B.A.P “1004 (Angel)” Gifs

I am going to be posting these regularly. Some are gifs that I hand made and took TONS of time to make and others are ones using an automation program that puts them together for me which isn’t as time consuming. B.A.P’s “1004 (Angel)” had some great moments for gifs. Feel free to use…but give credit.

Individual Shots

Bang Yong Guk






Group Dance Shots


  • I need to study these. I just bought BAP concert tickets, and I still occasionally get a few of the members mixed up! 😡

    I love your gifs though! I keep thinking someday I might teach myself how to make gifs, but then.. that’s a pasttime I just Don’t want to make time for. I already waste an incredible amount of time thanks to Kpop haha

    • Wow. Enjoy the concert! I used to have problems remember Youngjae’s name. I always wanted to call him Daehyun, lol. I now have them all memorized.

      I have some programs that allow automation. I will do the frame extraction and then put the frames together so it makes it a little easier. But yeah, it’s an area that can be time consuming.

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