Angel’s Revenge Episode 47 Recap

And after all this, I really can’t understand WHY Ji Hui is with Tae Jeong. He’s proven over and over again that he can’t be trusted and will strike at her brother any way he can to kick him out so that he can never return, but why is she surprised when Tae Jeong says it’s best to work with Eun Su to eject Ji Seok from Korea to get away from Seon Yu and to make Aran happy? And if Eun Su thinks her selfish feelings for Ji Seok will net the former couple a happy ending, she has another think coming. Just like Seon Yu slapped the idiot Ji Hui, Eun Su needs a slap to wake her up. How easily she is manipulated by the entire family. First Mrs. Gong sent her off and now she’s allowing Ji Seok’s sister and brother-in-law to use her as a pawn to destroy him and Seon Yu. Tsk, tsk.

Seon Yu does get a surprise when she sees Ji Seok with Eun Su. She looks a bit unhappy and tells him to take care of his drunk friend before turning around and leaving. This makes Ji Seok very unhappy. He drops Eun Su off at her place and asks why she drank when she can’t. Because she knew he’d come running. Fine. No more. He will not come in the future. Is this because of Lee Seon Yu? Yes, that is the woman he loves now—not Jeong Eun Su and he has no intentions of going back to the past. This disappoints Eun Su—he won’t return even if she tries to seduce him?

Ji Seok gets home and Ji Hui lets it slip that Mrs. Gong saw Seon Yu. Of course when Ji Seok confronts his grandmother (stupid move on his part), this makes Mrs. Gong think that Seon Yu broke her promise even when Ji Seok insists that isn’t the case. Mrs. Gong also makes it clear she doesn’t approve of the relationship and is only allowing Seon Yu to stay by his side until he returns to the main office. Ji Seok vows that this will not turn out like it did with him and Eun Su. He genuinely loves this woman and she is a very good person—just wait. Mrs. Gong is already against Seon Yu and doesn’t believe that waiting will change anything (especially since she’s convinced Seon Yu broke their promise already).

Ji Hui and Tae Jeong have a scene, but it’s just talking over their plans and Tae Jeong hypothesizing about Ji Seok going back to the US which upsets Ji Hui who doesn’t want to lose the brother who has finally returned. She hates Seon Yu over her past with Tae Jeong, but she hates her even more for the prospect of Ji Seok hurting. Looks like Ji Hui is conveniently forgetting that it is thanks to Seon Yu and her kindness that ji Seok even bothered confronting the dislike of his family and came back home to start over.

The next day Seon Yu is up early making gimbap. Aww, even if she wasn’t too happy over the scene she saw yesterday, she is still making Ji Seok the food he asked for. Bangtong hints around about Seon Yu having a man while Gi Jin comes right out and asks her about it. Seon Yu insists she isn’t dating and Bangtong scolds his cousin for being so tactless, lol. Gi Jin is rather slow and doesn’t have a good sense, it’s true. He then pulls out his keys as he got his motorbike back from his friend, so now he can drive his cousin to work.

You have to love it. Ji Seok arrives to see Seon Yu on the back of Gi Jin’s bike. She’s scolding him and laughing with him and she even blows him a kiss! Ji Seok is immediately jealous and starts questioning her and calling her beloved cousin bad names. He then brings up the other night and scolds Seon Yu for not being upset or curious or jealous. Seon Yu throws it back at him that he said Eun Su was just a friend…isn’t that so? Ji Seok then apologizes for not telling Seon Yu the whole truth after she starts grilling him like he did her. When he turns the tables again and asks about Gi Jin, she replies that man is not a retaliation, but her adorable baby brother. Brother? She doesn’t have a little brother. Seon Yu specifies it’s her baby cousin before handing over the food she made for him and leaving to get to work. This makes Ji Seok really happy that’s he made the gimbap he asked for. He opens it in his office and finds there are cucumbers. I thought he didn’t like them, but he happily digs in after hesitating a wee bit and grins.

Eun Su won’t be kicked to the curb so easily. She comes back and vows to help the restaurant and thus they go to the meeting. She even insists that Seon Yu comes to since the cocktail show was her idea originally. Seon Yu has come up with a new idea after hearing a customer desire that they could have two types of pasta and not just one. She wants to create a half-and-half bowl so customers can order two pastas with smaller portions. This gets Eun Su’s and Ji Seok’s stamp of approval.

Eun Su then reports this to Tae Jeong who is happy to have a new method of destroying Seon Yu and Ji Seok simultaneously. Ji Hui comes in and Eun Su vows to report anything new happening at the restaurant. This is where Tae Jeong tells his wife to choose either her mother or her brother. This upsets Ji Hui—so he’s telling her to choose Aran and toss her beloved brother to the side? Why not when you’re bent on getting Seon Yu out of his life to the point you’ll hurt him horribly? She professes love for her brother, but doesn’t actually possess true selflessness with that love—just like Eun Su doesn’t have that trait either. Nappeun yeoja.

So Mrs. Gong finds out where Wu Hyeon works and drags him away before he can finish his deliveries leaving her assistant to settle matters. Wu Hyeon cries and says he hates his mother. He doesn’t want her to get him a job, he wants to work with Bantong’s mother and he will also miss the curt little boy as well. He rushes up to his room and Aran comments that Wu Hyeon must really like this woman, doesn’t Mrs. Gong think so? Of course the matriarch of the family looks less than happy about this. Poor Wu Hyeon and Ji Seok, they have so many roadblocks in their love lives.

The next day at the restaurant, the boxes have arrived for the new promotion when a worker comes in and yells that there is big trouble. The group rushes to a nearby restaurant that has just announced their own half and half menu. This causes Eun Su to turn on Seon Yu and accuse her of stealing someone else’s idea. Um…I do have to say that idea isn’t all that original. Restaurants all over do a half and half thing, so this “stolen” mention is rather absurd and illogical.

Of course we end the episode there and previews show both Seon Yu and Ji Seok getting into some major trouble over this incident. Of course, Ji Seok is always on Seon Yu’s side. He knows she would never steal an idea like that. And Gi Jin points out to Seon Yu that he saw Eun Su and Tae Jeong together at the airport, so she finds out Ji Seok’s ex is in cahoots with the devil himself. You know this will earn Eun Su Seon Yu’s wrath. One, Seon Yu gets angry every time Tae Jeong dare makes a sneaky underhanded move. Two, Seon Yu hates it when anyone makes a sneaky underhanded move that harms Ji Seok. Eun Su had better prepare herself as she will become a target in Seon Yu’s revenge now. The witch deserves it for her own stupidity—just like Ji Hui deserves it for the same reasons.

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