Angel’s Revenge Episode 44 Recap

So, it was Ji Seok’s arrival that frightened Tae Jeong. Luckily he escapes unnoticed, mostly likely because Ji Seok is slightly intoxicated. Ji Seok runs into Ji Hui looking for her husband. Where is he? She goes back upstairs and takes her cell (which mind you is right next to her husband’s) and calls it only to have it ring on the bedside table. I guess she must have still been too sleepy to notice.

Ji Seok goes up to his room and Wu Hyeon surprises him once more. Even better is that uri samchon mentions that he thought Ji Seok was Ji Hui again, but it’s really Ji Seok. Assa! Ji Seok asks what his uncle means and Wu Hyeon explains that he woke up and found Ji Hui in Ji Seok’s room the other day. He then looks at the car keys in Ji Seok’s hands and says that Ji Hui had taken them and left. Alarm bells of suspicion should  be going off a bit, don’t you think? I Seok asks which da. Wu Hyeon thinks hard and says it was the day he asked Ji Seok to help him write his cover letter. Is Wu Hyeon certain? Yes, he is as right after he saw Ji Hui, Ji Seok came out of the bathroom. Ji Seok’s face looks a little unhappy and pale. Well, as much as I’m sure he doesn’t want to believe it…this is evidence that Ji Hui could have planted that picture and planner in his car, right? Poor samchon is eagerly talking about his interview, but Ji Seok isn’t really listening any more as Ji Hui taking his keys keeps spinning around his brain.

Tae Jeong comes in early the next morning and is surprised to see Ji Hui up and dressed. She tells him she’s been waiting on him for hours. Just where did he go without his phone? Tae Jeong smoothly lies and says he was at the office checking out the recording of the meeting himself. Ji Hui believes this. Of course he would do that, he’s the consummate workaholic…even if he did refuse to answer calls during their date. Tae Jeong apologizes for not telling her, but she was asleep. Is she angry? Not angry, but anxious. Then again, Lee Seon Yu should be out of their hair soon.

Ji Hui leaves the room and runs into Ji Seok. She is shocked that he is going out so early when he got in so late. Ji Seok says her name, but changes his mind and only asks to talk to her later as there is something they need to discuss. He then pays Mrs. Gong a visit. She is also surprised he’s up early and heading out for work. She then asks after the staff at the restaurant. Ji Seok says they are all hard workers. Should she send someone from the main office to help out? Ji Seok doesn’t wish to impose upon anyone. So what is his plan then? There is no plan. He is just going to face the challenge head on. There isn’t enough time, but he will still do his best. Mrs. Gong is wondering why Ji Seok is keeping mum on Lee Seon Yu when they obviously know each other.

Hopefully, his grandmother will not stand in the way of his love this time as she did with the chauffer’s daughter all those years ago. I wonder if his ex will make her appearance this week? We all know she’s coming and I’m sure that Tae Jeong and Ji Hui will try to use her reappearance in their favor.

Seon Yu meets with Tae Jeong and asks about the black box—did he change the date for her? Does she really think she can use that single recording to order him around all the time? Seon Yu replies that as long as Tae Jeong is good and doesn’t try to take the recording, she will keep it safe. If he tries anything, then it’s going straight to Ji Hui. She looks around at the field and asks if he remembers it. This is where he stole the parental rights waiver from her. He almost killed her then so it is only right that she has some type of insurance on her life. She walks away leaving the angry and unhappy Tae Jeong.

Seon Yu then calls up Ji Hui to tell her that she is quitting Ji Seok’s restaurant. Ji Hui is very cocky about this. Now that Seon Yu doesn’t have her hooks in Ji Seok anymore, it’s only right that she leaves…if she has a conscience at all. Exactly. It’s because of her conscience. It’s also because of this that Seon Yu is going to do one last good thing. She is going to tell Ji Seok about Tae Jeong. It’s only right that Ji Seok should know how his sister lied to cover up her husband’s path. This puts fear into the gloating Ji Hui. Andwae! Ji Seok can never know! Where is Seon Yu now? On her way to the restaurant of course where Ji Seok is. Ji Hui will never forgive Seon Yu if she tells Ji Seok. Seon Yu says she will give Ji Hui until 9, after that she’s telling Ji Seok everything.

