Angel’s Revenge Episode 45 Recap

We restart with the angry Ji Hui springing out of her car to give Seon Yu a piece of her mind. Yay for Ji Hui getting a second slap when she asks how dare Seon Yu hit her in the first place. Seon Yu explains the first slap was in return of Ji Hui’s slap earlier. The second slap is for planting the photo. Ji Hui is livid about the black box incident and all of Seon Yu’s lies. I love how characters always conveniently forget their own lies and sins when whining about someone else’s. Seon Yu says she is only paying back everything Ji Hui did. Ji Hui had better stay out of this mess and come to her senses or she needs to fight back with all she has. Seon Yu walks away and Ji Hui can only shake and scream. Seriously? Snort.

Meanwhile, Tae Jeong is in the office looking up info on Eun Su. He then puts in a call. He then goes home where Ji Hui is being grilled over her swollen face. Why is Ji Hui so childish. She goes up to her room and Ji Hui starts bawling. How dare Seon Yu touch her? Why did she get slapped when she didn’t deserve it? Tae Jeong then starts scolding Ji Hui for going to Seon Yu’s in the first place. Ji Hui then asks if her husband found evidence that Seon Yu tampered with the black box. Nope. See? Ji Hui should know by now just how different Seon Yu is—she’s on a whole new level. Tae Jeong then tells Ji Hui not to worry as Ji Seok’s first love Jeong Eun Su is coming back to Korea and is the only person who can eject Seon Yu from Ji Seok’s side. Let the battle over Ji Seok begin, I guess.

Aww, OTP cuteness. Ji Seok calls up Seon Yu late in the night because he missed her while working, but now he has an even bigger problem. He wants to see her face since he talked to her. Heehee. See…this is how you know Seon Yu isn’t being insincere with him, because she is perfectly natural when they are together. She honestly does care about him and is not just latching onto him as her last lifeline in revenge. They have a very cute discussion with Ji Seok vowing to cancel all of his plans just to be able to see her, so she had better sing him a lullaby. It’s at this time Pung Ho comes out of his room and hears Seon Yu’s laughter—real laughter that hasn’t been heard since Jin Yu died. Yep, Ji Seok-ssi is good for our former nun.

The next morning, Ji Seok leaves without greeting his sister. She calls out to him and asks if he is still mad. Ji Seok says that it’s not anger, but he can’t trust his sister after the stunts she’s pulled. He just cannot fathom why Ji Hui would demand Seon Yu breakup with him. Ji Hui explains she’s only worried about him because she cares and doesn’t think Seon Yu is right for him. That makes even less sense that Ji Hui went behind his back to hurt the woman he loves and get her out of his life. He then says that Ji Hui was happy for him at first, so how can she meet Seon Yu once and not like her? What does she know? Ji Hui, of course, won’t explain what she knows. She explains she doesn’t want another incident like with Eun Su. She keeps apologizing to him, but Ji Seok is firm—apologize and ask for forgiveness from Seon Yu. Fine, if that is what he wants, she’ll bow to the witch.

At Seon Yu’s they are preparing for their shop’s grand opening and Bong Chang is one nervous mess. While trying to calm them down, they then notice Pung Ho is gone. Where is he? He’s with Ji Seok who is happy to see him happy and healthy. Pung Ho then hands over the money for the hospital bill. JI Seok is not the happiest as he never expected Pung Ho to pay it back, but Pung Ho is very insistent that he pay it back little by little every month. Pung Ho then asks after Seon Yu at work. Ji Seok says that she’s a big deal. What about outside of work? Ji Seok confesses he likes Seon Yu…a lot. This pleases Pung Ho even more as we all know he worries about his niece. Ji Seok calls him a good uncle, to which Pung Ho replies he isn’t. He then invites the younger man to the pizza store grand opening.

Ahahahah. Samchon is priceless! He’s rushing to leave the house to make it to the opening on time, but is struggling with his jacket—it’s ruining his life. Heehee. Ah, Wu Hyeon-ssi lights up the screen with his antics. Enter Aran wondering what the problem is, why is her brother-in-law rushing out in such a hurry? She helps him finish putting on his jacket and he  tells his sister-in-law she can be helpful at times. Aran asks if he has a girlfriend. His reply? Yes…wait, that isn’t right. Not yet. He then rushes out the door leaving a clueless Aran.

