Angel’s Revenge Episode 48 Recap

A sad fact about daily dramas—they don’t necessarily have good acting. That’s not to say every actor in a daily drama can’t act their way out of a wet paper bag, but, let’s face it, the acting in dailies can be subpar when compared to non-daily dramas. In this drama, I’m relatively okay with the acting, but the actress playing Aran and the actress playing Eun Su really get on my nerves as they really aren’t acting worth a darn and I swear I’ve seen the actress playing Aran in something else and she wasn’t nearly that bad.

Hating Eun Su more and more. Partly because of the actress’s bad acting and partly because…her character is stupid in the grand scheme of things as she has no idea that she is just a mere pawn in Ji Hui’s and Tae Jeong’s and Aran’s scheme to kick Ji Seok to the curb. She’s also very stupid in thinking that she can set Seon Yu up to take the fall and then have Ji Seok come crawling back to her so they can live happily every after as outcasts in the US.

So Seon Yu is quickly under attack by Eun Su over a competitor’s restaurant releasing the menu one day ahead of time. This means she obviously stole the idea. Seon Yu is baffled. She only just came up with that idea while waiting on customers in the dining room, how is this possible? Meanwhile, with the exception of the upset Wu Hyeon, everyone in the Seo household is having breakfast. Tae Jeong talks about how HQ is excited with Ji Seok’s new idea to turn revenue around at the restaurant. Ji Seok keeps mum on just what he’s doing and goes to talk to uri samchon. Even if he’s upset about not being able to work, he needs to eat and keep his strength up so he can return to Bong Chang’s pizza parlor. Ji Seok even promises to help talk to Mrs. Gong about letting Wu Hyeon go back. That’s when the call comes in and he’s forced to rush out the door for damage control.

Ji Seok is NOT happy at all to have Eun Su bawling out Seon Yu and placing soul blame on her. Ji Seok knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Seon Yu would never steal another person’s idea. Eun Su mentions that competitor J Foods (snort. L Foods and now J Foods—how original) is threatening to sue over the stealing of the idea. Ji Seok believes it all just a coincidence that they menu promotions are coinciding, so there is no need for all the backlash and no need for Seon Yu to take the rap for something she did not do.

Since their official promotions haven’t started yet, Ji Seok has Seon Yu cancel the orders for the special plate settings and tells her to quickly figure out if all the extra ingredients they ordered can be utilized for another menu item. Seon Yu quickly rushes out to do just this. Will she and Ji Seok be able to settle everything and turn the profit around when their deadline is fast approaching with this gross setback? Young Jeong In tries to comfort Seon Yu, but Seon Yu isn’t worried about herself right now, she’s worried more about Ji Seok’s deadline and what that means.

Aran congratulates Tae Jeong at this ploy as this means Ji Seok should have no other choice but to leave the company and head back to the US. Tae Jeong then reveals how he’s trying to convince Ji Hui to join the dark side and oust Ji Seok for Aran’s benefit, but he’s having difficulty. Aran goes to her daughter and says that Ji Hui has no idea what it feels like to have to share your husband’s love with another woman. She has not had one moment of peace since Ji Seok’s existence became known. He is forever an unhappy reminder of her husband’s betrayal. Ji Hui needs to wake up and stop seeing Ji Seok has her one and only precious brother and get on her mother’s side otherwise these underhanded dealings and Ji Seok getting hurt will not end. I always do hate how it’s the children who suffer the most for the sins of their parents (or even grandparents in this case, too).

Meanwhile, Ji Seok is called into Tae Jeong’s office. You know, for as smart as Ji Seok and Seon Yu are, they sure are dumb here. Any time something goes wrong, I don’t know why Seon Yu never things it’s Tae Jeong’s doing. The same goes with Ji Seok. Sure, he wants family harmony and to believe after his umpteenth warnings that Tae Jeong won’t keep stabbing him in the back, but come on. His radar should be tingling, especially when Tae Jeong says that thanks to his connections to someone high up on the J Foods ladder, they were able to work towards a deal. Isn’t is suspicious that his brother-in-law has such a connection when J Foods just took the new menu Ji Seok and Seon Yu had carefully prepared? Tsk, tsk. Of course, Ji Seok is completely against Seon Yu’s resignation with a written confession since he knows she’s innocent. Tae Jeong says this is the only way to save Ji Seok and L Foods’s image. Right.

