Garasu no Ie Episodes 8-9 Recap

It’s over at along last. It’s a problem sometimes when finishing a series long after originally starting it. I really enjoyed Garasu no Ie in the beginning, but finishing it now, I don’t hate the series, but it seems it’s end was lackluster. After all the angst and drama and the stunts that Kazunari pulled…the end happened just like that. BAM. Everything has fallen apart and that is the end of the story. Of course, everyone lives happily ever after…except for Kazu possibly.

I don’t buy the love between Nanami and Kenji even though they can be cute together. Rei’s and Hitoshi’s love seemed more tangible and believable. And just what the heck is up with Onaka…her character is such a mystery to me. I think that one of the great disappointments in this series really was the strong focus on the relationships and not politics. Oh, sure, you got a lot of Hitoshi and Kazunari fighting over political differences and Muraki and Hitoshi’s collaboration for the reform…but you really don’t get too much of politics at all when you look in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know politics that well nor am I particularly interested in that subject as I should be, but I think it would have been even better if this drama could have given more than just a skimming of the political surface with in the ministry of Japan.

Due to the heat on Muraki because of the tax evasion scandal, he’s not at Onaka’s gym. Hitoshi leaves and ends up waiting for the train with Nanami. She doesn’t want him to give up on Rei after everything. Hitoshi seems rather lifeless in his responses. Nanami then conjectures that his conflicting emotions must be due to guilt towards his father. Nope. Hitoshi admits that he has not once felt guilt yet for falling in love with Rei and consummating their relationship. He’s just all screwed up right now. He wants to defy his father, help Muraki, and protect Rei, but he has made no progress. Just what is he doing with his life? Why did he become a bureaucrat in the first place?

Onaka meets Rei who tells the older woman to not call her work again. Onaka then asks for her cell number. Why is Onaka so interested in Rei? Because Rei lived with Kazunari while being in love with Hitoshi all this time. Rei is one tough woman. After a comment about Rei looking sexy in her work uniform, the two start laughing and start to become friends. Weird. Just plain weird. A vase breaks and Rei comes up with a special arrangement using just cups holding the flowers. Onaka then requests for Rei to come on her days off to do flower arrangements for her. Rei accepts this offer. Onaka also offers to set Rei up with a popular flower shop in Aoyama. Rei, after thinking long and hard about it, does take her up on the offer eventually and as soon as Rei starts working their, she becomes a favored designer. She even gets an article published about her and the shop.

Meanwhile, Kazu’s plan to destroy Muraki is going in full swing. Both Hitoshi and his friend are unable to stop the bashing and whiplash. Hitoshi’s friend’s boss even gets in trouble for the circulation of the paper dropping due to the coverage of the one party. To protect the young reporter, the boss is taking the heat and getting transferred. He tells the young man to lay low. Muraki’s spirits are dampened, but Hitoshi does his best to encourage him. Not that he’s really able to help. When the election happens, Muraki manages to hold his seat, but only because he barely pulled out in the proportions or whatever it was called.

Meanwhile, Kenji officially passes the bar and proposes to Nanami who quickly accepts. Kazunari reiterates to his son that he does not want Nanami as Kenji’s wife. Kenji, however, will not listen to his father when it comes to love and marriage (a very good idea). He even finally understands his brother and Rei. Sure, what they did was unforgiveable and hurt a lot of people, but love itself is illogical and love between people cannot wholly exist without hurting others. He goes upstairs after once again telling his father that he will marry Nanami no matter what.

Right after the election, Hitoshi’s boss reveals that the ministry is transferring him to England. Say what? Hitoshi rushes off to his father’s office. This is his dad’s doing, isn’t it? For what reason? Is it because he supported Muraki or because he fell in love with Rei? (or both, maybe) Kazunari just says it’s personnel’s doing not his own. Right. Because that’s believable. Hitoshi does ask just what his father’s goal in life is—who and what is living for? For the country and it’s people of course! Hitoshi packs up and quits. He can no longer work there. He then calls up Muraki and tells the man he tendered his resignation and would love to work as his secretary. Muraki is happy to have such an honest and loyal young man by his side after the disaster. Together they will rebuild the party.

The next day when Hitoshi goes to report as Muraki’s secretary, Muraki isn’t there. He calls up his reporter friend and learns that Muraki was meeting with someone at the ministry. Hitoshi rushes there and confronts Muraki who asks who the young man is before leaving. Nice. Onaka calls up Rei and reveals that Kazunari promised to support Muraki as long as he gave up on the reform and cut ties with Hitoshi. Muraki, going back on everything he’s spouted about his ideals and the need for reform, agrees. Seriously? This goes to show that all politicians are the same no matter what country you live in—they can’t be trusted to uphold their ideals and their words are empty promises. Oh, sure, there are good ones out there…but it’s usually the bad ones you hear about.

Rei, after just telling Hitoshi in episode 8 that they can’t be together because Hitoshi is young and a child and too much like his father, rushes to his side. She will be the one to protect him now. Hitoshi comments that with the state of his life, he cannot possibly love anyone right now. He then says that Rei has changed and become strong. She is different than the woman he saved. So…he doesn’t want her because she’s strong now? I don’t really think that is necessarily what Hitoshi meant there. I think he was commenting basically about how Rei is on the right track, but he is lost and broken. Instead of wanting Rei’s help to find himself and his new way in life, Hitoshi wanted to discover this on his own. Would this be male pride getting in the way of love since I don’t think he wants Rei to see him so low and broken. Rei then tells him that everything changed and something all began thanks to that crash in France.

Rei keeps her promise to Hitoshi. She keeps coming back to his apartment, but he’s never there. His mail is piling up, too. Rei goes to Kazunari and demands a divorce. Kazu does promise this time to go through with it. He then questions her to why she chose Hitoshi over him—because he’s younger? Rei admits that is part of the reason, but not the ONLY reason. Kazu is surprised at her frankness. Rei leaves and then recalls her words to Hitoshi about France. So she runs off to France and finds him on the cliff. The two embrace and we end essentially where we opened—with Hitoshi apologizing for not being a good son to his father.Saito Takumi

Hitoshi becomes a teacher and lives happily with Rei. Kenji and Nanami are married with a baby on the way and Kazunari is all alone in his big house. The end.

It’s rather anticlimatic. While things really seemed to happen  quickly in the beginning since this is only a 9 episode drama, things really started to lag and the ending actually seems unfinished. Not 100% rushed or anything…or maybe just the way things ended was rather dissatisfying to me on a whole. Something feels off. I wonder if I would have been this disappointed had I finished this in the very beginning?

Yes, Rei doesn’t need saving any more. She has grown up and can stand on her own two feet now. I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t give Kazu a proper dressing down for essentially destroying his own son’s life. He deserved it. But then again, he does end up all alone as he wouldn’t accept Nanami and Kenji’s marriage so they aren’t living with him like the original plan Kenji envisioned. I find Kazu’s ultimate betrayal as just before it happened, what’s his name Lackey told Hitoshi that Kazu’s love for his son’s runs deep. But I guess not deep enough to get over the grudge of losing his wife.

It’s ironic that Hitoshi didn’t understand that Rei left him to protect him and his family. It’s even more ironic that Kazunari doesn’t understand what he did that was so wrong that Rei left him for Hitoshi. In the end, he became vice minister…but is he happy?

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