Angel’s Revenge Episode 43 Recap

After a somewhat dismal run of episodes and Seon Yu proving to be much too good for her own well being and revenge as she could never beat Tae Jeong at his one game, our former nun is wising up. It only took her 30 some episodes but she’s finally getting her act together. And the icing on the cake is that there is no way she’s going to let Ji Hui and Tae Jeong take Ji Seok away from her. Oh…plus her revenge scheme is hitting Ji Hui first since Ji Hui hurt Ji Seok. And yet she won’t admit that she just might like him, lol.

So Tae Jeong and Ji Hui lie to Mrs. Gong and say that it’s just the secretary at the door and they won’t invite her in since it’s a weekend. Tae Jeong goes outside while Ji Hui distracts her grandmother by asking where they should put the flowers she just arranged. Tae Jeong is livid and wonders why Seon Yu just doesn’t get it and leave them alone since she already lost. She brings up the miscarriage and Tae Jeong’s faking his coma to use that against his grieving wife. Tae Jeong angrily admits to this and replies this is all Seon Yu’s fault. If she had left well enough alone and not backed him into a corner, then none of this would have happened. Seon Yu smiles. Yes. It is all her fault. Enter Ji Hui. She starts dressing Seon Yu down, too. The couple finally leave her and Seon Yu cracks a grin.

At the restaurant, Gyuri and Jeong In are worried about Seon Yu since she took the morning off. Is she sick? Did something happen? They ask Ji Seok, but he has no idea. He goes into his office to call Seon Yu, but throws his phone down. Why contact her when she doesn’t show up to work the very next day after she quit. Old habits die hard. Even though Ji Seok’s faith has been shaken…he can’t stop himself from worrying and wondering and liking. If Seon Yu really was a gold digger with a hidden agenda…Ji Seok would be in big trouble.

Ji Hui and Tae Jeong have their first date in forever. They happily take a walk when Tae Jeong gets a phone call from an unknown number. As soon as he answers the call, his own voice greets him. Looks like Seon Yu recorded his confession about faking the coma!!!! At last. A smart cookie. Tae Jeong hangs up rattled and lies that it was the wrong number. For the rest of the day, Tae Jeong ignores Seon Yu’s calls. She texts him and says that isn’t wise and then Ji Hui’s phone starts ringing. This freaks him out and he immediately tells her not to answer because its probably the office trying to get in touch when he’s been ignoring their calls to spend the day peacefully with his wife (such a statement makes Ji Hui very happy). She tells him it is just their house and tells her mother they will be back after lunch. Tae Jeong sends her home alone so he can talk with Seon Yu.

Meanwhile…oh…cuteness overload! Bong Chang calls up Wu Hyeon who excitedly rushes over to the restaurant. He is very happy to be working their every day with her. Chang then replies that she doesn’t think he’ll be able to do the job. She then has him sit down and eat her handmade pizza especially for him. This makes Wu Hyeon happy, but he doesn’t want to visit them whenever he’s craving pizza, he wants to work there with her. Chang is still hesitant since he does get lost easily. Wu Hyeon then offers to take her for a ride and the two have a very cute motorbike ride. Samchon’s face was precious when they hit a bump and Chang’s grip on his waist tightened. He was in shock and then 7th heaven. This was all witnessed by Dal Nyeo who comes to think that Seon Yu must have put Bong Chang up to sticking close to Ji Seok’s uncle. Right. Seon Yu isn’t one to actually get her family involved and does many things without their knowledge. So…after the motorbike ride, Wu Hyeon promises that he can memorize a map and never get lost again leaving Bong Chang with another dilemma. Will she or won’t she. It actually will probably be good for Wu Hyeon if he can leave the shelter of his home and family and try to stand on his own two feet as much as he can.

I won’t bother talking about Dal Nyeo’s conversation with Chang who is very good at her smiling barbs. Plus, Dal Nyeo oversteps the line by talking about how Chang got proposed to twice. Nothing like rubbing salt in that wound.

Anywho, Tae Jeong is not happy as Seon Yu lays down the law. Tae Jeong must alter the date on Ji Hui’s black box to a later time to prove that Ji Hui wasn’t being truthful with Ji Seok. Tae Jeong doesn’t want to do this. How can he let Seon Yu tell him what to do? It’s fine if he doesn’t, but isn’t there someone he doesn’t want to listen to his confession? I was very proud of Seon Yu. It’s been over 30 episodes since she “started” her revenge and this is the first move she made towards actual vengeance. Huzzah!