Enter Mrs. Gong. So this is how Seon Yu thinks to help her grandson? Mrs. Gong doesn’t care if Seon Yu is innocent or not—she needs to go—NOW! Mrs. Gong then goes to pay her grandson a visit and she is not happy to hear that he refuses to settle and get rid of the employee who caused this whole mess. She leaves and Ji Seok calls up and demands an investigation into J Foods to see which employee actually came up with that idea. Will he uncover the truth behind the whole matter before it’s too late?

Afterward, Ji Seok goes out and sees the wandering Seon Yu. He pulls her under his umbrella and tells her not to worry. Just like this early spring rain, this trouble, too, will pass quickly. It’s really sweet how he tries to cheer her up. Of course, Seon Yu worries about him failing his promise and being separated from the family he has just returned to. Ji Seok replies that if he fails, he fails. He will leave as promised…but…will Seon Yu, just as she is now, stay with him? Her reply? She’ll always be there for him as long as he wants her. Awww. Unfortunately, right after this Eun Su barges in and dresses Seon Yu down. Eun Su has a long history with Ji Seok, she knows his pain and loneliness and knows better than anyone what Aran will do with this incident. If Seon Yu really cares for Ji Seok, the best thing for her to do is quit, right?

So Seon Yu goes home and starts to right her resignation/confession letter as she recalls all of her good times with Ji Seok. Then she looks at a picture of her and Jin Yu. No. Why should she leave Ji Seok? She can’t—not until her revenge is complete. I would like to stop and point out here that Seon Yu is very different from Tae Jeong and his schemes of revenge and her affection for Ji Seok is much more truer and healthier than Eun Su. As much as she is with Ji Seok out of revenge, she is also with him out of genuine like and concern. She honestly did waver on doing the “right” thing—something we haven’t seen from our pawn yet.

Anywho, the next day Gi Jin is dropping Seon Yu off at the restaurant because she didn’t sleep all night and he was worried. I’m kind of really liking this cousin so far. He then catches sight of Eun Su and says he recognizes her from the airport where he saw her with Tae Jeong hyung (He still calls him hyung? Does he not know the whole sordid tale then?). Alarm bells start ringing. Seon Yu rushes inside and asks Jeong In where Eun Su is. In Ji Seok’s office…but Ji Seok isn’t even in yet. Seon Yu goes to the office and overhears Eun Su reporting to Tae Jeong that Seon Yu came into work so to have J Foods go with the lawsuit after all. Seon Yu gets angry. Really angry. So Eun Su is working with Tae Jeong, huh?

Before getting into the nitty gritty…must pause for some cuteness. Tae Mi has gotten a voluminous perm for her headshot for her auditions when Gi Jin ends up in the same elevator to deliver pizzas. The two get squished into a corner where Gi Jin has to hold the pizzas above both their heads to avoid them getting damaged. This leads to Tae Mi’s hair getting caught in the zipper of his jacket. Since he can’t get her hair out, the two walk rather hilariously to a street side vendor where Gi Jin borrows scissors and cuts Tae Mi’s hair off. Needless to say her happiness soon turns to anger and despair that he dared to cut her hair. She goes to kick him, but Gi Jin dodges, returns the scissors, and continues on his business.

Tae Mi storms home where her mother is acting all affected and putting on airs at the coffee shop. Hating every scene in it with this woman right now. She wonders what happened to her daughter and Tae Mi bawls, shows her cut off hair, and talks about Pung Ho’s new deliveryman. This makes Dal Nyeo happy. Who cares if her precious daughter’s hair was unfairly cut off when her in-law problems are over. Poor Tae Mi, no one in her family ever takes her side.

