Black Butler Live Action Movie Release Date Set

Woohoo! And yet very depressing how many more months we must yearn for the release of this movie. I know that I have said before that I am not 100% sold on the casting or the plot changes, but I’m still excited about this movie as I really do love the Kuroshitsuji (aka The Black Butler) series (manga, anime, musicals, etc.). Ah, and for you US fans, don’t get too excited as this is the official Japanese release. So…no English subtitles. That usually comes quite a bit after the official Japanese release so it can be even longer before we stateside will be able to watch it.

So mark your calendars for June 4! Hopefully we can get English subtitled editions by the end of the year as Black Butler is relatively popular in the anime and manga world in the US, plus the movie is released by Warner Brothers, so we should see US/English releases. Until then, you can check out the recap/review of this movie here: JMovie Review: Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler.

Black Butler / Japanese Movie
No subtitles, Region 2 DVD
Black Butler / Japanese Movie
No subtitles, Region free


  • I’m looking forward to it and I also hope it will be available internationally! (Like Rurouni Kenshin movies, hehehehe!)

    • I think it’s highly like it could be since we already have the manga and anime in English. So fingers crossed, that means they’ll give us an official international release of the live action movie.

  • Hello from Singapore! ^^ The movie has been showing here already and it’s really good in my opinion! :))) but I didn’t read the manga so yeah T.T really hope you guys get to watch it soon!!!

    • Sadly, I don’t think the movie ever made it to theaters here in the US or if they did, they never manage to make it into Midwestern theaters, so I am anxiously awaiting the DVD release. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      I am hoping to be able to divorce my knowledge of the manga and anime to be able to enjoy the movie even with the major plot digressions.

  • And its a Warner Bros Production too….so yeah US release coming soon!! PLEASE!

  • I’m gonna watch it but I find their reasoning for setting it n the future ridiculous. “We have to justify having Japanese instead of Brits blah blah blah!” ….clearly they haven’t seen the Kuroshitsuji musicals. They were amazing and all Japanese cast. Uehara is the best Grell ever. and Yuya improves his Sebastian with every performance, can’t wait to see his performance in the upcoming musical. (Ciel changes with every production…being an actual 12-14 yr old lol)

    • It’s overall not deplorable, but I am sad they could not stick with the original plot. I agree that the justification is silly since they musicals are pretty faithful to the series. I really wish I could see a performance of the musical in person with Uehara and Matsushita. They both do an excellent job. I really missed them in the movie since I was used to Matsushita as Sebastian and it’s just no fun without Grell even though they do give Undertaker a cameo.

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