened with the injustice of Jin Yu’s death was all because they were poor. Thus he’s gotten a second job that will put his looks to good use. If nothing else, they’ll be rich thanks to their angry son.

So where is Gi Jin? Well, first we meet Tae Mi who is dressed in a skimpy little bikini to take swimming lessons of all things. One does not wear skimpy little show bikinis for lessons. Her eyes then find an attractive man in tight swimming briefs (not the skimpy ones, mind you, the ones that go almost to the knee…but they are still very form fitting). Dang the actor playing Gi Jin has a very nice body and Tae Mi is drooling over it until she sees it belongs to Gi Jin. The two do their normal bickering and when Tae Mi goes to kick him again, he sidesteps and she falls into the pool. He smirks saying she must have forgotten him saying he wouldn’t allow a second kick and walks away only to see that Tae Mi can’t swim…at all. He jumps in to save her and even does some CPR. When she comes to, she’s in a state of shock. Gi Jin scolds her for taking 10 years off of his life and tells her not to do such thing again. He walks away and Tae Mi groggily sits up and wonders why her heart is pounding so much. LOL. How quickly ire turns to attraction for the young woman.

Okay. So Mr. Kim takes the two devils into Mrs. Gong’s office where they plead innocence and ignorance. Eyeroll. Mrs. Gong is unhappy that they are lying to the bitter end. She then brings in their accuser, shocking the two.

End episode. No previews. Just what will Tae Jeong do now? And how will Ji Seok react if he knows Seon Yu was trying to spare him the pain of finding out Eun Su’s betrayal since he’s all big on honesty?

Can I just say I loved it when Eun Su tried to tell Ji Seok that she only followed Tae Jeong’s orders to be able to leave with Ji Seok after he gets kicked out from the Seo family? Ji Seok says she’s disappointed him until the end and he knows it wasn’t about him, but about money. So just take your money and go. Assa! I really wish he would have said something to Tae Jeong, but a look is worth a thousand words and even Tae Jeong wriggled a bit under the heat of that gaze.

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  • Okay, wasn’t a great start for the next few ep that are also great?!! And yes, GJ has a bode and I love his character. I also like how he is so disinterested in TM! Surprise he doesn’t realize who she is. Their ages must not be close and he must have been gone a long time that he doesn’t realize who she is. Yeah, TJ and the equally lying ES busted!! Loved it!

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