Angel’s Revenge Episode 41 Recap

Aigoo. This series has entered the realm of one hot mess. I do understand why Ji Seok’s faith is shaken. He has no idea that Seon Yu really still did not know who he was until the day of the interview when she got kidnapped and now there is all this evidence of her popping up around his family for the past month—it does look suspicious. However…benefit of the doubt. He should have approached the situation differently even if he was shaken inside and hurting a little. Ji Hui and Tae Jeong are both operating under the impression that Seon Yu really did only approach Ji Seok knowing his real identity in order to carry out her plans of revenge. Not true. Seon Yu only accepted his feelings because of Tae Jeong’s latest scheme and Ji Hui choosing her husband ultimately, but she did not approach him knowing his relationship to Tae Jeong and Ji Hui. And let’s be honest…when did Seon Yu ever approach him? Ji Seok is conveniently forgetting that he was the one who showed back up in her life and wouldn’t get out of it. Funny how that slips his memory. He must also forget all the times Seon Yu tried to send him packing. Sure, he recalls her apologies and her insisting that people can change and that he doesn’t really know her…but conveniently forgets everything else. See? One hot mess.

Ji Hui is disappointed that Ji Seok won’t listen to any more of what she has to say and tells her to just stop. I can’t believe she doesn’t see how rattled and upset she is. She complains when she goes into Tae Jeong’s office, but he tells her not to worry since the seed has been planted. There is no way Ji Seok will just let this incident pass him by without investigating further and jettisoning Seon Yu. Ji Hui does decide to do one more thing—use her ultimate weapon of the footage from her black box. Eyeroll.

Seon Yu is looking all over for her planner as it has important things regarding the upcoming cocktail show event. It’s not at home. It’s not at work. Where can it be. Gyuri and Jeong In complain that Seon Yu’s illness from the convent is coming back. Seon Yu insists that isn’t true. Enter the unhappy Ji Seok. It’s so easy to see he’s upset. He goes to ask Seon Yu something, but changes his mind and just walks away. He holes himself up in his office where he broods over the picture. Will he believe Ji Hui saying that Seon Yu probably had him investigated after she left the convent?

*Brief pause. WHY on earth would a woman, whom he could see was really committed to being a nun and missionary…have him investigated and leave the convent because of who his family is? Again, not plausible. And why would she invent such a scheme soon after her precious eonni’s death? Human beings by nature are not logical creatures, but really, there’s so many gaps in Ji Hui’s story and what he really does know about Seon Yu that it’s wholly unbelievable. End pause.*

Ye gads. I like the actress playing Aran when she isn’t being over the top fake in her actions with her MIL and stepson. I like her when she’s not screeching shrilly as well. Too bad she does one or the other of these things in every episode. She starts her banshee imitation as Tae Jeong is doing nothing about Ji Seok’s restaurant or this employee Lee Seon Yu whose ideas are the ones bringing in the revenue. Tae Jeong can’t believe Aran is worried as there is no way Ji Seok will come anywhere near reaching that goal even with Seon Yu’s help. Still, Aran will go to the restaurant to meet this woman. Fearing what can happen, Tae Jeong says he wishes to meet her, too, and tags along. Snort.

*Brief pause 2. Okay. I’m waiting for Jeong In and Gyuri to recognize Tae Jeong. They were with Seon Yu when she met him outside the club and called him “brother-in-law”—so…I’m waiting for this to work in Seon Yu’s favor. But no recognition with Gyuri. Maybe if Jeong In saw him…she has a pretty good memory…End pause.*

So Aran and Tae Jeong go to TGI Friday’s and demand to see Seon Yu. Gyuri looks uncomfortable, but does get Seon Yu. She is all pleasantries and smiles and doesn’t let the two’s arrival throw her. Aran recognizes her and Seon Yu reveals she did go to the art exhibit and Tae Jeong was there, too, wasn’t he? Tae Jeong plays it off that he doesn’t recognize Seon Yu at all. The grilling begins and Seon Yu throws some barbs Tae Jeong’s way, but he easily sidesteps them…not that Aran is happy with his answers, either. Enter the angry Ji Seok. He tells Seon Yu to go back to work and takes Aran into his office.

She lights into him again for daring to tell her what to do when she was talking. When she reveals she’s seen Seon Yu before and that Ji Seok must be planning something to have that woman spy for him, this does little to help Seon Yu’s case. He immediately goes to the office to see Ji Hui while Aran shrilly bawls Tae Jeong out about Seon Yu and Ji Seok and to escape her wrath, he throws Mrs. Gong under the bus—there is the rumor that Seon Yu was hired by Gong to save Ji Seok. Like Aran needs any more fuel in the hatred she has for her own mother-in-law.