Seon Yu goes back to work at the restaurant for the night and hands off all her revenue-increasing ideas to Ji Seok. Why should he take them? Seon Yu is saying she is honoring her promise to help him. Ji Seok says that he has no faith in her now, so why should he accept this? Seon Yu then reminds him how important raising the revenue is. If he doesn’t raise it then he will be shipped off to the US again. Seon Yu doesn’t want that when he’s working so hard. She wants him to be able to stay with his family. Come on, Ji Seok-ssi, why can’t you realize just how much Seon Yu cares even if she won’t tell you the whole truth?

Later Jeong In slips coming down the stairs and plates go crashing to the floor. Seon Yu rushes over and tells Jeong In to go take an order while she cleans up. Ji Seok comes out and sees this and watches her picking up the broken glass as she apologizes to the customers the food fell in front of. She cuts her finger and he barely restrains himself from rushing to her side. He then coldly leaves that night without saying anything to her. The girls are worrying about their obvious fight, but both are keeping mum on the subject. Seon Yu also leaves and Jeong In complains about just how obvious the two are. Everyone can tell when they were happily dating (which lasted what…half an episode or so) and now everyone can tell they are fighting.

Outside the restaurant, Tae Jeong pounces and drags Seon Yu into an alley and dumps out her purse. She confesses that she is a lot smarter now and won’t repeat the same mistake she made with the paternity papers. She again tells Tae Jeong to follow her instructions or else Ji Hui will learn the truth. At that time, Ji Hui gets a package with a voice pen in it!!! She calls up Tae Jeong who lies and says he accidentally put her name on the package, but it’s for him—from the office. He hangs up and Seon Yu commends his lying abilities. When he goes to yell some more, Seon Yu reminds him about the pen being in Ji Hui’s hands. Shouldn’t he hurry? LOL. Way to go Seon Yu.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok runs into an old friend at the bar where the friend talks abut meeting Eun Su in Paris. Ji Seok doesn’t seem to thrilled by this news. That must mean he’s dating someone right? His friend cannot believe he’s got a serious job and a girlfriend now. Ji Seok wonders about the girlfriend part and then explains the woman is someone he’s in pain when he’s with and someone he’s in pain when he’s without. His friend doesn’t get this and Ji Seok laughs at his relationship ignorance I guess because that means his friend probably hasn’t been too serious. There is always that type of pain in love at times. Is what I think he’s thinking…having never been in love myself, I can’t say with any experience.

Tae Jeong runs home, but the pen was a fake. Ji Hui leaves their bedroom after being assured she didn’t break the pen and Tae Jeong puts in an angry call to Seon Yu who reminds him about her request (turning Ji Hui into a liar to save Seon Yu’s relationship with Ji Seok and to enact revenge on Ji Hui who hurt Ji Seok and Tae Jeong who will essentially stab his wife in the back once more without her knowledge). If Tae Jeong doesn’t do this…then the next pen will have the recording on it.

Tae Jeong wakes up in the middle of the night and nervously slinks off to Ji Hui’s car to get the black box data. Ji Hui wakes up when she reaches her hand over and doesn’t find her husband. We end with Tae Jeong getting lights flashed in his eyes which has a surprised and startled look in them.

The previews! Oh joy! Ji Hui is getting her comeuppance for choosing Tae Jeong despite the evidence against him and choosing her love for a crooked man over her love for her brother. It promises to be good. I wonder what will happen to Seon Yu now that Mrs. Gong knows she’s working at the restaurant and started the same time as Ji Seok. Hopefully Mrs. Gong won’t interfere. We are almost halfway through this series…so it will be a little too early for the Seo family to realize Tae Jeong’s crimes.


  • I LOVED this episode! Except for any moments with the disgusting TJ’s mom. It’s not only her lack of fashion sense which is making me heave my lunch! As a mother, I cannot forgive her for what she did to JN! Sure, she didn’t abandon her on the side of the road but she saw her son drive off; she knows what happened but she left JN there in harms way; who cares if she was dying or dead! She left her body there to be burned up so I cannot forgive her as much as TJ. How in the world is the TJ’s sister related to these two?!! But I really loved SY FINALLY taking charge and leaving behind the “Nun forgiveness” mentality! That has been the problem from the beginning! It really makes sense to me, you train and live as a nun-to-be, so those thoughts of forgiving the sinner are ingrained but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad she finally let it go! JS? Poor besotted JS!! That’s all I’m going to say on that! And you’re right, if gold-digging was SY’s goal, JS wouldn’t have a pray of avoiding it!

  • LoL About freaking time is all that I am about to say. Seriously TaeJong whenever he is alone with Sonyu he incriminates himself via his conversations I was wondering why didn’t she ever record them and use them before. 🙂 I guessed that by the time she actually thought of that (her awesome luck would stirke) and he would have figured it out and wouldn’t be foolish enough to fall for her tricks/trap maybe even use it against her. So after all these defeats it is nice to finally see win in her column no matter how brief it is. There still is a long time before she hits some winning streaks. “)

    Still I guess the only way Seonyu can redeem herself for hurting and using Jiseok is that she helps him find his mother and then disappears. At this point Jiseok will realize that no matter what the others said and thought about her she actually cared about him and will therefore realize her true nature and will kick himself for being fooled by everyone and the rush to get her back.

