Angel’s Revenge Episode 49 Recap

Seon Yu is far too trusting. Given all that Tae Jeong has done in the past, I can’t believe she decided to believe that he would do the right thing for once. This girl. But, I’ve been promised she really kicks butt in the end of episode 50, so I might let her off the hook this one time. Eun Su…I hate both her and Ji Hui more and more with each episode. Tae Jeong is a given…but…he’s smart crazy. These two women are stupid crazy and the things they pull. Shakes head.

A song dedication for Eun Su – JoJo’s “Too Little, Too Late”

Seon Yu says she is happy that Ji Hui and Ji Seok are there as she has something to tell them. Ji Hui is angry. Seon Yu is here to resign, righ? Why does she need to talk to the head of marketing? Tae Jeong then immediately cuts in and says he knows that Ji Seok doesn’t want Seon Yu to resign, so he’s hoping to find another solution with J Foods. Ji Hui is livid. Ji Seok is ecstatic. Ji Seok leaves with Seon Yu while Ji Hui angrily demands to know why Tae Jeong is striving to save the thorn in their sides. The answer is simple—Eun Su was found out so this is damage control before it can get back to Ji Seok and bite them in their rears. Riiiight. Of course he can’t tell his wife that his dead girlfriend’s sister has some nasty dirt on him about the dirty things he’s done to ensure Ji Hui doesn’t leave him.

In the parking garage, Ji Seok is happy that Tae Jeong will try to find a way out for their restaurant branch. He then scolds Seon Yu for promising to stay by his side and then going behind his back to resign. Seon Yu tells him that she is always sorry to him and that she can’t let him get hurt because of her. Very true words. Unfortunately, Tae Jeong has picked up on this. Sure, he’s out to ruin Ji Seok as well as Seon Yu—she doesn’t know this yet for whatever reason—but affection can hinder and Ji Seok is a bruise he’ll keep probing to turn to his advantage and Seon Yu’s disadvantage.

Back at the restaurant, Eun Su acts all haughty and tells Seon Yu if she really cares about Ji Seok at all, then she needs to resign NOW and let Eun Su step in to pick up the pieces. Seon Yu has had enough. She doesn’t feign that she has no idea what Eun Su has done and confronts her. Knowing how much this will hurt Ji Seok, how can Eun Su do such a thing? Because she is going to leave Korea with Ji Seok in tow. What about the pain this will give him? Who cares? What about her own pain? Seon Yu points out Eun Su’s relationship with Ji Seok is now in the past and it’s time for her to get over it and move on. No can do. Eun Su sees that Seon Yu really cares for Ji Seok since she hasn’t told him the hurtful news of what Eun Su is doing, so she had better keep her mouth shut to the end and let Eun Su work her evil to win Ji Seok back. Snort. Really? She really expects Seon Yu to just let her continue on? Aigoo. This, again, proves Eun Su’s stupidity…or should we call it willful ignorance?

Of course, the restaurant is at a disadvantage now that their promotion has failed. Customers leave angry because they can’t use the special coupon for the new item menu that no longer exists and many turned to the competitor’s restaurant that stole their idea. But that’s okay. Why? Seon Yu keeps getting ideas. When a man had so much leftover food it’s not because it wasn’t good—but because the portions were entirely too much for him to finish (they don’t do leftover carryout in Korea?). I will stop here and say this is actually a pet peeve for me in most restaurants. They give you far too much food for a person to eat at a single time (without overeating and stuffing yourself that is—this is particularly true with Asian restaurants…you get huge dinner plates heaped with food O_O). Anywho, we all know that Seon Yu is going to propose to do something about this and I am sure it will save them money which will help as they are currently in the red now thanks to the failed menu launch.

They go about having a meeting and Eun Su barges in. Seon Yu makes a snarky comment that they will definitely recover and turn the profits around in time as long as no one sabotages them. This irks Eun Su—is Seon Yu trying to implicate her? Aigoo, how can Ji Seok remain oblivious to just what is going on? Even though Seon Yu said this with a smirk towards Eun Su (Ji Seok didn’t see that and only heard the words), isn’t it strange that Eun Su was kick to get angry at this? You have two reasons, yes, one is innocence, but another is protesting too quickly equates to guilty and since Seon Yu didn’t come  right out and accuse her, you know its more along the lines of guilt.

Seon Yu and crew leave and Eun Su sits down and pleads with Ji Seok to get rid of Seon Yu. He is very firm in replying this isn’t going to happen at all. Eun Su tries to bring up their past and Ji Seok is having none of it. If it wasn’t for Eun Su working at L Foods, he would not see her at all. He then spits her words from…however many years it was ago…back at her. So…he really believes that is the reason she left? Fine. Think that way if it makes him happy. I SO KNEW she was going to pull that stunt. But…in all honesty…we all know she’s not innocent, but I won’t touch on that just yet, I’ll wait til we reach this episode’s ending scene.

Amidst this drama we have poor Wu Hyeon. He’s still wearing his delivery clothes and agonizing over not being able to see Bong Chang who is agonizing over the doll and poor Wu Hyeon herself (much to Bangtong’s dislike since he knows the Wide Eyed Ahjussi likes his mother). The two end up on the phone with one another. Chang wants his account number to wire his pay in, but Wu Hyeon either doesn’t have one or doesn’t know about it. His mother only ever gives him cash. He springs up off the couch to rush to the pizza place to get his pay when mommy comes in and stops him. Wu Hyeon can only cry and shout at her back that he doesn’t like her and she’s mean. Awwww. So childish, but that is his mentality—he’s not fully an adult and probably never will be.

