Angel’s Revenge Episode 46 Recap

After some nice forward progress and Seon Yu finally girding up and taking a step in the right direction, we hit a bit of a stumbling block. This episode, fell way flat for me, but that’s because I took an very intense dislike to the woman playing Jeong Eun Su. I don’t know what it is about her, but she just rubs me the wrong way and that has nothing to do with her character necessarily. She gets a lot of screen time thanks to Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s schemes.

Ji Seok is in a state of shock to find his ex on his doorstep. She says she’d be lying if she said it was a mere coincidence. She wanted to see the place she grew up at. Funny how it isn’t as imposing or terrifying now. Ji Seok asks if she is back for good, but Eun Su remains noncommittal on this aspect and leaves. Ji Seok can only stare after her. Enter Wu Hyeon who has finally woken up. He’s immediately worried about seeing Eun Su. He remembers her. He remembers his mother doesn’t like her and he doesn’t want Ji Seok to get angry at and fight Mrs. Gong any more. Ji Seok says that won’t happen as he won’t see Eun Su like in the past. This relieves Wu Hyeon for the time being.

The next day Mrs. Gong sends her assistant to Seon Yu as she is about to go to work. Gyuri and Jeong In see her go off with the man and wonder who he is. I’m sure this will all come back to bite Mrs. Gong in the rear later if Jeong In and Gyuri end up fingering the driver as the man Seon Yu went off with in a later episode. Seon Yu is surprised that Mrs. Gong has called her out and she’s not very happy with her request—leave Ji Seok now as Mrs. Gong doesn’t want to have to force him to breakup with her like she had to do with Eun Su in the past. Seon Yu just wishes to remain by his side, can’t she do that? Nope. Thankfully, Seon Yu won’t listen to Mrs. Gong. She is well aware that Mrs. Gong wants Ji Seok to succeed in turning over the revenue at the restaurant so that he can go back to the main office. Seon Yu will stay by his side until then. Mrs. Gong, maybe sensing Seon Yu’s sincerity in wanting to help her grandson, actually does agree to this stay of relationship execution. After Seon Yu leaves, she calls her a more complicated girl than she thought.

You know…Mrs. Gong isn’t pure evil (but who knows once the truth finally comes out into the open) and I don’t completely hate her, but I never understood the wealthy women throwing up the barrier to the poor women. As long as the person is good and honestly loves the son/grandson/whatever, then who are they to bar the happiness? Because the match lacks the essential background? I just don’t get it. It’s one thing of the woman is a scheming social climbing gold digger, you definitely don’t want a person like that around, but when it is honestly a good woman…

Seon Yu comes into the restaurant late, but keeps her promise to Mrs. Gong and doesn’t tell Ji Seok what transpired. She honestly doesn’t want to rip the family apart if she can avoid doing so. It proves that even with her revenge scheme, she doesn’t want to hurt Ji Seok and his family…and in all honesty, it won’t be her hurting them, it will be Ji Hui and Aran and Tae Jeong. They decisions and actions are already fracturing the family more and more. You know, if it wasn’t for the baby Ji Hui miscarried, Mrs. Gong would never have let the hungry wolf Tae Jeong into her family. I think she’s going to regret that decision quite soon.

What is Mr. Jacky Jerk Face up to? He meets again with Eun Su and tells her he wants her to destroy Ji Seok’s restaurant. Eun Su refuses as she won’t hurt her “beloved’ oppa. Tae Jeong then explains that if Ji Seok fails, he’s officially kicked out of Korea. Then he and Eun Su will be able to be together far from Mrs. Gong’s reach. Isn’t that worth hurting Ji Seok initially? And this…proves how bad a match Eun Su is for Ji Seok. In the flashback scene we get, Eun Su storms out of Korea saying she can’t accept a Ji Seok who has nothing. Sure, she might have been partially lying, but I don’t really think so per se. For some reason, she doesn’t give me the vibe of giving up Ji Seok for his own good so he doesn’t have to struggle and suffer like her family had to. It’s just not there. With other women who pull the same stunt, you can tell it’s all an act. With her you can’t. So…in the end, her own feelings and desires trump Ji Seok’s and that is what is starting to happen again. This girl…is selfish. What a perfect tool for Tae Jeong’s and Ji Hui’s plan.

So off Eun Su goes to Ji Seok’s restaurant where she causes a scene with Gyuri. Seon Yu steps in and Eun Su continues being the epitome of unreasonableness. Enter Ji Seok. Seon Yu gets a surprise when he calls the horrible customer by name. The two go into his office and Eun Su comments that he still drinks Dutch coffee and that habits are scary. Snort. Why do people say that so often in dramaland? Yes, it’s true that habits can be scary, but we don’t need this repeated in every other drama. Anywho, Ji Seok isn’t all that happy to learn that Eun Su is a consultant now for L Foods and that means she’s staying in Korea and she’ll be hanging around him. He has put the past (hopefully) behind him and wants nothing more to do with her.

