Angel’s Revenge Episode 50 Recap

I won’t lie, this was not a bad episode in any means, but I did feel slightly disappointed, however, with Seon Yu’s final decision and actions and the previews for 51, there is reason to hope…plus I have Be’s word so that should be good enough, right? Oh, and it (the previews) shows you just how materialistic and uninvested Eun Su really is.

Eun Su, Eun Su. You can tell it was all an act because her crying was so unrealistic. She throws herself into Ji Seok’s arms and clings onto him. The two then go out to a bar where Eun Su gets all liquored up. Ji Seok understands what happened now (I always thought it was obvious, but I guess he, like Seon Yu, really is too innocent) and asks after Eun Su’s father. He’s dead. Towards the end he had wanted to see Ji Seok once more. Turns out his condition relapsed after Mrs. Gong had taken care of all the money for the life-saving surgeries.

Thus the two end up back at Eun Su’s apartment. She pleads with Ji Seok to stay with her through the night as she feels feverish from crying (she looks perfectly fine to me the drama queen) and is really missing her father. Ji Seok, because he’s a big softy like Seon Yu (they really are kindred spirits, aren’t they?) does stay. Baaaad move on his part.

Anywho, Seon Yu turns down a treat from her two girls as she’s waiting for Ji Seok to return from his dinner with Ji Hui. He should have been back by now. How sweet that she’s coming up with new ideas to help save him…while he’s with another woman, lol. She gives him a call (she tried calling before, but I think Eun Su noticed this and cuddled right into him at the bar, making him reluctant to answer), and Eun Su picks up the phone! Seon Yu is in a state of shock and I think she’s also hurt. Eun Su plays things up and when the two hang up, she feels satisfied in believing Seon Yu has no recourse but to give up (she doesn’t know Seon Yu very well, does she?). She then takes out Ji Seok’s compass. The filthy woman has no right to touch that, nope, nope.

Ah, we do get an angry Bangtong and worried Bong Chang returning back to the Heo house where a livid Gi Jin is lifting weights so that he can kill Tae Jeong with his own hands. Of course, Bong Chang is worried about poor Wu Hyeon who didn’t show up or call. And of course Bangtong is angry at the ahjussi for not coming. And Bong Hwang and Pung Ho are worried about their son’s attitude and what he’ll end up doing. I did love it when Bong Chang covered her son’s ears and told her nephew to watch his language (since he mentioned killing Tae Jeong) in front of her son. It was amusing.

At the Jang household, Dal Nyeo is bitterly drinking while Tae Mi is trying to meditate her anger away, but she just can’t. She then asks her mother what is wrong with her to be always moaning and groaning and drinking. Dal Nyeo explains what happened with Gi Jin. Oddly enough, even though she was so outraged at the time, she does admit Tae Jeong deserved Gi Jin’s wrath so that was understandable (and acceptable), but Aran’s mistreatment of her son is not. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth (and to quote Dr. Neil McNeil…”and we’ll all be eyeless and toothless”). What does Dal Nyeo have up her sleeve? As much as I’m hating her right now…I enjoyed what she did.

I do get some satisfaction as Ji Seok wakes up to Eun Su setting the table. She’s all perky and happy like the other night never happened. Ji Seok, on the other hand, is very…solemn…morose…dispirited. I think that stems from his great disappointment in both his grandmother and Eun Su. Even though she was having such a hard time, she was wrong in taking that money and throwing him away. He leaves after assuring himself that she is fine. She pleads with him to stay and go to work with her (probably to drive nails into Seon Yu’s coffin, well that backfired, didn’t it?), but to no avail.

Mrs. Gong is happy to have Ji Seok back, but not happy that he was with Eun Su the entire night. Ji Seok only says he will change (very tiredly) and get ready for work. Mrs. Gong is happy that he is not mad at her. Ji Seok says he can’t be mad when it’s been so long already. But he’s sad. He hopes that his grandmother never does such an atrocious thing again. Don’t hold your breath, this woman doesn’t care how much you hurt as long as she can find whatever perfect socialite that befits his status.

Ji Seok arrives at work and finds Seon Yu still there…she never left!!!! She doesn’t let on that she knows where he was all night and he apologizes for being late. Enter Eun Su. With the compass. Again, more fakeness on her part. He forgot his compass—she found it on her bedside table that morning and wanted to be sure he had the precious item. She then casts a look at Seon Yu and feigns innocent surprise…did she say something she shouldn’t have. Snort. Shakes head. It’s so obvious what she’s doing…and I totally love Ji Seok’s response. He ignores Eun Su and immediately turns to Seon Yu. He apologizes for not being completely honest with her right away and says very calmly that nothing happened at all between him and Eun Su the previous night. He’s fairly oozing sincerity, so there is no way that Seon Yu wouldn’t believe his words.

Ahem. Ji Seok then says that everything is now in the past and he will never see Eun Su again. This makes her (Eun Su) livid. He knows the truth now…he knows she had no choice…how can he say that to her? Ji Seok then starts losing his calm mask. He hates liars the most (big blow and guilt trip to Seon Yu who has been lying to him for a long time now—remember omission counts as a lie and she has been fibbing grandly these past few episodes). Eun Su should have been honest with him about his grandmother and her father’s condition. Eun Su keeps trying to defend her actions, but Ji Seok is having none of it. He doesn’t believe she’s right at all. Amen to that. She isn’t right. Nope.

