Song of the Week – 31 March 2014

The end of March is here. That means there will soon be a post for March music recommendations. I think that will be rather short, actually. I haven’t been discovering too much this month I guess. Maybe I’ve been too busy to really do my music scouring. Who knows?

The song for this week is none other than Korean band Nell’s awesome song “지구가 태양을 네번” [Jiguga Taeyangeul Nebeon; Four Times Around the Sun]. Nell had just made their comeback after a somewhat long hiatus when I first discovered them. They are awesome. I guess my biggest complaint is that when I found this band, it was really hard to find their music in the US iTunes store…or any US digital music store. Happily that has seemed to change and you can get their latest releases (and some older ones)!

Nell - Newton's Apple tracklistNewton’s Apple
Released: 27 February 2014
Buy on iTunes
CD 1
01 Decompose
02 Fantasy
03 타인의 기억 Disowned Memories
04 침묵의 역사 History of Silence
05 지구가 태양을 네 번 Four Times Around the Sun
06 Grey Zone
07 Newton’s Apple
08 환생의 밤 Night of Reincarnation
09 소멸탈출 The Great Escape
10 Dear Genovese
11 Sunshine
01 Coin Seller
02 백야 White Night
03 Holding onto Gravity
04 Blue
05 Boy-X
06 Ocean of Light
07 Perfect
08 Burn
09 Haven
10 Walk Out.

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