The Forgotten #3: Jung Joon Young

It’s Wednesday, so that means another post in NeeNee’s “The Forgotten” series. I really like doing this series. I’m not sure if anyone actually reads these posts or understands just why I do them, but it’s unlikely (for the time being) that I’ll stop them until I run out of rediscoveries of albums and artists. Also, rather unfortunately, most people don’t come to AAA to find anything outside of the realm of dramas, but, again, not giving up my random other posts.

Now, it’s not that I personally forgot about this Superstar K contestant (haven’t watched an episode of that survival program, my first discovery was him on Immortal Songs 2) or his first mini album or the song he released for the Pretty Man OST. It’s really just that I don’t recognize his voice yet. So…whenever one of his songs comes on, I am scurrying to look up who the artist is and then I berate myself for STILL not recognizing his voice or songs. Well, that’s not true, for some reason, even though I do recognize his song for Pretty Man whenever it comes on because of the chorus, I can’t seem to recognize his songs from his mini album. You’d think I would be able to given his rather unique voice – you wouldn’t really think an almost waif-like man could have such a deep voice.

Jung Joon Young

Photo Credit: CJ Ent

Why is it that two of the songs from his mini album made it into my music recommendations, and yet I can’t recall them now? It’s the same that happened with Shin Cho-i and Go Dandy Boys. I’m still trying to figure out the impulse buy of Eugene Lim’s album, but I guess I liked it upon listening and bought it and promptly forgot it since it never came up in my random plays most of the time. Again, it’s very fortuitous to have accidentally downloaded all of my recent iTunes purchases from the past year and beginning of this year. This means that I get to rediscover artists and songs that, sadly, have fallen of the listening wayside. So while I am always discovering new acts and talents and bands, I am also rediscovering the love of groups, bands, and artists all over again.

Attraction point number 1? His voice – there’s just something about the timbre that I just love.

Attraction point number 2? His genre – I like rock. Yes, I do.

Attraction point number 3? His personality – he is a random and fun guy. Love watching him on variety shows.

Attraction point number 4? The actual songs themselves. Great songs.

So…HOW COULD I FORGET HIS AWESOME MINI ALBUM? It was also just released last year. A mystery. But, again, happy to have rediscovered it. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend checking it, and him, out.

Jung Joon Young – First Mini Album
Released: 10 October 2013
Buy on iTunes
1 병이에요(Spotless Mind)
2 정말? Is It Real?
3 이별 10분 전 the Sense of an Ending
4 Be Stupid
5 아는 번호 Missed Call
6 Take Off Mask


  • Jung Joon Young! I love his voice! When I saw his audition, and until his album was out, I keep asking myself where in the world that voice come from???? Right?

  • I haven’t watched him in anything apart from WGM but I think it was a good idea for him to do that show, it introduced him to a lot of people like me who had never heard of him before. I loved his album, he has an awesome voice.

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