We also get more of Dal Nyeo. To be safe, she is staking out the restaurant and hopes to slip in when only Bong Chang is there. Unfortunately she runs into Gi Jin and Bong Hwang. Gi Jin is all politeness, but Bong Hwang cuts him off and tells him not to be polite to Dal Nyeo. She then proceeds to kick Madame Na to the curb. Needless to say Gi Jin has not been filled in on just what has happened during his long absence. Bong Hwang and Pung Ho finally fill him in on the dirty deeds of both mother and son. Gi Jin knew something was up thanks to Seon Yu’s actions and how she talked about Tae Jeong. He’s livid. He’s a good little brother who wants to go beat his would-have-been in-law to death. I abhor violence, but Tae Jeong could use a good beating. Dal Nyeo overhears Gi Jin mutter that he’s going to kill her son before driving away on his bike. She’s freaking out at this.

Meanwhile, Seon Yu meets with Tae Jeong since he cannot be led around by the nose, he has a proposal to make. Seon Yu needs to destroy the recorded conversation and only then will he stop the lawsuit. Seon Yu reminds him she was going to reveal everything to both Ji Hui and Ji Seok, but Tae Jeong is very right in guessing that she really doesn’t want to tell Ji Seok the truth. Why? Because she loves him and doesn’t want him to get hurt. This is why she can never beat him (his words more or less, not mine). Seon Yu hands over the recording (I sincerely hope that is NOT the original and only copy now as we all know how much Tae Jeong keeps his word) and Tae Jeong hands over the formal complaint. Seon Yu rips it up and tells him to stop the lawsuit or else. Snort. I can’t believe she trusts him to do the right thing. Without the axe above his head, he won’t and we all know it.

Seon Yu leaves the café and is spotted by Gi Jin who also spots Tae Jeong. He hastily parks and jumps off his bike and gives him a hard punch to the kisser. Heeheehee. I was laughing in glee over that. Anywho. Tae Jeong stands up and says Gi Jin is a thug like his father. That earns him a harder punch. Seon Yu and Dal Nyeo both rush in to intervene. Dal Nyeo takes umbrage and threatens to sue for assault while Tae Jeong just drags her away. Seon Yu, meanwhile, scolds Gi Jin for acting so rashly. Gi Jin cannot stand that Jin Yu’s death is going unpunished. Seon Yu understands this and wants him to sit back and wait—she will see Tae Jeong gets the punishment he deserves for his crimes. As much as Seon Yu is trying to keep her family in the dark and out of this whole mess…I think it would be good to have Gi Jin as an ally.

Let’s see. Ah, yes. Not trusting that Seon Yu won’t spill the beans to Ji Seok, Ji Hui sets a grand scheme up. She goes to collect her brother for dinner. He goes off to take a call and she confronts Seon Yu who is upset that she is taking such extremes as it will only hurt Ji Seok in the end. Ji Hui lividly says that Seon Yu’s concern is not real as it is only pretend love—fake love. Eun Su’s is real love, so that makes her a million times better. Yes…real selfish love. Even if Seon Yu is with Ji Seok (partly) for revenge, she is also by his side because of genuine concern and affection. That is why she takes umbrage every time he gets hurt by Tae Jeong or Ji Hui. Why Ji Hui can’t see this is beyond me, but we all know she’s headed down that primrose path.

She takes Ji Seok to a restaurant where she also called out Ji Hui. She then acts all fake surprised to see Mr. Kim guarding the door. Did Mrs. Gong run into Eun Su? Yes. Inside, Mrs. Gong is dressing Eun Su’s brazenness at coming back down. Eun Su says she isn’t backing out of their agreement. Yep, she took money to leave Ji Seok. Um…how did he not know this? I thought it was pretty obvious myself and there were all these hints earlier that Mrs. Gong interfered and Ji Seok knew about all that so WHY the surprise to learn she bought Eun Su off? Tch. I won’t exonerate Eun Su—she only took the money because her father was sick and needed help. We know deep down that is all BS and taking that money was not the right thing to do. Although…if she was desperate…maybe…but her attitude shows how selfish she is now, so I can’t imagine her being any different back then.

Ji Seok storms in and says in a deadly, dark voice that he will talk with his grandmother later before going off after Eun Su and asking her to talk. She throws herself into his arms and he reluctantly puts up his arm to comfort her.

End episode. We all know that Eun Su is here to make him stumble, but even learning the truth, I don’t think he can quit his feisty former nun as easily as people seem to think he can.


  • You have me totally totally waiting to see the end of episode 50. Because, really, it’s about time Seon Yu does some seriously nasty beatdown on Tae-Jeong and Ji Hui. Thanks for your recaps.

  • Bahahaha the song is so fabulous and fit with the current episode! Well, I wanted to rant but you heard it already over the twitter!!! This morning I went and search for ep50 just to realize I usually watch the latest episode in the morning. Now I feel so empty coz I can’t wait for 50 to come!!!! I want to beat the hell out of JiHui!!!! And she called herself educated woman… perghhhh

    On the other hand, I notice SY is coming out of her nunnery comfort zone now. All the white lies she’s been making… I thought what’s hold her back was because of her previously status as a training nun. Glad it is over now and she’s shedding her layer one by one…

  • Yes, I too was hoping that wasn’t the original but alas, we keep forgetting the nun side of SY in trusting people in their word. Hopefully the writer will make this the last wake up call for SY and her having faith that there is humanity left if TJ or his wife. AR is a lost cause and SY has seen that. As far as G/ma, it remains to be seen. The old bitty, who is good enough for her grandson?!

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