I’m sure we all can agree that we know this is a big bluff, but at the same time, how cool would it be if Seon Yu really did reveal everything to Ji Seok?

Ji Hui rushes out of the office and runs into Tae Jeong. She tells him they are in big trouble since Seon Yu has threatened to tell everything to Ji Seok. Ji Hui then scurries away to make the deadline while Tae Jeong angrily wonders just what Seon Yu is up to now. You started this war, but Seon Yu will make dang sure she’s the one who ends it.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok is in his office brooding over Seon Yu saying she lost her planner and then her asking about that picture she had never seen before. Ji Seok then recalls Wu Hyeon’s words about Ji Hui being in his room and taking his keys. Ji Seok knows something is rotten in the state of Denmark now. It’s too much of a coincidence that the day Seon Yu gets called into Ji Hui’s office, Ji Hui takes his keys and Seon Yu’s planner with an unreleased family photo ends up in his car. Enter Jeong In telling him that it’s nine and time for the morning meeting. It’s that late already? Jeong In complains that people’s heads aren’t on right as the hag is just standing outside the restaurant instead of coming in.

Seon Yu smiles and says Ji Hui is five minutes late. Seon Yu almost went inside and told Ji Seok everything—Ji Hui is lucky. This earns Seon Yu a hard slap across the face. She looks rather annoyed until she looks up and sees the shocked Ji Seok. Time for Seon Yu to put her acting skills to the test. Her face takes on an expression of shock. Why is Ji Hui doing this? Wasn’t fixing the date of the accident to incriminate Seon Yu enough? Of course Ji Hui is livid and confused, but before she can do much more, her oppa storms over. What is Ji Hui doing? Is Seon Yu all right? Seon Yu pitifully replies she is fine and goes to head inside, but Ji Seok stops her. He scolds Ji Hui for doing something wrong and Ji Hui stutters out that she isn’t the only one—didn’t he hear Seon Yu say Ji Hui incriminated her? But didn’t Ji Hui? This shocks her. Say what? Wasn’t it Ji Hui who stole Seon Yu’s planner and put the incriminating photograph in there before putting it ins his car?

I think this part surprises even Seon Yu, but hey, it’s working in her favor that Ji Seok has realized the truth. And then Ji Hui does confess she planted the photo, but she had her reasons. Ji Seok then asks Seon Yu about the black box incident. Ji Hui is livid—there is no way she could have done anything with that—Ji Seok saw that first hand. Seon Yu walks away nearly in tears…or so Ji Seok thinks, she’s really smirking as she heads into the restaurant. When Ji Hui loudly complains of Seon Yu’s brazenness, Ji Seok yells at her to stop and she’s like a kid whining and wondering why he’s being like that.

It is sad that these siblings will have their relationship ruined because of the people they love and their private war. It would be a bit nicer if Seon Yu hadn’t stooped as far as Tae Jeong with lies and manipulations herself, but in the grand scheme of things when push comes to shove…Tae Jeong can shove Ji Hui under the bus and backstab her to survive himself, but I don’t think Seon Yu can go that far. She doesn’t want to hurt Ji Seok—I think that in the grand scheme of things that is why she hasn’t revealed everything to him as I’m sure he’d be wounded to know just what kind of man Ji Hui willingly married after being warned and staying with him even after discovering basically everything.

Ji Hiu walks right into Seon Yu’s trap by insisting that Ji Seok check the black box footage once more to prove that Seon Yu is lying. In his office, Ji Seok replies that he would rather remain ignorant to Seon Yu getting hit on purpose and Ji Hui fixing the date to incriminate her—so Ji Hui should stop now. She should really listen to her oppa here, but she won’t. She has to prove she’s right. Unfortunately for her, the date has been changed and this only confirms that she set up Seon Yu. Ji Hui insists that something is wrong and Seon Yu must have altered the date. She storms out to confront Seon Yu who smirks before pulling her “woe is me” face for Ji Seok’s benefit.