Meanwhile Gi Jin returns to the shop to pick up the last of the deliveries. Bangtong compliments how he’s so much better than Wu Hyeon. This earns him a scolding from his mother as Wu Hyeon was never a bad worker. Sure he may not be as fast as her nephew, but he still did a good job. She then finds the doll Wu Hyeon put so much effort into winning and reads his note about how its for her and now she feels horrible about getting angry at him. LOL. Bangtong wonders just what is going on as his mother is acting strangely.

Ok. Now back to the nitty gritty. Seon Yu storms into Tae Jeong’s office. When she confronts him he tries to pretend he knows nothing, but she reveals what she overheard and Tae Jeong just grins. No proof. Seon Yu can’t believe he’d use Ji Seok and hurt him just to get back at her. I can’t believe that Seon Yu hasn’t figured out that this isn’t all about her—but about Tae Jeong’s own greed. He can’t have his brother-in-law involved and gumming up his machinations to be the head of L Foods, can he? When Tae Jeong refuses to stop the lawsuit, Seon Yu decides to go pay Ji Hui a visit. Go ahead. Ji Hui is already aware of this move against Ji Seok. Fine. That’s not what Seon Yu is going to talk to her about. She storms out and it takes awhile, but Tae Jeong’s smirk fades—surely not the pen recording?

He chases her down to an elevator where Ji Hui and Ji Seok spot the two. Seon Yu says they came just in time as she has something important to tell both of them. She smirks as Tae Jeong shoots her an evil glare.

End episode.

We all know that Tae Jeong will now squelch the lawsuit to save his own skin. How can he do his evil deeds now that Seon Yu has this on him? Tralalala. I can’t wait until Seon Yu starts fighting back in full force instead of letting Tae Jeong put her in a pickle that she continually has to wiggle out of. So far she’s managed it and she does have something on him now, but it’s not enough to wait for his deviousness, she needs to strike first this time.


  • Am wondering how Gin ji could know Tae Jeong but not Tae Mi.

    • I wondered that too but then I thought about how long he may have been gone and maybe because of the age difference, he might not recognize her. I find it hard to believe he never knew her.

    • It’s one of the odd things particularly about Korean dramas especially. Everyone is so interconnected, but oddly enough…not EVERYONE knows EVERYONE in spite of just how connected they are. A prime of example can be seen in daily drama Melody of Love. That one seems even more unbelievable than this. Although, Gi Jin and Tae Mi have met, but ti’s been so long ago that they don’t even remember what the other looked like.

  • As always, I look forward to you recap. Yes, SY needs to realize it is not only about her but also JS. I think this will become evident that it is not only TJ but JH is going along. Sad, sad commentary. Yes, I’m pretty much muting the green monster’s scenes. I’m through with her. ES, stupid is as stupid does. What can you say? She will realize real quick that my man, JS is besotted. She doesn’t have a chance in HELL!!

  • NeeNee, another great recap. You put so much detail into it, that I feel like I’m rewatching the episode again. I agree, I want to see SY attack TJ in full force and not just react/defend herself against his attacks. And more JS/SY scenes, please. They are so cute and I just love JS. I think SY cares more about JS then she will let herself admit.

    • Awww, thank you!

      Yes, SY needs to start moving in advance now…with JS’s help as it would seem like he would ultimately discover TJ’s betrayal here as he usually always does. He needs to learn that he can’t have the happy family like he wants and he will also need to stop TJ from taking over everything and essentially destroying his family completely as we all know TJ won’t stay in the shadows for long and will pop out and eat away at the remaining Seos.

      I’m also happy to start having more and more OTP screentime. But…still not enough. I am also keeping my fingers crossed for a wedding. With 32 more episodes…it’s possible, right?

      • I think the action will take full course once JS (as hard as it will be for him) finds the full truth of who TJ really is. Like you said, he will then want to protect his family by protecting the company. As we know for TJ it’s all about TJ and everyone else be dammed. As much as his ambition/ greediness has helped him this far, ultimately that will also be his downfall. I think.
        A wedding would be great! Yes, there is enough time. Weddings in kdramas are so rare when we want them to actually happen. Hopefully this time we will get our wish. *fingers crossed*

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