    I hope that Seonyu has made more than one copy of that recording so incase something happens to it (and we know something is bound to happen to her courtesy of her awesome luck) she has a backup supply to depend on. Since sending in decoy items is one way to go but not the best, Also never keep the original on you (which she thankfully learned)
    Don’t think tampering with the Black Box data is the smartest way to go but hey who am I to complain atlest she did something which is something.
    I wonder if the photo of her sister will ever come in use. Also I can’t recall if she showed her sisters picture to Juhui. If not that may come in handy someday. Since Seonyu doesn’t know that the two have already met so showing it wouldn’t have been necessary also it might have been suspicious so who remembers,

    I would really like Sarang to make an appearance but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Also I will feel sorry for him. Poor guy will be used by everyone. If he is adopted (wonder how that will be pulled of. luck or trick) Juhui may actually love him until she discovers the betrayal and then suddenly she will become anti him. Can’t say much about Seonus side.
    The only person who will go in shock is Tajeong and then he will actually go into a comma but Juhui will think that he is simply crying wolf and will divorce him this time for real (Actually we all know that she will never divorce him courtesy of KDrama Laws)
    Well those laws aren’t absolute from what I discovered. After watching A Tale Of Two Sisters that ending really surprised me. Turned out that the male lead wasnt the male lead and the 2nd female lead ended up dying 🙂 That really was the extreme for me : )
    Oh well enough of that still thanks for all the recaps.
    Thanks to you I am finally catching up on this show and Smile Again (2010) version (Smile, Donghae)
    maybe if I get the time I will comment on that show as well. Doubt that you read all the comments though. )
    Still thanks for all the good work 🙂 keep it up
    Also sorry for the long post.

    • Actually, Ji Hui is already aware that Seon Yu and Jin Yu are sisters. When she started becoming of Tae Jeong in…oh I forget exactly which episode…she has Seon Yu investigated and goes to Seon Yu’s uncle’s house. There Pung Ho shows her into the room and she sees Jin Yu and Seon Yu’s picture. Ji Hui then remembers meeting the very pregnant Jin Yu with Dal Nyeo and seeks confirmation from her MIL. So, Ji Hui is very aware about Jin Yu and Sarang. But thanks to Hyeonu and Tae Jeong faking his coma, she doesn’t believe that Tae Jeong really had anything at all to do with Jin Yu’s death. This is actually why Seon Yu decided to go after not just Tae Jeong, but Ji Hui since Ji Hui refuses to see the truth about the man she married.

      There’s only 47 episodes left. I say only even though it’s a lot, so I’m wondering if the pace will pick up a little more with Seon Yu scoring some more revenge points. She does honestly care for and wish to help Ji Seok, but I really think that when she started everything and realized his true identity, she should have come clean, but no. Ji Seok will be hurting even more if/when he discovers the full truth, even after Seon Yu implicates Ji Hui is framing her with the falsified black box data.

      I have heard lots of complaints about the ending of A Tale of Two Sisters, so I haven’t been able to watch that yet, but I was interested in it from the previews I originally saw.

      As for commenting on Smile, Donghae/Smile Again, please do. I actually do read all the comments, even on older posts. I also try to respond to all comments if possible. And don’t feel apologetic about long comments. I enjoy them and hearing what people think! I’m glad your following this drama and enjoying my recaps. 🙂

  • I love that SY is turning TJ into her dog. It feels good to hear it is her turn to tell TJ ttalawa! Muahahahhahahha

    • Ooops ttarawa hehehehe got too excited.

    • He deserves to be treated like the dog he is. And that slap…while Ji Hui did deserve it, I felt it was rather unsatisfying as far as drama slaps go. We all know Seon Yu has more oomph in her butt. I am very unhappy with how wishy washy her character is. When she first meets Ji Seok and she thinks he’s messing with her girls, she dropkicks his rear. Tae Jeong? She let herself get pulled and pushed and all that great stuff. And what about those factory thugs? Sure she fought the kidnapping, but why didn’t she fight back more? She becomes horribly inconsistent character-wise. She needs to be strong and tough throughout and not just every now and then.

      • I agree! Remember how we all fall for her feisty self back in the episode 1? Yeah, I want her back. Her character is very unstable. One day she’s a Wonder Woman, another day she’s a damsel in distress. I want a strong character. Her revenge side is too weak. Writer nim, if you are reading our conversation, take note!

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