Seon Yu later finds Ji Seok sitting out on a bench near the restaurant. She informs him that Eun Su has finally left. Ji Seok replies that he had to make things are on the woman for her to understand. He then takes Seon Yu’s hands and says he will never let go of them. What he had with Eun Su is in the past. It is unfortunate what his grandmother has done, but she has a complex when it comes to him. He hopes that Seon Yu will be able to stand strong against Mrs. Gong’s actions. Seon Yu warmly smiles and says she isn’t scared. Not of Mrs. Gong anyways.Kwon Yool, Yoon So Yi

Mrs. Gong gave her granddaughter a scolding over the Ji Hui incident and this makes are stupid, childish, crazy Ji Hui unhappy. Guess she didn’t think Mrs. Gong would be so adverse to Eun Su’s arrival. What an idiot. Mrs. Gong will excuse Tae Jeong for not knowing about Eun Su, but she can’t excuse Ji Hui. Her granddaughter says that Eun Su can obviously help Mrs. Gong with the Seon Yu situation. This does not placate the woman at all. To her, neither Eun So nor Seon Yu are good enough and boy does this get Ji Hui’s dander up. Desperate dander that is.

She goes to see Eun Su who is angrily packing her bags. Ji Hui insists that the other woman must stay and fight with Seon Yu (who is completely evil) for Ji Seok. Eun Su isn’t as dumb as I thought. She knows that she is being used as Ji Hui hated her when she was dating Ji Seok—looks like even Ji Hui didn’t approve of a mere chauffer’s daughter for her oppa. Ji Hui is taken aback and tries to get out of any ulterior motives. She does manage to stammer out about Seon Yu being a poor gold digger out to use Ji Seok. This actually also offends Eun Su…not what Ji Hui was going for. Haha.

Tae Jeong, having destroyed the pen’s recording, calls up J Foods to have them go through with the lawsuit after all. Which makes Aran dance with joy on the inside and makes Mrs. Gong very angry that Lee Seon Yu caused such a mess that will only hurt her grandson. Ji Seok and Seon Yu were having a meeting about her new idea for smaller portions suitable for a single person when they get the notice. Ji Seok is not happy at all and neither is Seon Yu. She’s angry that Tae Jeong dared to stab her in the back again. Snort. How many warnings has Tae Jeong got from both her and Ji Seok now about NOT stabbing them in the back and WHAT does he keeping on doing? Get a clue people.

Ji Seok goes to meet with Tae Jeong where he overhears Eun Su saying the lawsuit was supposed to be a threat—not a reality. He bursts into the office and asks what that means. Eun Su covers quickly and says t hat she thought J Foods was only threatening with the lawsuit and wouldn’t actually go through with it (the gears are starting to finally work for Ji Seok, even though he doesn’t pursue the matter here). Ji Seok is firm in his decision not to fire Seon Yu or let her resign. Try as hard as he might, Tae Jeong just can’t collect all his feathers in the wind and we know Ji Seok will learn the truth and be able to save both himself and Seon Yu.

Aran goes to the restaurant where she shrilly yells at her stepson. This woman. I know she doesn’t want him to succeed at all, but I really don’t get her and Tae Jeong being so willing to hurt the company to accomplish their goals. Nothing like dressing down the manager and shrilly yelling for all employees and patrons to hear about the impending lawsuit and Ji Seok being more consumed by his own love life rather than work. I hate this woman with a passion.

Back at the restaurant, Ji Seok is in a meeting with one of his managers who he has investigating what happened at J Foods. They have already learned that this menu change happened very fast…as in it was not in the works at all until just now. If that isn’t suspicious enough, until the very last minute, the name of the menu was the exact same as the name for TGI Friday’s! A similar menu can be a coincidence…but not the name—that smacks of something fishy. The manager leaves and Ji Seok wonders who it could be from their restaurant. He then recalls Seon Yu’s words of sabotage that she used towards Eun Su at a previous meeting and Eun Su’s unbelievable angry response. Took him long enough.

Ah…and when Tae Jeong was meeting Mrs. Gong, didn’t she find it odd that J Foods was insisting completely on the firing of a single employee and won’t settle the case until said employee is gone? Actually, any investigation in to the matter will be proof enough they don’t have the grounds to sue, so alarm bells should be going off for Mrs. Gong that J Foods are being so stubborn over this employee.

The seething Seon Yu, meanwhile, has headed for L Foods. She smirks as she watches Tae Jeong leave Mrs. Gong’s office and goes in herself. She has something to tell the woman about what happened. Assa! She’s throwing Eun Su and Tae Jeong under the bus. About dang time. Like I said, promising previews for 51!

Oh…and I almost forgot. Dal Nyeo’s revenge on Aran is to turn Ji Hui into her personal slave. She calls Ji Hui over pretending to be sick, gives her a dressing down for not being immediately concerned from the moment she walked in the door. She then complains about Ji Hui not cooking for Tae Jeong and instructs her to back beef rib soup…oh and wash the blankets while she’s at it. LOL. Ji Hui…I didn’t think she’d be such a pampered princess, but she looks positively horrified and upset, though she still is quick to say “how high” when MIL asks her to jump.

@missienelly – I don’t think Ji Hui’s shock in the previews at seeing Eun Su and Tae Jeong has anything to do with the suspicion of an affair…that shocked expression is more likely the belief that the two might be in deep doodoo since Mrs. Gong’s right hand man Mr. Kim is asking for them both to go with him to see Mrs. Gong.


  • “desperate dander” LOL! Thanks for the recap.

  • Yes, this was definitely the start of a series of good episodes. I was glad that basically ES is done and done. I really didn’t want them to drag that story out too much longer. She was getting on my nerve about “her pain”! Her pain? I even snorted when she said that. Like JS begging and pleading her at the airport wasn’t pain! SY and JS with their trusting souls. It has got to stop; especially SY because she knows how cheap and conniving the devil and his wife are. And AR screaming at the business? Damn, even I cringed!! I’m glad that was the straw that broke the nun’s back!!

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