Song of the Week – 24 March 2014

I’m thinking Taiwanese rock to get through the work week after a long weekend of rearranging and cleaning is in order. Thus…why not “Wake Up (拼了)” from Alan Kuo’s debut album? This song is actually written for the singer’s deceased father and is a high energy track. I think between “零” (“Ling” aka “Zero” from the Mars OST) and this song, I have a hard time deciding just which one I like better. These two songs are both favorites from the album. I actually think this debut album was one of the first Taiwanese albums I ever purchased.

You can check out Alan’s awesome live performance here:

And listen to the album version of the song here:

Alan KuoAlan Kuo Debut Album
Released: 2005
Buy on iTunes
01 零
02 梭哈
03 哭笑不得
04 Forever Friend
05 戀愛演習
06 愛,不愛
07 倒數計時
08 愛的榮耀
09 野孩子
10 活著
11 拼了
12 替身

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