Angel’s Revenge Episodes 36-38 Recap

I have a song dedication for these three episodes that I think really fits…well…one section of lyrics at least…Tae Jeong’s character’s actions (especially with the previews for 39)—Boys Set Fire “High Wire Escape Artist” which is from the official Daredevil OST. Actually, looking at the full lyrics…maybe the song, in certain context, can really apply to his character. Take a look at a snippet of the song:

Bleed out all empathy
This vessel has no spirit left to hold on
to lies I’ve lived in full

How long can I hold tight
with every movement
tension binds and denies
my true nature

The balance has shifted
warped, sick, and twisted
grabbing at Angels when I fall

The third part is the one I really felt describes Tae Jeong anew: “warped, sick, and twisted—grabbing at Angels when I fall.” In watching these episodes…I felt a certain disconnect and surrealism. I really am curious just how long Hyeonu will lie for Tae Jeong…he knows his friend has done wrong, but I guess since he’s benefiting from Tae Jeong’s sins, what use doe he have to stab him in the back and tell the truth for once?

Dal Nyeo’s character really made me want to scream in frustration. Yes, Pung Ho and Bong Hwang are right—going a full eye for an eye only brings you down to Tae Jeong’s slimy level. But at the same time…Seon Yu really didn’t stoop as low as Tae Jeong did and while her interference in the couple’s relationship was part of the cause of the accident… Dal Nyeo has no right to threaten her nor accuse her. What Tae Jeong has done over and over again is the very worst. As a mother, I think I would be brokenhearted over Tae Jeong’s evil doings, but Dal Nyeo, as much as she is as sad as she can be over her grandson growing up in an orphanage, ENABLES her son’s evilness to continue. And she has the nerve to get self righteous?

And Ji Hui…I kind of get her reaction when Tae Jeong is the one to ask for the divorce when she exposes his lies and what he did to Jin Yu…but at the same time WHY is she so insulted that he DARED to ask her for a divorce? It’s not like she was even willing to talk to him or work things out. Was she upset because some stupid part of her still loves him or because he beat her to the punch and was getting out while getting was good (even though we all know it was just a humongous gamble and ploy on his part)?

Seon Yu’s guilt…she feels guilty towards Ji Seok, guilty towards Ji Hui, and guilty towards Tae Jeong. She wants Tae Jeong to pay for his sins…not die for them. She did not want to hurt Ji Hui or the baby, but since this all happened after Seon Yu laid everything out in the open, she’s beating herself up over it. Yes…her actions did help cause the accident and miscarriage…but at the same time…Ji Hui and Tae Jeong are both at fault. If Tae Jeong hadn’t insisted on carrying out his plan and let his stupid angry wife drive when she isn’t thinking straight (and looking at him instead of the damned road) and Ji Hui should have really been thinking about that precious baby of hers. She should not have let Tae Jeong’s scheme get her goat so that she drove like a crazy woman.

And Tae Jeong in these episodes…aigoo. He really is a monster. Although…when the accident happened, I do wonder if it was real feelings for Ji Hui and the baby that had him lunging over to protect her. Can he really be that calculating in that split second to ensure that this accident cements Ji Hui to him for good? I honestly don’t think he cares about the death of the baby at all since it was more of a meal ticket for him in the long wrong. His arguing that he isn’t letting the baby go after divorce…was definitely more posturing than paternal love since he never really showed any interest whatsoever in Ji Hui’s baby.

Ah…so what happened exactly in these three episodes? Ji Hui demands the truth but just can’t believe it when Tae Jeong and Dal Nyeo actually tell her the truth. So she goes to Seon Yu instead and demands to meet Jin Yu and the baby. Seon Yu takes Jin Yu to the sight of the accident and tells her that Tae Jeong killed Jin Yu. Um…no matter how many times I replay the accident or the scene where the driver died…I don’t get this. Tae Jeong did NOT run Jin Yu over that I can see. His main sin (besides abandoning her on the side of the road) is to leave the accident without getting her any help. If he had done something, there is a change Jin Yu (and the driver) could have been saved.

This freaks Jin Yu out. She’s in shock and lost complete faith in her husband. She kicks him out of their bedroom which worries Ji Seok that that happy couple are fighting and both won’t tell him what’s going on. Tae Jeong has nothing left to lose and calls Ji Hui to have her meet him where he proposed. When she insists on believing Seon Yu over him, he asks for a divorce and leaves. He doesn’t come home so Ji Hui sends his clothes to Dal Nyeo’s place. How can her son have been refunded so soon after marriage?