At the store opening, Bong Chang is floundering as she’s too embarrassed to raise her voice. Enter her song fresh from school. He knew his mother would be like this. He then starts bellowing out and the customers start coming. Enter Wu Hyeon. Bangtong is livid. He voted against this man, how could his mother go behind his back and hire Mr. Big Eyes? Bong Hwang scolds him and tells him to respect his elders and Wu Hyeon is hurt. Did little Bangtong really vote against him? Aww. The annoyed kid tells the sad Wu Hyeon not to look at him like that. Omo. This kid. He doesn’t like Wu Hyeon looking at him like that since it makes him feel bad. Chang replies that she wants someone there who will work hard. What about Wu Hyeon getting lost? He memorized all the maps and will work hard. Pung Ho comes in the shop and says they should give him a shot to prove himself. Wu Hyeon is so happy to have a workplace and earn his own money.

At the restaurant, Ji Hui omes into Ji Seok’s office and gives a very insincere apology. She then tells Seon Yu to take care of Ji Seok because if the family finds out, all hell will break loose. Ji Seok scolds Ji Hui for saying that, but Ji Hui doesn’t want Seon Yu to turn into a new Eun Su. Seon Yu says she understands and will take the advice into consideration. The two leave the office and Ji Hui is all up in arms over Seon Yu’s brazen shamelessness. Look in a mirror, sweetie, before pointing fingers at others. Seon Yu points out Ji Hui’s apology was fake. I’m sick of Ji Hui’s attacks as they are all the same. Seon Yu points out that Ji Hui told her not to hurt Ji Seok and Seon Yu is determined to do all she can to make him happy. Ji Hui insists it’s impossible since Seon Yu is a fake with a fake personality and a fake love. There is no way she will make her oppa happy. This hurts Seon Yu, but we all know she does care and her personality is NOT 100% fake.

Omo, omo, omo. Looks like we not only have the arrival of Eun Su, but of a certain young man. I’m a thinkin’ it’s about time for the Heos’ son to enter into the picture. When he sees Tae Jeong picking up Eun Su at the airport, this man calls out to him as “hyung” and seems a bit worried that a girl is getting into his car.

Eun Su tries to bluff that she is very busy, but Tae Jeong knows her French restaurant is doing poorly, and thus he wants to hire her at L Foods. Eun Su is willing, but doesn’t think the chairwoman will be very happy. Tae Jeong says he will put off telling Mrs. Gong until later. Snort. Yeah. That will solve all the problems they had in the past. Ji Hui then comes in and takes Eun Su out to coffee. Ji Hui asks about Eun Su’s personal life and the girl says she has no time for love. This makes Ji Hui happy. Eun Su is the perfect match for her brother, so she should not give up.

Ji Seok leaves his office and runs into Seon Yu. They both have something to say to one another. Seon Yu is getting off early to help with her uncle’s shop. Ji Seok asks to come along. At the shop, they receive a big flower wreath from Ji Seok to congratulate the opening. This makes them happy until Dal Nyeo comes in with her orchids to congratulate their opening. Again, Dal Nyeo doesn’t get why they are so against her since their destinies are deeply rooted. Pung Ho goes off about complaining about a curse when Dal Nyeo asks after the hired deliveryman.

Ji Seok and Seon Yu come up and Seon Yu is surprised to see that Wu Hyeon is the delivery boy. Ji Seok asks if Wu Hyeon will now tell Mrs. Gong. Nope. It’s a secret until it’s official that things are going well. Needless to say, Dal Nyeo is unhappy that her in-law got hired. It’s not a good thing. What if Wu Hyeon inadvertently hears something about Ji Hui and Tae Jeong from the Heo family? Dal Nyeo quickly hides from Seon Yu and Ji Seok and Wu Hyeon. Bad news, bad news all around. Of course the Heos are happy to see Ji Seok come to their restaurant and to have Ji Seok confirming they are officially dating. Mrs. Gong…seems worried when she learns the kids are in a relationship.

The Heos come home and the lights are on, spoiling their mood. Who could be there? Sleeping in one of their rooms to boot? LOL. Poor Gi Jin, getting beaten because his parents don’t bother checking to see who it is. It’s a shock to the family to have him back. He gets a nice massage from his…cousin. Of course, Gi Jin is completely out of the loop now. He didn’t know about the snack shop closing or the pizza parlor opening. Bangtong then scolds his cousin for not calling home more often so that he’s completely out of the loop. A happy reunion here.

Meanwhile, Eun Su is outside of the Seo household. She smiles. It’s been so long now that the once big house doesn’t seem so grand. Up pulls Ji Seok with Wu Hyeon sleeping in the passengers seat. Needless to say Ji Seok is in shock to see his first love outside his home and is utterly speechless. Just how and why did Eun Su leave him? What did Mrs. Gong offer that she couldn’t resist?

With Eun Su and Mrs. Gong interfering as well as Tae Jeong working on ruining Ji Seok’s restaurant and the Heos’ pizza parlor, things are about to get even more bumpy for our couple.


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