After the woman leaves, Seon Yu broaches the subject and asks how well he knows her. Ji Seok says that she was someone he knew well once in the past, but not anymore. Things start clicking in Seon Yu’s brain and she recalls Ji Hui saying she doesn’t want Seon Yu to end up being another Eun Su and ultimately hurting Ji Seok. Seon Yu looks very worried and I don’t think that has everything to do with her plan of revenge, but also the fact that the woman who ripped Ji Seok’s heart to pieces has returned and we all know that Seon Yu doesn’t like Ji Seok to be in pain. I hate Eun Su…but I perhaps can tolerate her if she gets honest jealousy out of Seon Yu making our former nun realize how much she likes Ji Seok.

Whiny Ji Hui tries to get Mrs. Gong to not wait for Seon Yu to help Ji Seok fulfill his promise, to no avail. She cannot believe her grandmother is going to trust Seon Yu’s promise. Meanwhile, Aran commends her son-in-law for bringing Eun Su back into the picture to throw Ji Seok off his game to ensure he fails at turning the revenue. We also get a cute scene. Dal Nyeo’s idea of putting a stop to Wu Hyeon working at the pizza parlor was pricelessly stupid. She jumps in front of him while he’s out trying to make a delivery and feeds coins into a claw game and begs for his help to get a toy. Wu Hyeon being Wu Hyeon, temporarily forgets what he’s supposed to be doing and works hard to score a doll for Bangtong’s mother. LOL. And he does. What happens when the Heos hear that after half an hour the delivery didn’t get made? They are frantic, not livid. They run out in search of Wu Hyeon to ensure he has not gotten hurt. Dal Nyeo escapes so Bong Chang and Bangtong can’t see her. Wu Hyeon gets a scolding and a warning that this is his first and last mistake, but you know Chang won’t fire him as she’s glad to find him in one piece safe and sound. This angers Dal Nyeo.

Oh, and we also get a scene between the fleeing Tae Mi and newly returned Gi Jin. Tae Mi is rushing out to a musical audition (against Dal Nyeo’s wishes) when she runs smack into Gi Jin, thus getting the sauce from his food all over her shirt. The two start bickering not realizing they actually know each other. I sense that Dal Nyeo’s lie will become truth and Tae Mi will end up in a relationship with Gi Jin. They would make for a cute couple and their encounters will bring a bit of comic diversion. But man oh man, how screwed up will this web get? These three families’ fates are so tangled right now it isn’t even funny.

I’m also very curious to the grandpa from earlier who dressed Mrs. Gong down for her wrongs addressing Ji Seok as 도련님 [doryeon-nim]. Seeing how he is not addressed this in his own home at the Seo mansion…does that mean that Ji Seok is coming from an even more prominent family on his mother’s side? So many questions, so few answers. But this show is half over with now, so we’re bound to start getting some…right?

Ji Seok and Seon Yu are all set to go on a date, but Ji Hui’s nefarious scheme throws a wrench called Eun Su into their plans. Knowing that Eun Su is a lightweight when it comes to drinking, Ji Hui calls her out for a pep talk and tells Eun Su to win back Ji Seok as she is the only woman for him (lets forget how much Eun Su has hurt him in the past just so you can save your pride and not reveal Tae Jeong’s lurid past). She keeps topping off Eun Su’s wine until she passes out. Ji Hui then has the bartender use Eun Su’s phone to call Ji Seok. Since Ji Seok isn’t a horrible person, he can’t help but rush to the drunken idiot’s side. Of course, he doesn’t explain where he’s going to Seon Yu, but she overhears the name Eun Su and starts wondering. She then catches him coming out of the bar with the drunk woman who was his first love and she looks quite shocked…as does Ji Seok. Truthfully, he should have been straight with her about just which “friend” he was going to see and why as it makes him look bad to not tell her everything and she catches him coming out of a bar with another girl hugging him (ok, she fell into a hug, but then she won’t let go).

End episode. No previews. Wonder what will happen next?


  • I was wondering why there are no previews… But the ending was kind of a shock to me! I didn’t expect SY to see JS and Eunsu. What are the odds to bump into him on her way home? Only in Korean drama! SMH.

  • Thankyou for explaining what that term meant to me. As I am not an American there are at times a few terms and cultural references that I don’t get unless explained such as that term nor did I know that it was considered a derogatory term.
    You know call it strange or not but ever since I knew that Seonyus cousin showed up my Drama Sense went on high alert and I got a feeling that him and Tajeongs sister would get involved with each other without being aware of the others identity. Boy is it going to be funny when the two of them are going to be bad mouthing each others family and the other agreeing and supporting them without knowing the truth.:)
    Actually family mix up is nothing strange or new in daily dramas. A perfect example would be Smile Again (2010). How many people were related in that without being aware of the facts till much later on. Also the talks such as when Bongi’s mom is bad mouthing the girl who dated donghae for 6 years and then decided to dump him. Saewas mom agrees with her not knowing that the person that was talked about was her own daughter. (Granted Bongis mom didn’t know it was Saewa as well) But you get the general idea. So I am sure that things like that are bound to happen but I am not sure if these events can actually help heal the rifts between the two families or if they are only going to make matters worse down the road.

