The Forgotten #2: Eugene Lim ‘1’

My Asian music collection is rather Korean heavy. It used to be Japanese heavy, but it’s so dang hard buying Japanese music without spending a small fortune and the digital library in the US is actually rather small and lacking for current music. Well…my Chinese/Taiwanese music collection is sadly very lacking in comparison, so you would think I would remember the Chinese music I buy, but no.

Due to my mistake of downloading the past 250 songs purchased, I was listening to my iPod and had no idea just who I was listening to. I did know it was not Fahrenheit, Aaron or Jiro’s solo albums, nor was it Yoga Lin or Bii or Andrew Tan or Alan Kuo. I had to look and it was Eugene Lin from his album 1.

How embarrassing to completely forget that I bought this album after Eugene’s song made it onto one of my playlists last year. At least I think that was the reason I bought it. [Correction, I don’t think he made it into the playlists even though I know I’ve watched his videos and obviously liked the music enough to buy the album.] The video above is from the first track (寫的是夏天/Written by Summer) of Eugene’s album 1. He has two more MVs of songs from the album below.

02. 情緒化 [Emotional/Sentimental]

05. 蒲菊雨 [Pújúyǔ]

I honestly know nothing about this artist. Googling his name brings mention of a famous designer/architect. It also brings up Jimmy Lin and JJ Lin…JJ does have an older brother named Eugene whose dream was to be a singer when they were younger and he was featured in JJ’s 10th anniversary special album in 2012 I think. But…is that Eugene Lin the same as this one? I just don’t know. So if you know anything about this singer who released his first album last year, do enlighten me as I would like to know more about him.

Eugene does have a nice voice and it’s a shame that I forgot this album. It always amazes me when men can hit some really high notes and in certain songs on this album…BAM. Eugene’s voice can get pretty darn high. I also like how some songs seem to have a more oriental sound. Like they may be utilizing some traditional Chinese or Asian instruments. I like it…well most of it. I’m not 100% enamored by all of the songs on the album, but I do like the majority. For some reason, I prefer his ballads to his more upbeat tracks. This may be because the ballads really show his strengths as a singer and seem to suit him more while the more pop tracks seem weaker in comparison.

Definitely an artist to look forward to. Will we get a new release this year?

Eugene Lim1 by Eugene Lin
Release date: 18 September 2013
Buy on iTunes
01. 寫的是夏天 [Written by Summer]
02. 情緒化 [Emotional/Sentimental]
03. 練琴歌 [Piano Songs]
04. 老木匠 [Old Carpenter]
05. 蒲菊雨 [Pújúyǔ]
06. 暫存幸福 [Temporary Happiness]
07. 紅莓的味道 [Cranberry Flavor]
08. 比起回到過去 [Compared to the Past]
09. Lost Christmas
10. 副作用 [Side Effect]
11. Runaway

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