Angel’s Revenge Episodes 34-35 Recap

A big beef with recent episodes: The desire that is never carried out. We witnessed it with Seon Yu desperately wanting to tell Ji Seok about Tae Jeong. And she did…in her head. And then in this episode, Ji Hui dreams of slapping her husband and demanding the full truth from him. I don’t like these scenes as it is confusing because you really don’t have any idea of it being a fantasy segment and then you cut to reality and you’re lost. WTH just happened?

Seon Yu does follow Tae Jeong out of the restaurant. She finds it amusing that Tae Jeong hasn’t told Ji Hui about Seon Yu’s relationship with Ji Seok and her working at the restaurant. This proves a very strong point—Tae Jeong is afraid. He blusters about everything being her fault. Look at all he’s done to get where he is…does she really think he’ll let her stop him? Seon Yu basically throws back his words that he always throws at her—it’s all his fault. His fear and desperation and constant pushing of her and the rest of her family will make her keep pushing back.

Ji Seok looks around for Seon Yu and finally finds her in I guess more like a lounge area for employees or something like that. He’s disappointed that he didn’t get to officially introduce her to Ji Hui. But he’s glad as he wants a more formal introduction than a meeting by chance. Recalling Tae Jeong’s threats and words, Seon Yu quickly agrees to a formal meeting with Ji Hui. This makes Ji Seok very happy which makes Seon Yu less than happy.

Throughout these two episodes, Seon Yu keeps hinting that she’s not the angel Ji Seok seems to think her to be. Ji Seok staunchly remains oblivious to these hints as he has witnessed Seon Yu’s goodness first hand. Plus, she really helped him when he needed it the most. Seon Yu hasn’t truly used Ji Seok all that much and when push comes to shove, I really don’t think she can go through with using him to get her revenge on Tae Jeong. Why? As much as she’s pretty tough and out to get revenge, she can’t sacrifice the people she cares about. Regardless of how much she denies her feelings, you know that Ji Seok is someone she does honestly care about. Of course, I imagine Ji Seok learning the whole truth can go down in one of two ways—him being really wounded by the “betrayal” or him getting angry enough to help Seon Yu get her revenge for her family and his baby sister.

I did like that Ji Hui comes home and threatens her mother with leaving the country if she can’t leave Ji Seok alone. Aran is NOT happy to learn that Tae Jeong got caught doing something very stupid (by Ji Hui at least). She yells at Tae Jeong and says that is his first and last mistake or else. Right. It won’t be. Let’s see how far his desperation to hide his sins will make him slip up. He’s been very careful to leave any physical evidence…but that luck can’t last forever.

Another great happening is that Bong Chang signs the deed for her pizza restaurant. Bong Hwang leaves Pung Ho and her sister to go to Dal Nyeo’s coffee shop. She yells out Na Madame and then throws down the gauntlet. Dal Nyeo’s reaction? She tucks her tail between her legs and rushes to Tae Jeong and pleads with him to stop the scary Heos. Eyeroll. Seriously? She knows all the underhanded and devious things her son has done and now she’s giving him more reasons to do what he can to destroy Seon Yu’s family. Good job, good job. Wake up and smell that your son is pure evil and no good can come of whining like a school child.

Ji Seok does ask for Seon Yu’s help. And she starts going to work very early every morning just to try to figure out ways to help him raise the profits 100% in only one month. She discovered a trend and Ji Seok took over her research to figure out what caused the spikes in profits. It was cocktail shows! So Ji Seok leaves it to Seon Yu to give it a try that very weekend. He also sets the date for the official meeting with Ji Hui.

When Ji Hui learns that the woman her brother is in love with is Seon Yu, she is horrified. She confronts Seon Yu in the ladies’ room and demands to know what is going. Seon Yu tells her all of what Tae Jeong has done to her recently. Instead of asking Seon Yu about what she is doing, Ji Hui needs to ask her husband instead. What is Tae Jeong so frightened of that he had Seon Yu kidnapped? That he kept the truth from Ji Hui about Seon Yu’s relationship with Ji Seok? Seon Yu returns to Ji Seok and Ji Hui calls and says she’s ill and makes a run for it.

That’s when we get that fantasy where she hits Tae Jeong and demands the truth. The man deserves that and much worse. Too bad it was a fantasy. Shouldn’t miss skinny, fashionable Ji Hui be showing by now? Got to love pregnant women in Korean dramas…most who never look one day pregnant. It’s shocking that Jin Yu was so very pregnant and they aren’t making Ji Hui show at all.

Anywho, instead of confronting Tae Jeong, Ji Hui is cold and distant and Tae Jeong chalks this up to sour grapes over the ring incident. Ji Hui gets Seon Yu’s file and goes to her home address where she meets Pung Ho. She is startled to learn that the “crazy” Seon Yu really does have an eonni. She’s even more shocked when she sees the picture of Jin Yu and realizes that the very pregnant woman she saw with Dal Nyeo that one day is Seon Yu’s sister. More and more things begin to click into place, Aran’s warnings, Seon Yu’s words, the ultrasound, Dal Nyeo’s and Jin Yu’s reactions. Ji Hui flees from the house and tries to sort everything out.

Tae Jeong meets with Ji Seok to apologize and he is horrified to learn that Ji Seok introduced Ji Hui to Seon Yu. Ji Seok is slightly disappointed that Ji Hui didn’t’ tell Tae Jeong. I think Tae Jeong knows he’s in deep doodoo, especially when he sees Seon Yu’s file on Ji Hui’s desk. His wife is investigating his ex-lover’s sister! Uh-oh. Even as much as he tries to erase his past, not all the loose feathers can be caught and burned. Impressions of he and the Lee siblings still exist.

I like that Ji Hui doesn’t go to Tae Jeong to get the truth because she knows he lies all the time and can come up with a thousand and one excuses. No, she goes to mommy instead. Dal Nyeo is hoping this means that Tae Jeong talked to Ji Hui about moving her to another coffee shop, but nope. Ji Hui demands to know who the woman was that she met earlier. Dal Nyeo keeps stuttering the girl is a distant relative, but boy does she get a shock when Ji Hui asks if Lee Jin Yu, Lee Seon Yu’s sister, is really a relative.

And that’s where the episode ends.

We do get some cuteness with samchon. He is unhappy that Ji Seok is working and that his mother gets called away for an urgent function. He hates eating alone with no family. He decides to go out and play by himself…which means taking a taxi to Ji Seok’s restaurant. Of course, he sees Ji Seok on his way to meet Tae Jeong and gets off early. He starts crying as he realizes he has lost sight of his nephew. Bong Chang and Bong Tang then come along and help him out. Looks like Bong Chang is enamored with samchon! I loved the little boy’s reaction when the scared Wu Hyeon grabs his mother’s hand. He tells samchon to hold his hand while he holds his mother’s instead. LOL. Cuteness overload.

That’s pretty much the major happenings. Now that Ji Hui pretty much knows the whole truth, when will Ji Seok follow suit. I know that she was very surprised when she demanded to know how long her brother knew Seon Yu and why he trusts her so much, to get Ji Seok’s answer. Deep down, Seon Yu is still the good person. I don’t think she will do anything to hurt the Seo siblings if she can help it. Will Ji Hui turn against her husband for his crimes right now or will she end up sticking with the man? Time will tell. There’s 50 some episodes left, so plenty of time to drag things out.


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