Ji Hui shows the timestamped footage to Ji Seok. And…I must say, she says Seon Yu obviously jumped into her car…WHERE do you see that? All you see is Seon Yu coming onto the screen looking at her phone when Ji Hui’s car backs into her. Even if this was plotted by Seon Yu…she’s a smart cookie and it honestly looked like she just wasn’t paying attention. Ji Hui then talks about giving Seon Yu her business card and meeting with her and having Seon Yu question her about Ji Seok. Blatant lies. You don’t want you precious brother hurt? Bull! You, like your husband, Ji Hui, only care about yourself and how this whole mess reflects on you.

Still, even though Ji Seok defends Seon Yu by saying it’s not sufficient evidence to see that she really planned everything, you see the doubt swimming in his eyes and expression. Ji Hui goes home and apprises Tae Jeong of everything and when Aran starts questioning Mrs. Gong about helping Ji Seok, Tae Jeong immediately jumps in and tells Mrs. Gong it is nothing but rumors. This earns Aran a scolding for listening to such rumors and believing them. Ji Hui scolds her mother, too and Aran says it was all a test to see what that snake woman would do. Omo. WHY are these two still living under one roof? Mrs. Gong, certainly, doesn’t seem to hate her daughter-in-law, but it’s quite easy to see there is no love for Mrs. Gong on Aran’s part. Shakes head.  Ji Hui then scolds Tae Jeong for his life and he promises to tell Aran soon that it was an unfounded rumor and not the truth. But will he is the million dollar question.

He goes out drinking while Seon Yu waits for him at the restaurant to go shopping. He doesn’t show up until really late. Seon Yu sees that he has been drinking and tells him to go home. Ji Seok won’t. Why can’t he get drunk when he tried so hard to just like she did when she had something to say to him. He tells her since she waited so long she must want something and can’t leave. He then drags her forcibly out of the restaurant. Seon Yu digs in her heels and wonders just what is going on with him. Ji Seok then tells her to spend the night with him. This shocks Seon Yu. Why? Wasn’t in the plans? Moving too fast? Seon Yu is really lost, but you can see some understanding start to dawn. So has Ji Seok discovered her truth? Ji Seok demands to know if Seon Yu really approached him with an ulterior motive and that’s where this episode ends.

I forgot to mention that while Aran is in the office with Ji Seok, Tae Jeong is gloating saying that Seon Yu is about to lose the last card in her hand due to hubris. Wow. Great vocabulary word. For those who don’t know, hubris is pride of a bad kind. In Greek mythology and stories, hubris causes a lot of problems. Hence why Odysseus was made to suffer away from home all of those years—his wrongful pride and not acknowledging just how much the gods had helped him. Seon Yu is not prideful. If anything, it’s Tae Jeong who is full of hubris.

Oh, and then there is the cute scene where Wu Hyeon is trying to write his cover letter, but he basically uses it as a confession that he wishes to work with Bangtong’s pretty mother. LOL. He then decides to have his nephew write it for him. Meanwhile, Bangtong’s ohmma tears up at the feast for her son’s first day of school and is very sorry that she can’t go with him. But never fear, Bong Hwang will go in place of Chang. It’s odd that you would accompany your child for his first day…Nothing wrong with dropping him off or anything, but Bangtong looks old enough where there shouldn’t be a reason for his mother to accompany him. Blame it on my public school education in the Midwest. Parents don’t really do anything too special on the first day of school. In fact, we were up at the buttcrack of dawn to get onto a bus. The most we got were pictures of us on the first day of the school year before we left home and as we got off the bus.

Oh…and now that Tae Jeong is all better, Dal Nyeo is nothing but praises for her daughter-in-law once more and makes her some carp to help Ji Hui recover from the miscarriage. I know that Ji Hui wasn’t horribly far along…but still…you can definitely tell Dal Nyeo and Tae Jeong don’t really care about the baby girl’s unfortunate passing in that accident. I still think it would be poetic if Ji Hui and Tae Jeong adopted and it ended up being Sarang. There’s 49 episodes left. When will our purloined baby show back up?

Previews show Seon Yu learning of Ji Hui’s scheme and trying to convince Ji Seok that she did not know who he was or have any ulterior motive (in the beginning). She really should just confess the whole sordid tale and the the dice fall where they may. Tae Jeong gloats that Seon Yu officially has no card left in her hand, but Seon Yu says that Ji Seok isn’t needed. The previews end with her showing up at the Seo doorstep all alone. What is her plan?

I’m still pouting and a wee bit disappointed in Ji Seok. I get it. I do. But…most of it is purely circumstantial and he should really communicate with Seon Yu instead of getting liquored up and confronting her by trying to drag her to a hotel. And…did I mention that all evidence is circumstantial and there are so many holes in Ji Hui’s story it would put Swiss cheese to shame.


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