Tae Jeong is still going to the office. Ji Hui calls him out on this and Tae Jeong is livid that she’s looking down on him. HE took the test and got into that company on his own. HE got the managing director job based on his own merits NOT solely because he is her husband. Plus he (blatantly lies) and says he will quit the company once the divorce is final. We all know this isn’t true and is a bluff to get Ji Hui to trust that he really is an innocent person in all of this.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok and team prepare for the cocktail show. Ji Seok invites his uncle while Ji Hui invites Bongtong. Thus…Wu Hyeon gets to meet Bongtong’s mother once more and he is over the moon about this! It’s really rather cute to see Bongtong and Wu Hyeon squabbling over Bong Chang. Seon Yu tries to tell Ji Seok the truth, but that’s when he gets the call about Ji Hui and Tae Jeong being in an accident. He rushes off to the hospital leaving a stunned Seon Yu in charge. Needless to say she can’t bring herself to confess her real relationship with Ji Hui and Tae Jeong after this.

Of course Ji Hui loses the baby. I’m really wondering if she’ll be left barren since the doctor said it was essentially a miracle that she conceived given her bad reproduction state. How much to you want to be that if Tae Jeong and she do end up adopting, they might inadvertently end up adopting Tae Jeong’s very much alive son Sarang? Again, Dal Nyeo annoys me as she goes off on everyone. Yes, Tae Jeong is her precious son. She doesn’t care about the hurting Ji Hui or her lost granddaughter all that much. And Aran isn’t trying to disclude the comatose Tae Jeong, but her main focus is on her daughter, especially since the miscarriage and Tae Jeong being laid up in a coma.

Now as for that coma. Seriously? Tae Jeong is faking it. I had this feeling all along…but wouldn’t brain scans show some activity that would show a conscious state? I’m just curious because neuroscience is obviously not my forte. It just seems highly dubious that he could pretend and the doctors not know he’s really awake somehow. I like how at least Seon Yu didn’t go to Tae Jeong’s room and apologize for what she did or anything like that. He can’t die until she tells him it’s okay and it will never be okay until he’s dragged down into the farthest reaches of hell to pay for the sins he refuses to acknowledge. She leaves and he smirks. B*stard.

But…the cuteness of Samchon helped make up for these episodes. And it’s nice to see Chang trying to be a good mother and provider for her son. We all know her resolution to not marry for a third time probably will not hold up, but I like her honest effort to move on without having a husband and being the main breadwinner. I loved how Wu Hyeon got so upset when he found out Aran washed his precious hanky from Bongtong’s ohmma. It used to smell pretty like Bong Chang and now it’s all ruined. The smell reminded him of…his mother!!! I guess…given Wu Hyeon’s attachment to Mrs. Gong, it’s no surprise that he might fall for a woman who is kind of representative of her in some way shape or form. It was so adorable how he was watching her instead of watching the cocktail show. I can handle some more Chang and Wu Hyeon time.

As for our OTP. Looks like Seon Yu will now go all out to pursue Ji Seok. Not because she’s realized her feelings and that she really does honestly like him…but because of Tae Jeong’s big ploy. Sure, the man couldn’t have orchestrated that accident…but look at what he did and look at yet another life sacrificed for his greed. Again, if he was my son, I’d be appalled by him. I wouldn’t be helping him to get away with everything to live a good life, I’d be making him pay for his crimes if I could.


  • I knew he was faking. The man knows no shame and probably glad the baby was lost! JH? I’ve given up trying to understand her!

  • The Problem is that in a Court of Law Tajeong could
    easily be tried for murder due to his actions. Yes he
    may not have killed her by running her over. She was
    hit by that truck if I recall. Since he had left her he was
    still relatively safe from any charges infact he could even
    play dumb that he wasn’t aware that she was involved in
    an accident. Sadly he returned to the scene of the crime
    and when he discovered her he left her to die. Now he
    could have phoned for help. That way again he couldn’t
    easily have been blamed for murder.Yet he left her
    specially when she was pleading him for help. Thus in
    eyes of the court he definitely has committed murder.
    Yes he had many opportunities to walk away from this
    as an innocent man. Sadly he then even tries to cover
    up his crime. Tampering with Evidence (Frankly it would
    have been better if they left the watch with the police)
    and then making a fake alibi. Thus if his friend were
    to come to testify in a court of law he would easily be
    committing purjory.
    So almost everyone over here needs to spend some
    time with the police as no one is innocent over here
    and has some crime or the other to hide,

    Can go on. but it is best if I leave it for now. :0

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t saying he was innocent of any crime…just that he didn’t run Jin Yu over after she got hit my the truck which was what one of these episodes implied. Yes, right now, he’s racked up quite the list of crimes. Leaving the scene when Jin Yu was dying instead of getting her, the driver, and the baby help, paying his friend to make him an alibi, tampering with evidence, attempted kidnapping…assault if we push it since he was always pushing and dragging. This man keeps adding to the list in every episode. Shakes head.

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