Enter Tae Jeong into the fray. Seon Yu then spins together a nice web of lies and half truths. She says that the accident happened right after Ji Hui met her. Seon Yu went to see her and Ji Hui demanded she break up with Ji Seok. This really did happen…accept for the accident part. Ji Hui is livid, but hey, at least Seon Yu didn’t reveal the truth about Tae Jeong (who is standing around uncomfortable since his machinations are what is hurting Ji Hui now). Seon Yu then turns the accident into something more vindictive—since Ji Hui was so angry at her…did she back into her on purpose? Ji Seok believes Seon Yu now over Ji Hui (partly thanks to Tae Jeong’s help, but mostly thanks to Wu Hyeon telling him everything) and he orders Ji Hui out of his restaurant pronto as he has no idea what he’ll do if she stays. Ji Hui starts screaming and then nearly faints. Tae Jeong catches her and Seon Yu rushes out saying she didn’t want things to be like this and Ji Seok follows her while Ji Hui cries to Tae Jeong-ssi about how things turned out.

Ji Seok finds Seon Yu outside on a bench and he apologizes. He didn’t think his sister would do something like that. Seon Yu looks slightly ill at his apology. Seon Yu then says it’s understandable that Ji Hui wouldn’t approve of her to which Ji Seok scolds her for saying. He then talks about her being noble and not revealing the truth (in regards to the photo when she knew she’d been setup), but she should have told him everything then. Seon Yu replies that he had just got back into the Seo family and she wasn’t going to stir the waters as it’s not right to put a brother and sister. Seon Yu then wonders if Ji Seok really meant it when he said that he didn’t care if she approached him with ulterior motives or not. Ji Seok reiterates that none of that matters and this mystifies Seon Yu—how can you keep someone you don’t trust by your side? Good question. Ji Seok turns to her and says there is only one thing he wanted to hear—that he’s the man she needs. As long as that is the case, he wants her by his side. He then again apologizes for mistrusting her thanks to Ji Hui and Seon Yu looks so lost.

Why is it in Asian dramas whenever you’re ill they immediately suggest going to a hospital? Sheesh. Anywho, I did think at the beginning that Ji Hui was rather immature for her age and she’s proving that more and more. She’s acting like a child screaming and yelling out and whining. She wants to check the CCTV footage and Tae Jeong says he’ll look into it (doesn’t want wifey to know he betrayed her). Tae Jeong wants to reveal the truth to Ji Seok, but Ji Hui refuses as it will make him to appear to be a gold digging social climber (which he is) and her the idiot that married him (which again is the truth). Tae Jeong then brings up Eun Su. I guess he figures if he can entice Ji Seok’s first love back, then Seon Yu won’t stand a chance…hrm.

We then get cuteness overload as Wu Hyeon has Mr. Kim drop him off in the city with a map. Looks like Wu Hyeon is seriously going to memorize everything so he doesn’t get lost and can work with Bong Chang. Adorable. Truly adorable. Even more adorable? This also needs to be a secret from mommy!!! LOL. Dal Nyeo then happens to walk by and sees Wu Hyeon. She rushes over and asks what he’s doing there again. How did she know he was there before? She aw him before. She then drags him off for coffee and cake and he complains because he’s trying to study. He tells Dal Nyeo about wanting to work with Bangtong’s ohmma. Why? Is there some connection to the Heo family? Wu Hyeon motions her closer and says that he saved Pung Ho and Bong Chang saved him. He then rushes off leaving Dal Nyeo ore confused.

Tae Jeong is brooding in his office when mommy runs in and tells about Wu Hyeon visiting Pung Ho’s shop regularly. Aigoo. You’re better off fast-forwarding her parts. Anywho, Tae Jeong asks if this is Seon Yu’s machinations, but Dal Nyeo knows it isn’t. Plus, Bong Chang doesn’t seem to know that Wu Hyeon is Dal Nyeo’s in-law. Dal Nyeo is very upset that Tae Jeong asks her to take care of the matter and keep an eye out for now. She’s the WORST at doing things like this.