    Guess I read the grandmother wrong but frankly that shouldn’t have really surprised me by now. She wanted Seonyu to break up with Jiesok.I was thinking that maybe she would support them this time though she is willing to give them a chance (Sort of).
    I feel the main difference between the two (Sonyu and Enusu) is that unlike Eunsu who (Who I can only assume) is quite meek like a lamb. Such as she is willing to listen to others instead of thinking through of how her actions can affect others around her. Sonyu on the other hand actually is a fighter (Only when the writer remembers this fact though) so she would be more willing to fight for what she wants and needs. Thus the grandmother called her more complicated. For instance Seonyu at this instance can’t be bought with either money or threats. Infact she is just getting in her groove and will retaliate an eye for an eye.

    Eunsu on the other hand is quite selfish and would rather see to her own happiness than that of the person she claims to love. Yes she didn’t want to see Jiesok get hurt but that choice was easily overturned the moment she realized what she could gain after being swayed by the Evil Duo. She is not as smart as she thinks that she is. Also she may not be realizing this but she is also thus driving a wedge between the families instead of trying to mend them. Seonyu for all that she is I get the feeling that if given the chance she would rather try to mend these fences rather than uproot them. Yes she may be Anti Tajeong but that is justified and she in her own way is trying Juhui to wake up to the reality. Sadly she is so blinded by love that she just wants to hurt her own family just so that she can remain happy.

    Who would you rather prefer Sarang would go to (Atleast in the start) Sonyus cousin and Taejonngs Sister (Somehow they end up adopting him) Though there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for that to happen. or Juhui and Tajeong. Also where would you want him to end up by the end of the show.

    Do you wonder if Seonyu would be still so revenge driven if she knew that Sarang was still alive. (Perhaps she knew that the child was saved somehow though how that could happen without Tajengs mother incriminating themselves)
    I doubt that Eunsu is Tajeongs sister that was just a wild guess that I was throwing out just like I was guessing that Taejongs sister and Seonyus cousin would get together. As you can see some things come out while others may never happen.
    I never said that I believed what his mother said about his father, Everything that woman says has to be taken with a grain of salt. (Hope that is the correct saying) She may have most probably been making all that stuff that his dad came from a well of or powerful family just so that Tajeongs family would thing well of him. AS you can remember she was quite vague. Infact it could easily mean that she was referring to a gang leader or gang member.instead of someone from an influential family.
    Still her antics seem to remind me a lot of Saewas mother. 🙂

    Yes you may all note that I make a lot of references to That Drama. There is a reason and when I start my final comments on That Drama I may just mention why I do that a lot. Currently I am on Review 59 so it is nearly ending. Thus my comments over there can start soon over there. 🙂

    Anyway take care and enjoy.
    Oh and this is a message to the first poster ie Carol stop stalking me please. This is must be the 3rd website that I frequent that I have also seen you on. 🙂
    Just incase someone gets the wrong idea or says something that they don’t mean that was clearly meant as a JOKE. Nice to see someone else who like dramas so much that they frequent other sites that they become so well known. 🙂

    ANyway Till We Next Hear From all of You.

    Live Long and Prosper. 🙂

    • No problem. I think the actual term “friends with benefits” is the polite form of some very derogatory terms. I was unaware that the actual phrase was coined in the US, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised if it was. I had a feeling way back with Dal Nyeo talked about Tae Mi dating Gi Jin that it had the potential to happen. They can be cute, but they’ll face tons of problems thanks to the baggage between the families…athough…Tae Mi is honestly the best one in the Jang family and the most innocent. If she knew the whole truth like mummy does, I don’t think she could do what Dal Nyeo is doing. But I could be wrong on that account. Aish. Dal Nyeo.

      There’s only about 40 more episodes left, I’m really curious about what will happen if Sarang does, in fact, come into play. I don’t see Sarang ending up with Gi Jin and Tae Mi. I think it more likely the baby ends up with Seon Yu and Ji Seok or possibly Tae Jeong and Ji Hui. I really think that would be a crazy plot twist for Tae Jeong to inadvertently end up adopting his own son without being aware of this fact. But, as someone else pointed out, our pitiful baby would only be hurt in the long wrong, so hopefully he doesn’t get caught up anymore and suffer and makes his appearance at the end. I do wonder if Dal Nyeo even really knows who Tae Jeong’s father is. Her hype was ridiculous and I can’t believe the conniving Aran fell for it. then again, Ji Hui has to get her stupidity from somewhere, looks like its from her mother.

      Nothing wrong with referencing the dramas you have under your belt. I’m into the 60s…I think on that drama. I should really spend some time marathoning it and finishing it. It’s frustrating as they really drag things out even more so in that drama since it was closer to 200 episodes. I did love that Sool Nyeo bashed her own daughter without realizing it at first. Things will really hit the fan when it’s all exposed and I really should watch it just to see when that happens and just how much Do Jin and Saewa fail epically.

      I also know you meant no offense to Carole. 🙂 The love of teasing someone you dramastalk with.

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