Song of the Week – 17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! For those who celebrate the Irish holiday that is. It’s time for a new song of the week. What has been NeeNee been listening to of late?

Yuzu! Do you know this guitar playing duo? They are awesome. I’ve featured their music on my monthly playlists before and now I’m featuring a song of theirs for SOTW. The song is “Hida Mari” which translates into something like “Sunny Spot.” Besides being a great song…the MV is pretty awesome for a few aspects. I like sky pictures and I like that the pictures come alive.

More about Yuzu: They are a folk/pop rock singing duo that have been active since 1997 (when they were still in school). Yuzu consists of Kitagawa Yujin and Iwasawa Koji. They were street musicians before getting officially picked up by a record label…which happened rather early in their career. Their group’s name was originally “Lights” but was changed to Yuzu since Kitagawa did not like their original name and was actually eating yuzu sherbert at the time. This…apparently is a story the band tells on occasion with Iwasawa chiming in about how they could have been called Vanilla since that was the ice cream flavor he was eating at the same time.

Anywho. I just discovered Yuzu this past year. But they have been very prolific. Their discography is quite long. Of their current releases, there is not one that I dislike, so I’m sure their early music is great as well. You can find most (if not all) of their discography available at CDJapan.

On another note, it’s kind of crazy to feature a complete album every months, so Activity will hold the “Album of the Month” instead of “Album of the Week.” Plus, I haven’t fallen for a new album as of yet.

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