Yay for OTP cuteness once more. Seon Yu is happy that Ji Seok read her ideas. Ji Seok says he not only read them, but he researched them, too. He likes them. He then goes into the kitchen and makes her a steak dinner. They sit down and Seon Yu compliments his cooking skills. Ji Seok says that he never really had anyone to cook for before—Seon Yu is the first. Awww. Seon Yu then tears up—it’s just too much for her. How long has it been since she’s had someone who cooked a meal solely for her? Not since Jin Yu’ passed away…um…I’m sure her aunt and uncle have. I’m not being mean as Jin Yu was very important to Seon Yu and the two were very close since they lost their parents early and Jin Yu basically raised Seon Yu…but why do they act as if they are the only two in the world left for each other when they obviously had an aunt and uncle who genuinely loved them and did their best to help them? Just wondering, you know? Then again…I’m very close to my older sister, too. I’m sure I’d be equally devastated if anything happened to her as she’s my closest family. When my grandparents are gone, she will be all I have left.

At the Heo house, Bong Chang rejects an applicant for the delivery position and Bangtong is livid to learn that his mother hired “Mr. Big Eyes”—or rather he’s demanding to know if she did hire him, but Chang won’t tell him for sure. She runs out as soon as Pung Ho calls. He wishes to have an advance before the restaurant opens. Why? Did he cosign another loan? No. He just wants to pay back Ji Seok for the hospital bills. OF course, Bong Hwang blames Tae Jeong, and this confuses Pung Ho. That’s right, he didn’t know the whole thing was a scam by Tae Jeong. Bong Hwang wants to repay Ji Seok slowly, but Pung Ho insists and Chang agrees to get the money for him as it is only right to pay Ji Seok back faster.

Aish. Ji Hui scenes are really starting to grate on me now. This girl has anger management issues. She rushes out to apologize to Ji Seok for planting the photo. Ji Seok tells his sister to apologize to Seon Yu instead. Ji Hui goes into more of her livid screaming about Ji Seok trusting Seon Yu over her—she’s his sister and not some total stranger like Seon Yu. Ji Seok says it’s because Ji Hui is sister. If she were a stranger, he’d never see her again.

Ji Hui rushes over to Seon Yu’s place to demand if she was the one behind the black box. Seon Yu admits she was. Ji Hui goes to slap her once more, but Seon Yu cooly grabs her wrist and slaps Ji Hui instead. She looks absolutely shocked. Ji Hui deserves it for her own stupidity. That slap though? Looked rather fake and not like Seon Yu even put any effort into it.

Anywho, in order to thwart Seon Yu, Ji Hui and Tae Jeong place their money on Eun Su’s return. Plus, Mrs. Gong figures out Ji Seok and Seon Yu are dating, so who knows if she’ll approve or disapprove as it was her disapproval that broke Eun Su away from Ji Seok last time. And I don’t know why Ji Hui is insisting that Seon Yu can’t actually love Ji Seok and calls her a fake. Of course, she is operating under the belief that Seon Yu approached Ji Seok completely knowing…but didn’t Ji Seok talk about his time at Seon Yu’s convent? So why is Ji Hui still thinking like this?

I keep thinking back to Secret. What happens to revenge that stems from love? What happens to a love that started from revenge? We’ll see here, won’t we? Seon Yu’s revenge stems from the love of her sister and Tae Jeong’s unwillingness to confess and admit his wrongs. Her love for Ji Seok will ultimately start from revenge. Can our OTP have a happy ending?


  • Oh snap! This is the best episode ever! Soon…. just wait for it, soooooon the whole TJ and JY story is gonna be out!!! I love the part where JS said if you’re a stranger, I will not see you anymore! Muahahahahhahahahhaha take that! And the slap! Smack that fly!

  • Uhm what the hell with the song at the end credit? Sounds so 80s drama hehehe… Now who in the world is Eunsu????

    • Eun Su is the Seo family’s chauffeur’s daughter. She and Ji Seok were in love and Grandma didn’t approve of the girl so she was sent away…or whatever. It is implied that Mrs. Gong did something, but I don’t know what. Given it’s a drama, it’s a pretty easy guess what rich mothers and grandmothers do to the poor women they don’t approve of.

      • Aaaaah so another new character get introduce on the next episode. I am making a list now lol

      • Obviously pays them off and that is what she did and Eunsu took the money. Taking the money is the ultimate insult to a relationship. I’m sure she will offer money to Seonyu too. Money is definitely not her motivation so grandma is toast.

  • Thankyou once again for another great Review. I really appreciate you taking time of your busy schedule to give us these reviews. I know how much harder doing these re compared to say the weekly or weekend drama reviews. Also since I am just limited to watch only KBS and other dramas I can only watch online etc this really helps.

    To be honest I understand her not involving Jiseok in her revenge schemes. She is the type of person who likes to carry the entire burden on herself. Her sister was the same in many ways. Also she may say that she doesn’t want him to get hurt (which he certainly will if h gets to know that he was used and made a fool out of, also when he discovers other truths) and I don’t doubt that is one of the reasons but not the only reason. Right now he is of use to her because he believes her. But another reason is that she doesn’t want to get burned again. She tried to warn Juhui and she failed. The woman still decided to believe in her fiance and then her husband and even plots against her own family sort of. She therefore is afraid that if she were to inform him of Taejongs true nature he would simply be fooled as well and thus her only ally may turn against her as well. She doesn’t know that Jiesok is slightly aware of Taejongs underhanded tricks.

    I still think that it was a mistake for her to have the black box data tampered with. Yes it may have helped her in the short run but I fear hat it may cost her in the long run. Hasn’t she figured out by now that the truth has a way of coming out and being discovered. For instance he discovered the frame job done by Juhui. Eventually he is going to somehow discover that she was responsible for the tampering job on the black box and then he will feel betrayed and sad that he doubted his sister as this affects their relationship as well.

    Smart move on Taejongs part to bring in Eunsu into play. This may bring in a wrench into Sonyu plans but I don’t think that will last for long.
    I just got a weird idea in my head and would love to hear what you think about it a well. We know that according to drama laws that unlike reality there are so many coincidental connections that it is almost hard to believe. So here it is what if it turns out that in the long run Eunsu turns out to beTaejongs sister. I mean we do know that she is the drivers daughter but apart from that we don’t know much else about her. Oh and that the grandmother was against her. 🙂
    Now the other thing is that Taejongs mother thought that Juhuis grandma looked awfully familiar but she couldn’t place her at the moment.Granted chances of this happening are quite small. Maybe she saw her during one of these times?
    I am wondering what was the exact relationship between Jinyu and Taejong. Were the two married but hadn’t officially registered their marriage or were thy simply living together as a couple with the promise of marriage later on. Or perhaps they were using the Friends With Benefits deal (Not sure what that is but have heard this term used a bit in American dramas so would like to know what that means) etc…

    Anyway I guess this Eunsu storyline will be used for another 10-15 episodes. Then they will end that and get Sonyu married to Jiesok. Then there will be some other plot issue.
    I doubt that the grndmother will be against this pairing for her grandson. Since not only would she loose him for good and she does try to keep him by her side now days but I guess she can see the changes that Sonyu is bringing in him as well as that she is also helping him a lot in his work also. So I guess this will be one team that she will support hopefully. Though it seems tha Ensu may have become successful as well so who knows where this can go. (I guess that is why I said that number of episodes to resolve this issue also some old feelings and all need to be cleared and all)

    Juhui really deserved that slap she needs to be brought to her senses and I guess Sonyu wll need to give her some tough love to do so. 🙂 That may mean a whole bunch more slaps.

    You know what really irks me is that Sonyu had become a damsel in distress from when we first saw her in the first episode. Take the club scene she took out that waiter when he accidentally grabbed her and then when she mistook that Jiesok might be taking advantage of the girls she gave him that awesome flying kick thus her named her double Kicker. But after that she just let all those people walk over her (Con men walked away with her money and she couldn’t do anything about it or that Taejong Scenes etc….)
    Also how did the girls even have Jiesoks number that he managed to get to the place where Seonyu was at.
    Do the girls simply give their numbers to any strange men that doesn’t seem right or normal.

    Well that is all from me at the moment 🙂

    As for A Tale Of 2 Sisters believe me you didn’t miss out on much. Infact I am glad that you left it out. I have nothing against redemption of a character but killing of a character when they actually started to repent their actions and thus on their way to redemption was what I felt wrong. There were a few more things though I could have gotten used to them or even ignored it.
    Anyway got to go now for real. So hope to hear from all of you soon
    Till then take care. 😮

    • Yeah, Seon Yu’s motives with Ji Seok…I know it’s not purely because she doesn’t want to hurt him or break up his family. And given how everyone else joined team Tae Jeong (minus Seon Yu’s own family that is), it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to lose her friend and only ally at this time. Plus, you’re right. Seon Yu is one to place things close to her vest and not let others in on her plans, so her not revealing everything and asking for help makes sense, too. I’m sure that the black box might come back to haunt Seon Yu as that is what usually happens in dramas, but, I’m sure Ji Seok will end up forgiving her in the long run, even if he ultimately feels hurt and betrayed. Seon Yu’s interference is the first that really starts putting a rift between him and his sister, but Ji Hui’s ultimate choice of Tae Jeong over her own family (and pride) pretty much is what starts the whole fracturing mess.

      Well…I don’t believe Dal Nyeo’s story about Tae Jeong’s father being from a well-off and important family, but I’m not sold on Eun Su ending up his sister, but it is true that there is some past connection between Mrs. Gong and Dal Nyeo. Just what that is, time will only tell…unless the writers completely forget they brought that up and then leave us hanging – it’s happened before (unnecessary things bringing questions only to have no answers). I know that in reality people can be connected in many unknown ways, but dramas in general abuse this entirely too much to the point you can’t believe just how connected everyone is and no one seems to realize just what a small world they really live in. It’s amazing. I don’t know why, but for some reason with Smile, Donghae, I was able to easily guess plot points and relationships a lot better than I can with this drama.

      As for your questions, Ji Hui and Tae Jeong were only boyfriend/girlfriend/lovers. They lived together with the intent of marriage, but when Tae Jeong saw greener pastures with a better life beckoning him, he threw her and their marriage plans out the window. In one episode, Pung Ho and Bong Hwang were encouraging Dal Nyeo to finally get the marriage started as everyone believed these two were just going to get married. Hence, why I think Hyeonu referred to Jin Yu has Tae Jeong’s wife even though they had never legally registered a marriage nor held an official ceremony. It was supposed to happen down the road when they were all settled.

      Friends with benefits. There’s actually a lot of derogatory (or less nice) terms associated with this. I won’t name them all. Friends with benefits essentially means you aren’t in an actual couple relationship and are just “friends”, but you have a physical relationship with each other with no strings attached. No promises of dating or marriage or anything like that. This is definitely not what Jin Yu and Tae Jeong had as they talked of marriage and kids and strings. They were such a disgustingly cute couple in flashbacks, that his current monstrous attitude is really a gross whiplash from what we see from their shared past.

      Seon Yu’s character inconsistencies really irks me as well. I wish she would just stay as her tough as nails self instead of being reduced to a damsel in distress letting herself get pushed around and beaten down by others. I think I may have mentioned that a time or two 😛

      Yeah, I actually haven’t watched a lot of dailies, so hard to keep up with and I’m horrible at recapping them. The only two I’ve been relatively decent about are this drama and the evil Crazy Love. I don’t recommend that drama. I still need to finish Smile, Donghae and Melody of Love.

  • Yes, this was definitely my favorite episode by far! I played it twice! Totally agree with the comments. I want Seon Yu to stay this way, the weeping, damsel period must end. She is facing one serious opponent, TJ. I discount Jihui because she is not worth the time. Yes, I too hate that she lies to Jisui who by far is knowledgeable of what TJ can do and has done so there would be no surprises. But going forward, it will be interesting to see if JS’s love for SY is as strong as we seen or will it waver? I don’t think it will personally.

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